List of Top 10 Best 62 Degree Wedge

Bestseller No. 1
TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi Toe Raw Wedge Mens Right Hand Steel Stiff Big Foot 58.15
  • Thick-Thin Design. A thinner topline along with additional mass redistributed nearer to the top of the spine allows engineers to optimize CG location for precise flight and enhanced feel.
  • New Aged Copper Finish. Slightly tarnished look creating a classic rich reveal.
  • Milled Grind. Milled Grind wedges ensure precision where it matters most. The process maximizes consistency when crafting each sole for repeatable performance and turf interaction.
  • Raw Face Technology designed for increased spin, precision and feel as well as laser etching. The face will rust over time and was engineered to preserve consistent spin throughout the life of the wedge.
  • Full Face Scoring Lines. Designed to ensure consistent ball contact out of the deep rough and increase spin on off-center strikes.
Bestseller No. 2
Mile High Life | Entry Level Golf Sand Wedge Sets | Beginner’s Golf Gap Wedge Sets | Lob Wedge Golf Clubs for Men & Women (62 Degrees(Black Titanium Layer))
  • Simple Short Game Approach: Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, it is easier to focus and practice on the same shot around the green, while letting various wedges in your bag do the work for you.
  • Affordable Wedge Set: It could be very costly to keep a full set of name brand wedges; our wedge set offers variety of selections with very affordable prices.
  • Classic Quality Design: Black Titanium coating surface and classic blade shape with forged premium iron set materials.
  • Full Spectrum Lofts: Selection from 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 loft with 10-degree bounce.
  • Value Bundle Sets Available: (50/54/58), (52/56/60), (50/56), (52/58), (54/60)
Bestseller No. 3
CALONG Golf Wedges 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 68 72 Degree Right Hand Pitching & Chipping Sand Wedge Milled Face Lob Wedge for Men-High Loft Golf Club (72 Degree)
  • 1> Main Function :Whether your ball is in the long grass or in the bunker, our CALONG wedges are perfect for saving the ball, reducing your shots and improving your Little Lee.Cut Strokes from Your Golf Game Fast
  • 2>Design: 8620material,,Bigger hitting surface ,and then start polishing, sandblasting, the striking surface is CNC Milled, more Spin, so that you can hit the ball where to stop, you can hit more inverted spin. we use the highest PVD coloring, so to ensure that the color of our clubs will not be so easy to fall off.
  • 3>Super Wedges : 48-72 degree ,Appearance and strength together, CALONG wedges look more fashionable, Super CALONG golf wedges Can PK can be big golf brand golf wedges ,We prove it with quality.
  • 4>Product Specification: The golf sand wedge includs 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 degree ,48 Bounce 06/50 Bounce 08 /52 Bounce 10 / 54-58 Bounce 12 /60-62 Bounce 16/64-72 Bounce18
  • 5>After-Sales Service:If there are any problems with the product, please contact us immediately,We will try our best to help you solve the problem ,CALONG Golf provide full refund within 30 days,This is totally risk-free buy.
Bestseller No. 4
Golf Sand Wedges Right Handed 50/52/54/56/58/60/62/64 Golf Club Golf Sand Rod Silver Black Golf Wedges for Women&Men (Black,62 Degree)
  • The golf sand wedge is extra-wide. Its auto-glide sole cuts through the sand without skipping or digging; This golf sand wedge is a high loft golf club for men and women that gets the ball up easily to clear the lip and stop it quickly on the green;
  • The golf wedges for men and women have an extra curve and beveled leading edge that reduce interaction with the ground for consistently clean contact; Hosel and heel shaped to eliminate catching and snagging in rough and to minimize material collection in the pocket;
  • The golf sand wedge can increase the springing effect, and it is not easy to let the pole head fall into the sand pile.
  • Stainless steel head: not easy to change color, not easy to squander, durable. It is made of durable stainless steel rod head, steel shaft and comfortable rubber handle.
  • We are the professional golf seller, pls visit our store and you will find more golf products. And we can provide you the high-quality golf products, the fastest delivery speed and the more professional services.
Bestseller No. 5
Pinemeadow Wedge (Right-Handed, 64-Degrees)
  • Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel from Apollo(R), a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point for the same $19.95 value, perfect for the beginning to average golfer
