List of Top 10 Best Black Calla Lily

Bestseller No. 1
Calla Lily Artificial Flowers Real Touch Flowers Black Flowers Artificial for Decoration Calla Lillies Artificial Black Fake Flowers Tiger Lilly Flowers Calla Lily Bouquet for Wedding Home Decor
  • 【Light Floral Scent】Our calla lily flowers artificial are made of real touch PU fabric combined with special floral fragrance adding process,so every lily flower that you receive will exude a light floral fragrance and these scents are non-toxic.
  • 【Works with all types of décor】 Calla Lilies look amazing at weddings. Paired with hydrangeas for a full and decidedly Southern look. Even though they’re perfect for garden weddings, their stature also works great for most decoration style as well. It’s really hard to go wrong!
  • 【Real touch & lifelike】Made of soft Polyurethane (PU), these calla lily flowers looks very real and soft to touch.calla lily bouquet stems are made with rubber and iron wire, natural touch and easy to bend and adjust.Good feeling touch of the PU calla lily decor, artificial lily has a large, trumpet-shaped bloom that rests upon a long, smooth stem. Symbolizing “magnificent beauty,” the Calla Lily is easy to arrange and guaranteed to make an impression.
  • 【Designed for use in artificial floral arrangements】The black flowers calla lily stems are bendable.Calla Lily would make a spectacular wedding bouquet, table centerpiece or flower arrangement, calla lily cake topper,ect.Can be used to decorate your home, office, hotel, store, party table, events ect.
  • 【SIZE】14" long faux lillies, Faux Flower Head Size(Approx.): 4"x 2.2" x 2.5"(L*W*H). Shipped with 10 stems per bunch.Each stem has one focal bloom.Maintenance free- No need for watering or trimming these lily flowers artificial will look full and fresh every day. Great gift idea. Easy to DIY your own style calla lily flower bouquet as you like.
Bestseller No. 2
Houda Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Artificial Fake Flowers Party Decor Bouquet PU Real Touch Flower 10PCS (Black)
  • Calla Lily need At least 20 pcs will have the effect of the picture.Real touch;Great for home decor.
  • Calla Lily length 35cm/14inches, flower diameter 5cm/2inches
  • No colorfast even if water wash it. Strong enough even if you pull it. Work in high temperature but not burn it. Poison free and innocuous for indoor use.
  • DIY your weddings, showers, party etc with these artificial flowers. DIY your house, add a touch of color and romance to your home with these beautiful Vine leaves
  • Great for wedding, home, outside and festival decoration;Good feeling touch of the PU calla lily very comfortable
Bestseller No. 3
24PCS Black Calla Lily Artificial Flowers Real Touch Calla Lilies Flowers Fake Black Flowers Calla Lily for Wedding Bouquet Party Decorations Baby Shower Centerpieces Bridal Bouquet Decor (Black)
  • ❀【Soft Polyurethane/PU Material】The calla lily artificial flowers is made of quality PU material, with real touch, realistic and natural looking. Often confused for real calla lily flower.stem is made of Plastic
  • ❀【Size and Quantity】 Total calla lily height 13.4 inches/34cm; flower Head width: 2.8 inches/ 7.2 cm, lily flower height: 2.16 inches/5.48cm. Each package include 24pcs black calla lily artificial flowers.
  • ❀【Features】 Calla Lily is perhaps the most sought after flower in the world of florists and event planners. Divine trumpet shape coupled with beautiful color tones make these blooms an enticing sight to behold. Immortalizing this lovely masterpiece of nature in the sturdy, our soft PU artificial calla lily stems mimic the same refreshing charm and delicate beauty of their live counterparts.
  • ❀【Wide Application】 Artificial calla lily flowers are great choice for creating floral arrangements, like calla lily bouquet for wedding, bridal bouquet, centerpieces flower, cake flowers floral arrangements. The latex flowers real touch or matched with other fake flowers are a great choice for party, garden, baby shower, office or home table arangements, DIY bouquets, shop,table centerpieces,wedding arrangements,bride bouquets,bridal shower, Valentine's and Christmas’ Day decoration.
