List of Top 10 Best Arm Lock Putter

SaleBestseller No. 1
Callaway Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten Putter (Right-Handed, 2 Ball Lined, Arm Lock Grip, 40") , Black
  • The new Odyssey Ten Putters dramatically enhance the Ten shape that’s incredibly popular on Tour and with golfers.
  • These new shapes are sleeker, more forgiving, and now you can choose from impressive options in 2-Ball or Triple Track to help improve your alignment.
  • Odyssey’s proprietary major-winning, multi-material Stroke Lab shaft is now even better. This shaft is seven grams lighter overall, and more stable to enhance consistency in your putting stroke.
  • This high-performance insert is packed with Microhinge technology, promoting immediate forward roll for improved speed and control.
Bestseller No. 2
Inazone Armbar Armlock Design Putter 42" - Winn Red 15" Grip
  • The Inazone Armbar Putter conforms to all major ruling bodies of golf and offers an alternative method of stabilizing the putter through a natural-feeling extension of the golfer’s arm. The dialed in spec presses the putter 4 degrees forward so that it can be used as an extension of your leading arm.
  • This newer style promotes incredible stability and consistency through the stroke. The putter design has a very high MOI and metal milled insert puts a consistent, true roll on the ball with amazing feedback and feel. The putter comes with a matching shaft that is needed for this putting style. An extended putter grip is also recommended. Give it a try, you might just make a few more putts.
  • 42" Length. Winn 15" Red Grip. NO HEADCOVER
  • Arm-Lock Putting Style. Milled Face with Aluminum Insert
  • 400 grams head weight. 7 degrees of loft. 72 degree lie angle
Bestseller No. 3
JumboMax Armlock 21 Golf Putter Grip White/Blue/Silver Pistol
  • Eliminate Wrist Break: Jumbomax Armlock Putter Grips utilize a pistol-style shape that makes it easy to eliminate wrist break and lock it in.
  • Improve Consistency: Slightly oversize putter grip profile promotes a tension-free ArmLock stroke.
  • Fits The Fingers: Oval-shaped bottom and sides perfectly conform to your fingers.
  • Boost Feel: Poly-Tour outer provides optimal tackiness and texture.
  • Works With Any Putter: Ideal for counterbalancing and longer-length putters.
Bestseller No. 4
Arm-Lock Golf Professional Jumbo Putter Grip - 17-Inch Long for Arm Lock Putting High Quality Putter Grip in White / Blue
  • ⛳ USGA Certified Professional Arm-Lock Technique Putter Grip. Install on your regular, belly, or broom putter and rest the grip against your forearm to provide the stability you are looking for
  • ⛳ Reduces hands variability in your stroke, providing more balance and a unique feeling in your hands due to equally distributed weight (292g) across the entirety of the grip. A completely different feel from standard butt-end heavy grips where golfers get handsy
  • ⛳ Jumbo size 17’’ extended length (compared to standard 10.5’’ length) provides substantially larger grip for more flexibility
  • ⛳ Adds 2-3 degrees of loft correction when held against the forearm, negating the de-lofting which occurs due to forward shaft lean when the putter grip rests against the forearm, allowing for conversion to an Arm-Lock Putter
  • ⛳ Clean Design – Featuring a clean white golf putter grip with blue and black, this pro putter grip pairs great with any brand putter
Bestseller No. 5
Arm-Lock Golf Jumbo Putter Grip (Big RED CB)
  • ⛳ USGA Certified Professional Standard Technique Putter Grip. Install on your standard, extended, belly or broom putter for a good jumbo size grip feeling in your hands
  • ⛳ Jumbo 19.5’’ extended length compared to 10’’ standard length provides that big grip feeling. The additional length and weight improve the feeling and reaction of your putter, especially at short distances
  • ⛳ Reduces hands variability in your stroke, providing more balance and a unique feeling in your hands due to equally distributed weight across the entirety of the grip. No more handsy putter strokes
  • ⛳ Substantial & well-distributed weight at 432g helps to eliminate handsy strokes. The RX series grips has its weight evenly distributed across the body. Provides a smooth stroke every time feel
  • ⛳ Clean red/ /black design and high-quality materials. This 19.5’’ long flat putter grip is competitively-priced and made with materials that are built to last
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
SuperStroke Traxion WristLock Golf Putter Grip, Orange/White | Advanced Surface Texture that Improves Feedback and Tack | Made to Lock Your Wrist | Minimize Grip Pressure with a Unique Parallel Design
  • WRISTLOCK CONTOURGREATER CONSISTENCY IN CONTROLLING PUTTER FACEEngineered to “lock” in the upper wrist to prevent any unwanted motion leads to greater consistency in starting the ball on-line and overall distance control.
  • NO TAPER TECHNOLOGY EVEN GRIP PRESSURE Patented No Taper Technology creates even grip pressure for a more consistent stroke. Parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure
  • TRAXION CONTROLENHANCED FEEDBACK ZONES Building on the superior feel and playability of the original SuperStroke putter grip, the new Traxion TM offers an advanced surface texture design for enhanced feedback
  • TECH-PORTADVANCED PUTTING PERFORMANCE Designed to accept all SuperStroke “Tech-Port” accessories including the CounterCore weight system to engage the larger muscles for a more stable and repeatable putting stroke
Bestseller No. 9
Rife Golf Roll Groove Technology Series Right Handed RG3 Winged Mallet Putter Precision Milled Face Edge & Cavity Ensures an Ideal Weight Distribution and Balance (Right, 35)
  • Winged Mallet Design Head Style, Small Shaft Over Offset Shaft Neck For Unobstructed View of Golf Ball on Contact
  • Black PVD Plated Non-Glare Head Finish
  • Famous Roll Groove Technology Precision Milled Face Scorelines
  • Milled Top Edge And Cavity For Exacting Head Weight
  • Dual NON-Adjustable Sole Weights Enhance Perfect Balance For Putting Control
Bestseller No. 10
Winn 17-Inch Long Pistol Putter Grip, Dark Grey
  • Long Putter Grip
  • Shape: Pistol
  • Material: Excel
  • sport type: Golf

