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Bestseller No. 1
2 Pack Barrel Bolt Latch, Slide Bolt Latch 3 Inches Slide Latch Lock, Thickened Stainless Steel Sliding Lock for Door, Brushed Finish Sliding Bolt Lock, Sliding Bolt Latch with 12PCS Screws
  • GIVE U SAFETY & PRIVACY- FATLODA heavy-duty sliding lock is upgraded from old style door bolt lock, stronger than normal sliding door lock. Extra security for your bathroom, bedroom, locker-room, gate. It's small but will hold your door shut firmly. Keep those pesty intruders away with this high quality door latch lock.
  • 5 MINUTES TO INSTALL- FATLODA door security latch is upgraded with better performance and durability. Use power screwdriver and drill to mount this sliding lock on your door frame, finish DIY barrel latch lock installation less than 5 minutes. Our door slide lock is designed for security applications on doors, chests, fridge, wooden wickets, kennels, shed, room, windows and cupboards.
  • STRONGER & DURABLE- FATLODA barrel lock is made of high quality stainless steel. Thickened panel, enlarged size, bold bolt. Our slide bolt latch used latest electroplating and polishing technology to ensure a perfect long lasting. Brushed nickle finish surface slide lock which improves corrosion resistance, enhance wear resistance and hardness, protects the metal surface and have a good insulation performance.
  • 360 ° INSTALLATION- FATLODA barrel bolt latch is classic streamline design, precision processing, mellow and delicate, not limited by the installation angle, vertical and horizontal installation are suitable, it should be noted that door latch lock downward installation needs to be perforated on the floor. As long as you have the right installation space, you can DIY at home.
  • PREMIUM SERVICE- FATLODA barrel bolt latch keep you safe and private, this solid door bolts are guaranteed to remain as good as new for a very long time. If you have any problem at all, please contact us so that we can resolve your problem.
Bestseller No. 2
4 PCS Black Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt Lock 3.5 Inch Aluminum Alloy Door Latch Lock Security Door Lock Slide Latch for Home Yard Garden (Include Screws)
  • 【Safety and Security】Black door latch bolt made of premium aluminum alloy, rod shaped bolt design that can fasten your door to increase safety and security.
  • 【Bolt Lock Size】Main bolt body dimension is about 7.2*2.5cm/2.95"*0.98"(L*W), Receiver size is about 1.3*2.5cm/0.51"*0.98"(L*W).
  • 【Easy to Install】These locks for doors are surface mounted and each door lock bolts have drilled holes in advance, just screw in screws, easy to install.
  • 【Multiple Application】The door bolt could be perfect for multiple situations, such as be used for bathroom lock, shed lock gate, garage door lock and a garden gate lock.
  • 【100% Promise】BUY IT NOW! If there is any problems to make you unsatisfied with our barrel bolt door latch, WENCHENG provides full money refund or replacement.
Bestseller No. 3
Autoly 10Pcs 3"X1.1" Stainless Steel Barrel Bolt Slide Lock Latch Hardware for Garden Gate Shed Door Window
  • Material - The Barrel bolt locks are made of stainless steel with good rust resistance.
  • Easy to Install - First drill a hole with a drill bit and then screw the screw, which will make the installation easier and the screw will not break.
  • Pack of 10pcs - Sold in pack of 10pcs of slide latch for your need, with modern brushed finish surface, fit most style of door
  • Use on vertical, horizontal, left or right hand applications, in vertical use, the notch-in case holds the bolt in a locked position.
  • Application - Designed for security applications on lightweight doors, chests and cabinets for securing doors, mounts easily, just surface strike.
Bestseller No. 4
National Hardware N151-431 V834 Barrel Bolt in Black,2-1/2 Inch
  • Designed for security applications on lightweight doors, chests and cabinets
  • Use on vertical, horizontal, left or right hand applications
  • In vertical use, the notch-in case holds the bolt in a locked position
  • Bolt diameter is .32
  • Durable steel case, strike and bolt
Bestseller No. 5
OTTFF 6¼x1¾ in Slide Bolt Gate Latch with 8.8mm Padlock Hole, 2.5mm Thick Base, Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Latches, 14mm Dia. Solid Barrel Bolt, Electroplating Finish for Barn Fence Shed Basement
  • 2 Pack 304 Stainless Steel Latches with screw, rust-proof and strong toughness ensuring high quality and longevity.
  • Overall size 160x70x25mm(6¼x2¾x1 inches), weight 370g(13.2 oz), thick 2.5mm,The slidable length of the bolt is 2 inch.
  • Padlock hole 8.8mm (NOTE: Don't Include Padlock).
  • Vertically / Horizontally flush mount. No need for installation skills, suitable for teenagers, women, the elderly etc.
  • Barrel bolt is suitable wooden/metal doors, windows, boxes, cabinets, fences, kennels, bathrooms, toilets, bars etc.
Bestseller No. 6
National Hardware N151-654 V834 Barrel Bolt in Zinc plated,4 Inch
  • Designed for security applications on lightweight doors, chests and cabinets
  • Use on vertical, horizontal, left or right hand applications
  • In vertical use, the notch-in case holds the bolt in a locked position
  • Bolt diameter is .32
  • Durable steel case, strike and bolt
Bestseller No. 7
UltraHrdw 61097 BLT Barrel HD GALVANIZE 2-1/2"
  • Every repair part is color-coded
  • Includes complete, easy-to-understand instructions
  • Country of origin: US
Bestseller No. 8
Prime-Line MP11379-1 Barrel Bolt Lock, Black
  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel and solid steel bolt fastener
  • Clamp and bolt fastener comes finished in a corrosion resistant, zinc plated finish
  • Used with 1-1/4 inch x 1-1/4 inch wide bed frame L-angle material
  • Hand tightening should be all that is necessary for setting bed frame width, but pliers can be used for tightening with slightly increased torque if frame halves keep spreading easily
  • Easy to install with a few simple tools
Bestseller No. 9
2 Packs 5 Inch Spring Loaded Barrel Bolt Latch Pin, Heavy Duty Steel Sliding Door Lock for Doors/Cabinets/Chests, 2mm Thickened Interior and Outdoor Solid Hardware Latch
  • 1.Premium Material: Spring loaded latch pin is constructed of metal, powered finishing to protect against corrosion & rust. Bolt Diameter: 1/2" inch
  • 2.Safety and Privacy: Barrel bolt designed for security applications on doors, gates, cabinets
  • 3.Easy to Use: Black rubber handle cover for easy pulling and turning
  • 4.Directions: Suitable for left, right, vertical or horizontal hand applications
  • 5.Widely use: barrel bolt designed for security applications on Doors,Rear Gate,Chests,Cabinets,Utility Trailer,or Lock Pin
Bestseller No. 10
National Hardware N151-555 V834 Barrel Bolt in Zinc plated,3 Inch
  • Designed for security applications on lightweight doors, chests and cabinets
  • Use on vertical, horizontal, left or right hand applications
  • In vertical use, the notch-in case holds the bolt in a locked position
  • Bolt diameter is .32
  • Durable steel case, strike and bolt