  • Largest face area of any wedge available making the toughest of lies seem like perfect lies
  • Available in 52, 56, 60, 64, and the impossible to find 68 degree wedge
  • Compare features and performance with the best classic wedge designs at $120
Bestseller No. 6
Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face 64 RH, Black Satin
  • HIGH TOE PROFILE - Hit more extreme open face shots with an extended toe portion, perfect for sliding under the golf ball and striking it on the toe.
  • ROTEX FULL FACE - Rotex Milling, Laser Milling, and Tour Zip Grooves cover every millimeter of the hitting surface, ensuring maximum versatility with maximum spin.
  • LOW C-SHAPED SOLE - Optimized for open face shots, Full-Face offers our lowest Cleveland CBX grind to date. It’s also C-Shaped for relief on the heel and toe, allowing for unhindered face manipulation.
  • Sport type: Golf
Bestseller No. 7
Pinemeadow Pre Wedge (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular, 64-Degrees)
  • Built Standard With High Quality Pinemeadow Steel From Apollo(R), A 125 Gram Shaft With A Low To Mid Kick Point.
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 15.0"
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 20.0"
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 15.0"
Bestseller No. 8
WILSON Sporting Goods Harmonized Golf Trouble Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge, 64-degrees
  • Classic, high polish finish and classic blade shape
  • Perfect club for getting your ball close to the pin
  • True Temper steel irons for high performance and reliability
  • Sole grind allows players to open the club face further to hit higher shots with more accuracy, therefore improving performance
  • Blade shape with modified bounce angles for dead stop spin and versatility from the sand, rough, or fairway
Bestseller No. 9
MG1 Chrome Wedge, 60 Degree Loft, 10 Degree Standard Bounce, Right Hand, Stiff Flex
  • Milled Grind: CNC machined sole geometry and a precise leading edge designed to promote consistent turf interaction
  • ZTP-17 Groove: Groove features steep side walls and sharp edge radius to maximize spin
  • Precision Weight Port: Weight Port repositions 10g for optimized CG location, launch angles, and spin rates
  • Premium Materials: 8620 Carbon Steel for soft feel
Bestseller No. 10
xE1 Sand Wedge & Lob Wedge– The Out-in-One Golf Wedge, Pitching and Chipping Wedge– Legal for Tournament Play Golf Club for Men & Women (Right, Steel, Wedge, 65)
  • OUT-IN-ONE SAND WEDGE; The xE1 wedge has high loft and a unique AutoGlide Sole that make it easy and automatic to escape bunkers in one. This sand wedge’s sole is extra wide and its mass has been repositioned so the golf club slides through the sand without skipping or digging. And thanks to the xE1’s extreme loft, you can pop the ball high, over any lip, and straight to the pin. Never fear the sand again with this sand wedge.
  • FLOP SHOTS MADE EASY; How would you like to hit impressive, sky-high flop shots like a pro, now you can with the xE1 Wedge; a lob wedge that doesn’t require you to open the blade or your stance to hit it high . The xE1 wedge is a golf club designed so that even high handicaps can easily hit soaring flop shots.
  • ELIMINATE FAT SHOTS; Say goodbye to embarrassing chunked pitch and chip shots. It’s practically impossible to hit it fat with the xE1; Use it as a sand wedge or lob wedge, and its AutoGlide Sole and rounded leading edge will keep the club from digging and offer superior forgiveness, even on miss-hits
  • SAVE STROKES INSTANTLY, LITTLE PRACTICE REQUIRED; Thanks to the xE1’s unique design, there’s no need to open your stance or clubface to hit perfect pitch and chip shots. Just set up square and swing; It’s so easy to get the hang of, you will cut strokes fast.
  • LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY, 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY; The xE1 sand wedge and lob wedge golf club for men and women conforms to the rules of golf, Give yourself an edge without breaking any rules; High-quality construction backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best 62 Degree Wedge

The purpose of a wedge is to create distance between the ball and the clubface. In order to achieve maximum distance the angle of attack must be set correctly. There are many different types of wedges available today. Each type has its own unique characteristics which allow players to select the best fit for their game. For example a player who prefers to hit low shots may benefit from using a high lofted wedge while someone who likes to play long drives may require a lower lofted wedge.