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Arm Lock Putter

An arm lock putter is designed to be used while standing. It has a grip that locks into position once you’ve placed your hands behind your back. Once locked in place the putter becomes immovable. This makes it easier to swing the club because there is no movement involved. The arms act as a fulcrum point which gives the golfer greater control over the golf ball.

The arm lock putster works by locking the wrists in place. As long as the wrist stays still the rest of the body moves freely. This frees up the upper body muscles to perform the correct motions needed to hit the ball. With the arm locked in place the golfer can concentrate on hitting the ball rather than worrying about where his or her hands are located.

Using an arm lock putter will allow you to practice putting with both hands. Most golfers only use one hand during a round of golf. However using two hands increases accuracy and consistency. Also since the putter is locked in place you can practice different strokes including chip shots and fadeaways.

There aren’t many disadvantages to using an arm lock putter. Some players complain that the grips get slippery when wet. Others say that the grips become too hot to hold onto. But these problems are minor compared to the benefits of using an arm lock putter.

Arm lock putters are available online and in most sporting goods stores. You can also order them directly from manufacturers such as Odyssey Golf.

An arm lock putter is a golf club designed to be held in the hand while putting. An arm lock putter has two main parts; the shaft and grip. The shaft is the part of the club that connects to the head. The grip is the part of the club where the golfer grips the club. There are many different types of grips available today. Some grips are soft and others hard. Soft grips provide a comfortable feeling during play. Harder grips allow players to hold the club firmly. Most modern clubs have both a soft and hard grip. However there are still some manufacturers who only produce arms locks with either a soft or hard grip.

Soft Grips Are More Comfortable

Golfers who enjoy playing golf frequently say that soft grips are more comfortable than harder ones. Many golfers claim that softer grips give them a more relaxed feeling when swinging the club. Golfers who swing faster and harder typically prefer harder grips because they feel more secure when holding the club.

Harder Grips Provide Greater Control

Some golfers believe that using a harder grip gives them greater control over the ball. Players who struggle with controlling the ball sometimes benefit from using a harder grip. For example if a player struggles with hitting the ball straight he or she could try gripping the club tighter. Holding the club tightly will cause the hands to tense up which will force the body into position. As a result the player will hit the ball straighter.

Arm Lock Putters Have Different Designs

There are several designs of arm lock putters available today. Each design offers its own advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of an arm lock putter is that it makes it easier to get a good grip on the club. Another advantage is that it reduces wrist strain. Wrist pain is common among golfers who play long rounds of golf. Because of this most professional golfers use arm lock putters.

Choosing a good arm lock putter isn’t easy. First you must decide whether you’re going to go with a soft or hard grip. Next you need to determine whether you want a traditional or offset grip. Finally you need to decide between a left-handed or right-handed design.

Traditional Grip Design Offset Grip Design Left Handed Right Handed Traditional Grip Offset Grip

Most arm lock putters have a traditional grip. In a traditional grip the handle of the club is parallel to the ground. The shaft of the club extends vertically upward from the handle. The top end of the shaft is called the toe. The bottom end of the shaft is called the heel.