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best barrel bolt

The barrel bolt is a type of fastener which has been around since ancient times. In fact the earliest known example was found in Egypt dating back to 3000 BC. Barrel bolts are still widely used today because they provide excellent security and strength. They are commonly used in construction plumbing electrical wiring and many other applications where high-strength fasteners are required.

Barrel bolts consist of two parts; a head and a shank. The head is the part that goes into the hole while the shank remains outside. The shank is threaded and screwed into the hole. Once the shank is fully inserted the threads lock together creating a secure connection between the two pieces. There are several types of barrel bolts available including hexagonal square octagonal and round. Hexagonally shaped barrels are most common due to their ease of installation.

Advantages of Using Barrel Bolts

There are numerous advantages to using barrel bolts. First they’re extremely strong. For instance a typical barrel bolt can hold up to 100 pounds per inch of pressure. Second they’re easy to install. Third they’re very versatile. Barrel bolts can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the application. Finally they’re inexpensive. Barrel bolts are typically sold in packages containing hundreds of individual units.

Disadvantages of Using Barrel Bolts

While there are many benefits to using barrel bolts there are also disadvantages. One disadvantage is that they require special tools to install. Another drawback is that they can only be tightened in one direction. However these drawbacks aren’t too significant considering the vast number of uses for barrel bolts.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Barrel Bolt

Barrel bolts are important because they provide security to your gun safe. There are many different types of locks available today but none compare to the strength and durability of a good barrel bolt lock. In fact there are several reasons why you should invest in a high-quality barrel bolt lock. First a barrel bolt lock is designed to be strong enough to withstand the force of a determined intruder. Second a barrel bolt lock is easy to install and remove. Third a barrel bolt lock is affordable. Fourth a barrel bolt lock is simple to operate. Finally a barrel bolt lock is very durable. All these features combine to ensure that your firearm remains secure while you’re away from home.