There are three main factors to take into consideration when choosing a wedge. First you need to determine whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed golfer. Next you need to decide whether you’d rather swing the club back or forward. Finally you need to figure out what kind of shot you want to produce. Once these questions have been answered you can begin selecting the appropriate wedge for your needs.

Choosing Between Right Handed & Left Handed Players

Right handed players typically hold the club handle with their dominant hand (the hand that controls the wrist). Therefore the shaft of the club points towards the target. Conversely left handed players hold the club handle with their non-dominant hand (the opposite side of the body) and therefore the shaft of the club faces away from the target. Most professional golfers are right handed because they naturally favor their dominant hand. However there are still plenty of lefties playing competitive golf today.

Swing Back Vs Forward

Most golfers swing the club back and forth during practice sessions. As a result most golfers develop muscle memory that causes them to swing the club back and forth. Some golfers however prefer to swing the club forward and backward. Swing direction affects the amount of spin applied to the ball. Spin increases the speed of the ball and makes it easier to control. Because of this golfers who prefer to swing the club forward and backward may find themselves hitting fewer fairways and greens.

Selecting The Best Kind Of Shot

Once you’ve determined whether you’re a right-hander or a lefty you need to think about what kind of shot you want to produce. Low shots are generally played with a higher lofted wedge. High shots are normally played with a lower lofted wedge. Lofts refer to the slope of the face of the wedge. Higher lofts provide greater forgiveness and allow the ball to travel farther. Lower lofts give the ball more bite and cause it to stop sooner. Generally speaking the higher the number the harder the shot. Softer shots are generally associated with lower numbers. Harder shots are associated with higher numbers.

There are many different types of wedges available today. Some are designed specifically for beginners while others are intended for advanced players. There are also several different degrees of wedges available. For example there are 60-degree wedges 65-degree wedges 70-degree wedges etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to determine which type of wedge is best suited for you must understand the differences between each type.

Types of Wedges

Wedges are classified into three categories based on their loft angle. The loft angle refers to the amount of slope of the face of the club head relative to the shaft. The higher the loft angle the greater the slope of the face. The lower the loft angle the lesser the slope of the face.

Low Loft Angle – Low loft angles provide a low trajectory ball flight. Because these clubs are easier to swing they’re ideal for beginners who are still learning proper technique. However because they fly farther they’re also harder to control.

Medium Loft Angles – Medium loft angles produce a medium trajectory ball flight. These clubs are good choices for intermediate level players who are comfortable using both long irons and fairway woods.

High Loft Angles – High loft angles produce a high trajectory ball flight. These clubs are most commonly found among experienced players. Players who play with high lofted clubs typically hit fewer shots within 100 yards of the green.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Types of Wedges

Each type of wedge offers certain advantages and disadvantages.

Longer Clubs – Longer clubs allow you to get closer to the pin. As a result you can reach the hole faster. However longer clubs require more strength and power to swing properly.

Shorter Clubs – Shorter clubs give you a shorter distance to the target. Therefore you can cover more ground during a round. However short clubs take more skill and practice to master.

Lofty Club Heads – Lofty club heads create a steep face angle. This results in a steeper trajectory. Consequently lofted clubs travel further and carry more spin.

Flatter Club Heads – Flatter club heads create a shallower face angle. This produces a flatter trajectory. Thus flat faced clubs are generally considered safer.

Choosing the Right Type of Wedge

In general beginner players should start with a low lofted wedge. Intermediate players should select a mid-lofted wedge.

The most important thing to look for when choosing a wedges is its loft. The loft refers to the angle between the face of the club head and the shaft. Loft affects distance and accuracy. Generally speaking higher lofts produce greater distances while lower lofts give you more control. Most players start with a 60-degree wedge because it gives them good distance and control. However there are many different types of wedges available today. Some clubs are designed specifically for certain shots. Others are designed for specific conditions. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a wedge.