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a putter is whether or not it has an arm lock. The arm lock is a mechanism which locks the shaft into position once the ball has been struck. This prevents the club head from rotating during impact thus reducing the risk of injury. There are two types of arm locks; the traditional type and the newer “arm-lock” style. Traditional arm locks are still available however these are becoming increasingly rare due to the popularity of the arm-lock style.

Modern Style Arm Locks

There are pros and cons to both styles of arm locks. With the traditional style there is no guarantee that the shaft will remain locked in position. In fact many golfers report that the shaft does rotate slightly during impact. However the modern style offers greater security because the shaft remains locked in position throughout the swing.

Do you play with a regular grip or a modified grip?

Are you comfortable using either hand?

Is the weight of the putter too heavy for you?

Does the length of the putter fit your putting stroke?

Will you be able to see the alignment mark on the face of the putter?

Can you comfortably hold the putter while standing?

Can you comfortably carry the putter around your neck?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your bag?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your car?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your pocket?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your briefcase?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your backpack?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your purse?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your glove compartment?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your trunk?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your suitcase?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your gym locker?

Can you comfortably carry the putter in your hotel room?

Different Types of Golf Clubs

Golf club manufacturers produce many different kinds of golf clubs. Some of these include woods irons hybrids wedges and drivers. Each type has its own unique characteristics which makes each type useful for certain situations. For example a driver is designed to hit long distances while a hybrid is designed to be easier to swing and control. Woods are typically used for hitting shots around trees and bunkers. Wedges are used for putting. Irons are used for mid-range drives. Drivers are used for long distance drives. Hybrids are used for short range drives. The best way to determine which kind of golf club is right for you is to take lessons from a professional golfer who knows what he/she is doing. Once you learn how to play golf properly you can decide which type of golf club works best for you.

Types of Golf Clubs

Woods – Wood golf clubs are typically used for driving the ball. Most woods are between 40 inches and 50 inches in length. Woods are generally used for tee shot fairway shots and approach shots. Woods are most commonly found in sets of three (driver 2 iron 3 iron).

Irons – Iron golf clubs are typically used for middle range drives. Irons are typically between 38 inches and 48 inches in length. Irons are most commonly found in sets of four (2 wedge 4 iron 5 iron 6 iron).

Hybrids – Hybrid golf clubs are typically used for short range drives. Hybrids are typically between 36 inches and 44 inches in length. Hybrids are most commonly found in sets of five (4 iron 5 iron 6 iron 7 iron 8 iron).

Drivers – Driver golf clubs are typically used for long distance drives. Drivers are typically between 42 inches and 52 inches in length. Drivers are most commonly found in sets of seven (7 iron 8 iron 9 iron PW PX X).

Wedges – Wedge golf clubs are typically used for putting. Wedges are typically between 28 inches and 34 inches in length. Wedges are most commonly found in sets of two (PW PX).

Putters – Putter golf clubs are typically used for putting. Putters are typically between 20 inches and 24 inches in length. Putters are most commonly found in sets of one.

Golf Clubs

  • 2 Wood Golf Club
  • 3 Wood
  • 3 Wood Loft
  • 46 Degree Wedge
  • 48 Degree Wedge
  • 5 Iron
  • 5 Wood Golf Club
  • 50 Degree Wedge
  • 52 Degree Wedge
  • 54 Degree Wedge
  • 56 Degree Wedge
  • 58 Degree Wedge
  • 6 Iron
  • 60 Degree Wedge
  • 62 Degree Wedge
  • 64 Degree Wedge
  • 7 Iron
  • 7 Wood
  • Adams Golf Clubs
  • All Black Wedges
  • Ap2 Irons
  • Ap3 Irons
  • Approach Wedge
  • Arm Lock Putter
  • Beginner Golf Club Set
  • Big Bertha Driver
  • Big Bertha Irons
  • Black Irons
  • Black Wedges
  • Blade Putter
  • Callaway 3 Wood
  • Callaway Apex 21 Irons
  • Callaway Apex Irons
  • Callaway Apex Pro Irons
  • Callaway Big Bertha Iron Set
  • Callaway Driver
  • Callaway Driving Iron
  • Callaway Epic Driver
  • Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood
  • Callaway Epic Flash Driver
  • Callaway Epic Irons
  • Callaway Epic Max Driver
  • Callaway Fairway Woods
  • Callaway Irons
  • Callaway Jaws Wedge
  • Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge
  • Callaway Mavrik 3 Wood
  • Callaway Mavrik Driver
  • Callaway Mavrik Irons
  • Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

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