Security Is Key

There are two main ways that someone could gain access to your firearms. One way is by breaking into your house and stealing your guns. Another way is by using a key to open your safe. Both methods require the same level of skill and determination. However the second method requires only a small amount of effort. For example a thief could break into your house and steal your guns but he wouldn’t have to take the trouble to unlock your safe. He could simply walk right past it and grab everything inside. To avoid this scenario you must use a barrel bolt lock. With a barrel bolt lock no matter how hard anyone tries they cannot get into your safe unless they have the correct combination. Even if they manage to guess the combination they still have to physically enter the code to open the door. So if you own a safe you should always use a barrel bolt lock.

Easy Installation & Removal

Another reason why you should invest in a barrel bolt lock is because it makes installation and removal quick and easy. Most barrel bolt locks are installed by drilling holes into the wall where you plan to put your safe. Once the holes are drilled you insert screws into the walls and attach the barrel bolt lock to the wall. Then you slide your safe into position and screw the lid shut. Afterward you unscrew the screws and pull the safe out of its hole. Now you can go back to whatever you were doing before you decided to install a safe.

The barrel bolt is a type of door lock which has been around since ancient times. The design was originally developed to secure doors and gates. Today these locks are commonly found on safes cabinets and drawers. There are many different types of barrel bolts available today. Each type offers its own unique features and benefits. Some barrels are designed to be operated manually while others require power tools. Others are designed to be opened using keys while still others open automatically. All of these options provide security and convenience depending upon the application.

Manual Operation

Some barrel bolts are designed to operate manually. In order to unlock the barrel bolt you must turn the key located inside the lock body. Once unlocked the latch mechanism opens and releases the bolt. The bolt slides back into position and secures the door or cabinet shut. Manual operation requires no electricity and is easy to operate. However manual operation does not allow for remote locking and unlocking.

Power Operated

Other barrel bolts are powered by electricity. Power-operated locks are controlled by a small motor which rotates the bolt. As soon as the motor turns the bolt unlocks itself and swings outward. The bolt remains locked until the operator pushes the button again. Power-operated locks are convenient because they can be remotely activated. Remote activation makes it possible to lock and unlock the barrel bolt from anywhere within range.

Keyed Locks

Another option is a keyed lock. Keyed locks are typically installed on safes and cabinets. Unlike most other barrel bolts keyed locks are equipped with a combination dial. Instead of turning a key the user enters a number sequence into the dial. The numbers correspond to the location of each pin hole along the length of the barrel bolt. Once the correct combination is entered the bolt unlocks itself and swings outward.

Automatic Opening

Yet another option is automatic opening. Automatic opening locks are very popular among homeowners who wish to install a safe in their garage. With automatic opening the barrel bolt opens whenever someone tries to access the interior of the safe.

Different Types of Barrel Bolts

Bolt locks are commonly found in doors and windows. The most common type of lock has two parts; a keyed cylinder and a deadbolt. There are many different styles of these locks including mortise locks pin tumbler locks lever handles etc. Each style offers its own advantages and disadvantages depending on where it is installed. For example a door with a mortise lock requires drilling into the door frame while a pin tumbler lock does not require any holes in the doorframe. In addition there are several different types of keys available for each style of lock. Some locks only accept certain types of keys while others allow multiple types of keys.

Types of Bolt Locks

There are three main types of bolt locks: Mortise Lock Pin Tumbler Lock Lever Handle Lock.

Mortise Lock – A mortise lock consists of a cylindrical hole drilled into the doorjamb. The cylinder contains a series of pins which fit into corresponding slots within the door itself. The key turns the cylinder which moves the pins into position. Once locked the door cannot be opened unless the correct key is inserted into the keyhole.

Pin Tumbler Lock – A pin tumbler lock works similarly to a mortise lock except that the cylinder is shaped differently. Instead of being round it is square or rectangular. The pins slide into grooves along the sides of the cylinder rather than fitting into slots.

Lever Handle Lock – A lever handle lock is very similar to a mortise lock. However instead of using a key to turn the cylinder the user pulls a lever attached to the outside of the door to open the lock.

The best way to determine which type of lock is right for your door is to measure the width of the opening. Most modern doors are between 1/2″ and 3/4″. If the opening is wider than 3/4″ then a mortise lock is probably the best choice.

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