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SaleBestseller No. 1
YOST VISES LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2" (1 Pack)"
  • Home Work Shop Vise, Woodworking, Assembly, General Maintenance
  • Jaw Width: 4-1/2" (11.4Cm) X Jaw Opening: 3" (7.6Cm) X Throat Depth: 2.4" (6.1Cm)
  • Holds 0. 6" D To 1. 85" D Pipes And Tubes (1. 5Cm X 4. 7Cm)
  • 30, 000 Psi Cast Iron Construction, Blue Power Coat Finish
Bestseller No. 2
Dual-Purpose Combined Universal Vise 360° Swivel Base Work, Bench Vise or Table Vise Clamp-On with Quick Adjustment, 3.3" Movable Home Vice for Woodworking
  • 🏆【Unique Multifunctional】Not only can this vise be screwed firmly to the workbench or table with screws, but also it can also be conveniently clamped on the workbench. Versatile and durable, this vise is perfect for a plethora of work surfaces.
  • ☝️【One-Click Position】Press on the quick release button, and push the jaws together to quickly position and clamp. No need to turn the screws to tighten! No worrying about machine accuracy deviation!
  • 👌【360° Rotation】Built with a 360 degree swivel base, this work bench vise is perfect for use with a variety of clamping angles for versatility. Smooth guide rail makes both the screw and handle use smooth and effortless.
  • 🧰【Universal Vise】Maximum opening of jaw is up to 2.5'', jaw width 3.3''. Base clamping range increased to 4'' for various thicknesses. Designed for home, workshop, professional use, general purpose and light work, and ideal for woodworking, cutting conduit, drilling, gluing, metalworking, sanding or planing, sawing, and more!
  • 👍【High Quality】Made of high-grade cast steel - The surface is sprayed to enhance corrosion-resistance and to make it more smooth to the touch. The jaw is hardened and hammered to increase its hardness and strength, providing long-lasting durability and reliable grip.
Bestseller No. 3
Forward DT08125A 5-Inch Heavy Duty Bench Vise 360-Degree Swivel Base and Head with Anvil (5", Ductile Iron)
  • Jaw width:125mm(5"), Opening: 125mm(5"), Throat Depth: 67mm(2.6"), Clamp force: at least 5500lbs
  • More Durable and Sturdy: Material updated, stationary body and floating body are all made from high strength ductile iron, PSI 60,000
  • Multifunctional: Mounting vise on the workbench, then you could do the work of grinding, cutting, and etc. Tapping work can also be done on the anvil of bench vise
  • Great for clamping and fixing workpiece: Higher clamping force; Longer opening; Bigger anvil; Deeper throat depth; Wider jaw; Round workpiece clamping; Microgroove tooth space for better grip; 360 degree swivel base providing unlimited clamping space
  • Perfect Dual-Purpose Vises: This 5" vise is suitable for both industrial and DIY home use. The front jaw can be rotated by 360 degree, more convenient for clamping works
Bestseller No. 4
Wilton 4800R Reversible Bench Vise, 8" Jaw Width, 9-1/4" & 14-1/2" Jaw Opening (28823)
  • IDEAL POSITIONING: 360° swivel base has dual lockdowns.
  • VERSATILE USE: Two large anvil work surfaces for forming and shaping materials.
  • ADAPTABLE CLAMPING: Built-in pipe jaws handle a range of pipe sizes.
  • PLENTY OF CAPACITY: Jaw opening expands to 14-1/2".
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Covered by Wilton's lifetime warranty.
Bestseller No. 5
Wilton 745 Mechanics Bench Vise, 5” Jaw Width, 5-1/4" Jaw Opening (21400)
  • EXTENDED LIFE: Replaceable hardened steel top and pipe jaws.
  • STABILITY: Swivel base rotates 360° and has double lockdowns.
  • BUILT FOR RUGGED USE: Crafted from 30,000 PSI ductile iron.
  • SMOOTH OPERATION: Fully-enclosed spindle keeps lubricants in and contaminants out.
  • LARGE ANVIL: Accommodates a wide range of striking needs.
Bestseller No. 6
"Wilton Tools 550P, Multi-Purpose Bench Vise, 5-1/2"" Jaw Width, 5"" Jaw Opening, 360° Rotating Head" (28824, 550P, 69999)
  • Quick Setup: Indexed At 30 Degree Increments For Quick Set Up
  • Strong Grip: Replaceable Hardened Steel Jaws With A Serrated Pattern Ensure Grip And A Long Life
  • 360-Degree Rotating Head: Can Clamp Material At Any Angle
  • PERFORMANCE: Has built-in pipe jaws and a V-jaw to easily hold round objects vertically
Bestseller No. 7
Wilton 880M Mechanics Pro Bench Vise, 8" Jaw Width, 8-1/2" Jaw Opening (28813)
  • 60,000 PSI DUCTILE IRON: Greater durability with lighter weight material.
  • ENCLOSED SPINDLE: Keeps lubricants in and contaminants out for smooth operation.
  • LARGE ANVIL WORK SURFACE: Accommodates a wide range of striking needs.
  • NEEDLE ROLLER THRUST BEARING: Easier to apply and release greater clamping force.
  • PRECISION-MACHINED SLIDE BAR: Eliminates movement in the front jaw, regardless of opened distance.
Bestseller No. 8
Forward 0806 6-Inch Bench Vise with Swivel Base and Anvil (6")
  • Jaw Width: 6" (15cm); Jaw Opening: 5" (12.5cm); Throat Depth: 2.7" (6.7cm); Smooth polished steel anvil size: 3.5x3.5"(9x9cm) for forming and shaping work
  • Medium-duty cast iron construction (30,000 PSI tensile strength) with a blue powder-coated finish, 29.7 pounds weight (13.5kg). Durable and sturdy
  • 120-degree swivel base featuring dual lock-down nuts allows rotating the vise to position workpiece, 3 mounting holes anchor vise securely to a workbench
  • Replaceable microgroove tooth steel jaws grip workpieces without slipping, great for clamping and fixing
  • Workshop 6" vise is designed for all-purpose home and garage use, woodworking, assembly, and general maintenance, sure grip and high quality
Bestseller No. 9
Wilton WS8 Shop Bench Vise, 8" Jaw Width, 8" Jaw Opening (63304)
  • VERSATILITY: Great vise for home shops, light duty use, woodworking, and weekend projects.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Jaw width of 8 inches, and throat depth of 4 inches.
  • DURABILITY: Features replaceable serrated top jaws, and rubber pinch-point safety guards.
  • EASY POSTIONING: Full 360-degree swivel base has quick and easy positioning thanks to a double lockdown.
  • PLENTY OF STRENGTH: 30,000 PSI iron castings for strength and durability.
Bestseller No. 10
Real Avid Precision Bench Vise with Clamping Vise Jaws & Swiveling Vise Body |Multi-Use Handsfree Workbench Vice for Scope Mounting, Woodworking, Sharpening, Compound Bows & More
  • SWIVELING multi axis vise body allows for superior range of motion while objects remain securely orientated in numerous positions. Left 40 degrees, Right 40 degrees, Back 50 degrees, Front 90 degrees.
  • LEVELING Knob allows for six degrees of side-to-side micro adjustment for optimal scope or accessory leveling and more.
  • FAST adjust hand crank, speed cam ball and socket locking lever and articulating ball joint make this bench vice the most versatile rotational work bench vise made
  • LOCKING PIN intersects and locks the ball and socket joint providing superior leverage for rock solid high torque projects
  • REVERSIBLE steel jaw plates and 2 in 1 non-marring reversible jaw sleeves protects while holding objects safely and securely for a variety of hands-free tasks.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Bench Vise