Wedges generally fall into two categories: low and high lofts. Low lofts are typically around 50 degrees and provide excellent forgiveness. High lofts are typically around 70 degrees and allow for more spin and power. Many players who play long irons 7 iron) switch to a wedge once they reach the mid range of their game. As a general rule the higher the loft the harder the shot. So if you’re playing a course where you hit lots of fairway woods you may want to go with a lower lofted wedge. Conversely if you’re hitting driver almost exclusively you may want to opt for a higher lofted wedge.


Most wedges weigh anywhere from 3.5 ounces to 5.0 ounces. Weight has little effect on performance but heavier wedges are easier to swing and maneuver. Lighter weight wedges are easier to carry and store. Also lighter weight wedges are easier to transport in your bag. In addition lighter weight wedges are easier to grip and hold during practice sessions. Finally light weight wedges are easier to manipulate during putting.


Wedge length varies depending on the type of player you are. Longer wedges are easier to get started with and require less effort to swing. Shorter wedges are easier to swing and are ideal for those who struggle with the backswing.

Blade Width

This is another factor that depends on the type of player you are. Blades wider than 1 inch are difficult to swing and control. Wider blades are best suited for advanced players who can generate enough torque to overcome the increased resistance. Blades narrower than 0.75 inches are easy to swing and control. Narrower blades are ideal for beginners and intermediate players.

Shaft Length

Some wedges are designed to be played with a standard shaft. Other wedges are designed to be played with a stiffer shaft. Stiffer shafts increase ball speed and launch angles. Standard shafts are recommended for beginner players. Intermediate players should stick with stiffer shafts. Advanced players should avoid using stiffer shafts.

Different Types of Wedge Golf Clubs

There are many different types of wedges available today. Some of these include the standard iron-type wedges which are designed to be used with woods and hybrids. There are also specialty wedges including the sand wedge lob wedge pitching wedge gap wedge etc. The most common type of wedge is the iron wedge which has been around since the early 1900’s. Today there are several different models of irons available ranging from traditional blades to modern designs. Irons are typically classified into three categories based on loft angle; low (10 degrees) mid (15 degrees) and high (20 degrees). Each category offers its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. For example a higher lofts allow players to hit shots farther while lower lofts provide greater control and accuracy. However higher lofts require more club head speed making it harder to get the ball airborne. In addition higher lofts increase the risk of hitting the ground too far behind the ball resulting in mishit shots. Conversely lower lofts reduce the distance that the ball travels but give players more control and accuracy. Low lofts are generally recommended for beginners who lack experience. Midloft wedges are ideal for intermediate level players because they strike the ball closer to the center of gravity providing increased forgiveness and improved shot shaping. High lofts are best suited for advanced players who desire maximum distance and power. Most clubs are manufactured using steel heads although titanium and graphite versions are becoming increasingly popular. Steel heads are stronger and lighter than forged metal heads but are prone to rusting and corrosion. Titanium and graphite heads are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. Many manufacturers now produce hybrid clubs combining the features of both iron and fairway wood clubs. Hybrid clubs combine the forgiving characteristics of a fairway wood with the penetrating ability of an iron. Hybrids are particularly useful for those seeking to improve their short game skills. Other types of wedges include the sand wedge lob wedge pitching wedge gap wedge etc. Sand wedges are primarily used for putting practice and training purposes. Lob wedges are designed to impart spin onto the ball helping players achieve straighter drives. Pitching wedges are used to pitch the ball toward the pin. Gap wedges are used to create divots in the grass creating a target for the golfer to aim at. Finally the wedge is the only club in the bag that does not have a shaft attached to it. Instead the shaft attaches directly to the face of the clubhead. This design makes the club easier to swing and increases the overall strength of the club. All wedges are measured according to their loft angle which is the angle between the striking face of the club and the sole of the shoe. The loft number represents the amount of loft in degrees. For example a 60 degree wedge has a loft of 60 degrees. The loft number is determined by measuring the angle formed by two lines drawn across the top of the clubface.

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