The bench vise is a tool used to hold objects while working on them. There are many different types of bench vises available today. Some are designed specifically for holding tools while others are meant to be used for general purposes. In order to determine which type of vise is best suited for your needs you must understand the intended uses of each type of vise.

Bench Vises For Holding Tools

There are two main categories of bench vises; those that are designed to hold only one specific item and those that can hold multiple items. Most bench vises fall into these two categories. One category holds only one object while the second category holds several objects simultaneously. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

These vises are ideal for holding small parts or pieces of material. Single-object holders are typically smaller than multi-object holders and therefore require less room. However single-object holders cannot hold large objects because there isn’t enough room inside the holder itself. Therefore if you plan to use a single-object holder to hold a heavy piece of metal you should invest in a multi-object holder instead.

Multi-object holders are ideal for holding large objects. Multi-object holders allow you to hold several objects at once. Because they are able to hold larger objects multi-object holders take up more room than single-object holders. However multi-object holders are perfect for holding large objects because they provide ample space for holding the object securely.

How To Choose Which Type Of Vise Is Best For You

Do you intend to use the vise primarily for holding small objects?

Are you planning to use the vise to hold both small and large objects?

Vises are essential tools for anyone who works with metal. Whether you’re working on a hobby project or building furniture there’s no denying the benefits of owning a good bench vise. In fact many professionals rely on these devices to get the most out of their projects. But while vices are useful choosing the right tool for the job can be tricky. Here are three important factors to consider when shopping for a vice.

Size Matters

While you probably already knew that the size matters it bears repeating. Most benches include two jaws which allow you to clamp objects between them. However the size of each jaw determines how large or small an object you can hold. For example a smaller jaw holds smaller parts whereas a larger jaw holds larger pieces. So if you plan on using your vice to hold larger pieces you’ll need a larger jaw. Conversely if you only intend to use your vice to hold smaller parts you’ll need a smaller jaw.

Material Matters

Most vices are constructed from steel although aluminum and plastic versions exist. While steel is strong and durable it does require regular maintenance. Steel vices rust over time especially if exposed to moisture. To avoid corrosion store your vice inside a cabinet or cover it with a protective cloth whenever possible. Also check the condition of your vice regularly. Look for cracks chips or nicks in the material. Any sign of wear indicates that your vice needs repair or replacement.

Durability Matters

Finally durability is key. Because vices are designed to withstand heavy-duty applications they must be able to handle repeated usage. If you plan on using your vice frequently invest in a sturdy unit. Otherwise opt for a cheaper option that still offers adequate performance.

To determine whether a particular vice is suitable for your needs ask yourself a few questions. First decide what type of work you plan on doing with your vice. Will you primarily use it to hold metal components?

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a bench vise is whether or not it has adjustable jaws. The jaw adjustment mechanism is very important because it makes it possible to adjust the width of the opening between the two jaws. Adjustable jaws allow you to set the distance between the jaws according to the thickness of the material being worked on. In addition adjustable jaws enable you to change the angle of the jaws relative to each other. This enables you to cut materials at different angles depending upon the type of project you’re working on.

Bench Vises With Safety Clamps

Safety clamps are another essential part of a good bench vise. Most bench vises include safety clamps which ensure that the jaws remain closed during operation. However there are times when you may wish to clamp objects together using only the jaws of the bench vise. In these cases the safety clamps must be removed.

Adjustable Jaws

Another important feature of a bench vise is its ability to accommodate varying thicknesses of materials. An adjustable jaw mechanism allows you to vary the distance between the jaws while maintaining constant pressure. This ensures that you get consistent results regardless of the thickness of the material being worked on.

Vise Grips

In order to hold the object securely a bench vise needs to have strong grips. Some bench vises have plastic grips whereas others have metal ones. Metal grips provide greater strength and durability. Plastic grips are easier to grip and are therefore preferred by many users.

Easy Access To Parts

Accessibility is another key factor when choosing a bench vise. Many bench vises have removable parts that are easy to access. This makes maintenance and repair simple. Also bench vises with removable parts are generally cheaper than those that require disassembly.

Different Types of Bench Vises

There are many different types of bench vises available today. Some are designed specifically for certain jobs while others are multipurpose tools. The most common type of bench vises are those which are used for holding small parts during assembly. There are several different kinds of these vises including clamp-on vises adjustable vises and vise grips. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. Here are some examples of each kind of bench vises.

These vises are very simple to operate and easy to set up. However they require a lot of force to open and close because there is no locking mechanism. Clamp-on vises are best suited for light duty applications where only moderate pressure needs to be applied to hold the part securely. For example using a clamp-on vise to hold a nut onto a bolt requires little effort since the nut is held tightly enough to secure itself. In contrast using a clamp-on vise to hold a large piece of metal into position requires a significant amount of strength. Because of this clamp-on vises are generally unsuitable for heavy duty applications.

This type of vise offers greater versatility than a clamp-on vise. Adjustable vises allow users to adjust the height of the jaws to accommodate different sized objects. Most adjustable vises include two sets of jaws one fixed and one movable. To change the jaw heights the user must loosen the screw that holds the movable jaw in place and slide it along the track towards the fixed jaw. Once the desired distance between the jaws is achieved the screw is tightened to lock the movable jaw in place. While adjustable vises provide increased flexibility they are still limited in terms of the range of adjustment. As a result they are not suitable for heavy duty applications.

The last type of bench vises are vise grips. These are typically found on power tool vises. Vise grips are useful for holding heavier pieces of material.


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  • 1 Cup Measuring Cup
  • 1 Gallon Water Bottles
  • 1 Inch Chlorine Tablets
  • 1 Liter Water Bottles
  • 1/4 Socket Set
  • 10 Cu Ft Refrigerator
  • 10 Gallon Fish Tank
  • 10 Gallon Trash Can
  • 10 Gauge Extension Cord
  • 10 Inch Planter
  • 10 Lb Weighted Blanket
  • 100 Ft Extension Cord
  • 100 Inch TV Stand
  • 100 Watt Led Bulb
  • 10000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 108” Curtains
  • 10×10 Pergola
  • 10×10 Pop Up Canopy
  • 10×10 Sheds
  • 10×14 Area Rugs
  • 11 Inch Cube Storage Bin
  • 110v Hot Tub
  • 12 Cup Coffee Maker
  • 12 Drawer Dresser
  • 12 Gauge Extension Cord
  • 12 Inch Terracotta Pots
  • 12 Lb Weighted Blanket
  • 12 Qt Air Fryer
  • 12 Volt Air Conditioner
  • 12 Volt Fan
  • 12 Volt Refrigerator
  • 120 Inch Curtains
  • 1200 Watt Microwave
  • 12000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  • 12v Coffee Maker
  • 13 Gallon Trash Bags
  • 13 Inch Cube Storage Bins
  • 14 Cup Coffee Maker
  • 14 Foot Pool
  • 14000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 150 Watt Led Bulb
  • 16 Oz Water Bottles
  • 16 X 24 Poster Frame
  • 16.9 Oz Water Bottles
  • 16x20x1 Air Filter
  • 16x25x1 Air Filter
  • 16x25x1 Furnace Filter
  • 18 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

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