  • ❀【Attention】 The fake calla lily flowers will be squashed during transportation inevitably. Do not worry and it is normal that branches will be squeezed. You can smooth the faux flower with your hand and put them into the flower vase. After a few days, it will naturally return to its original shape. so that the lily flower will be more vivid.
Bestseller No. 4
Crafjie 22pcs 13.4 Inch Black Lataex Real Touch Artificial Calla Lily Flowers, for Home Decor for Spring Flowers, Home Kitchen, Wedding Decorations, and centerpieces.
  • PACKET AND SIZE: Each packing has 22 pieces of faux calla lily flowers. Flower height 13.4 inches/34cm; flower diameter 3.6 inches/9cm; flower head diameter 2.16 inches/5.5cm.
  • MATERIAL ANDFEATURE : Flowers are made of Polyurethane (high quality latex), Stems are using metal wire as skeleton and wrapped by plastic. Just looks lifelike and has a real touch, And completely handmade. No colorfast even if water wash it. Base on the real flower to produce ,making the faux calla lily flowers real-like and keep fresh &lifelike long time.
  • ABOUT COLOR SHADING: Due to the difference on sunlight ,displays,configurations and diverse opinions on color,color shading is inevitable,please refer to the real subject.
  • APPLICABLE FOR: home, office, shop, party, festival, celebration, garden, centerpiece, hotel, wedding, bridal bouquet etc.
  • TIPS: If the flower is pressed during transportation, you could use hot water vapor or hair dryer with hot wind and hold for a few minutes, the flower will be back. Work in high temperature but not burn it. To avoid direct sunshine for the white Poly urethane flowers, since it is easy tooxidize and yellowing.
Bestseller No. 5
Floral Kingdom 18 PCS 14" Real Touch PU Latex Artificial Calla Lily Flowers for Wedding Bouquets, centerpieces, and Floral Decor (Black)
  • Beautiful hand wrapped petals made of latex for the authentic "Real Touch" look
  • The perfect addition to any bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, floral arrangements and home/office decor
  • Discreet wire in the stem allows easy shaping
  • Total length: 14" tall, total of 18 individual flower stems
  • Many try to imitate our quality and colors, however only Floral Kingdom delivers the best "real touch" artificial flowers on the market!
Bestseller No. 6
Veryhome 20pcs Black Flowers Artificial Calla Lily Flowers for DIY Bridal Wedding Bouquet Centerpieces Home Decor (Black)
  • SIZE - Totally height 13.5 inches, each flower head measures approx. 3inches in diameter.Including 20pcs calla lilies per pack.
  • Real Touch Artificial Flowers - Made of soft Polyurethane (PU), these call lily flowers looks very real and soft to touch,is the most life-like artificial flowers on the market.
  • These Artificial calla lily would be lovely in a number of projects like boutonnieres or corsages, table centerpieces ,mixed into bouquets, floral crowns, flower arrangements,photography props,DIY door wreath,christmas,home,party or wedding decor etc
  • Various in color options, easily match to different interior decoration, DIY your own style decorations as you like.
  • You can use it to make a different beautiful pattern,DIY wreath or other decoration.It can be installed on stems,make your home,party and wedding become beautiful and atmosphere
Bestseller No. 7
Mini 15" Artificial Calla Lily 10 Stem Bridal Bouquets Artificial Latex Real Touch Flowers for Home Party Decor (Black)
  • SIZE:length 38cm/14.9inches, flower diameter 6cm/2.3inches,total 10 pcs set .
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of PU material, real touch, harmless in indoor use.
  • These calla lilies are hand-made, exquisite and beautiful, very suitable for decorating your wedding, shower, party, etc with these artificial flowers.Add color to your room.
  • No colorfast even if water wash it. Strong enough even if you pull it.
  • Tips:In the course of transportation,some flowers may be appear squeezing or slightly shedding leaves, which is normal.You can smooth it with your hands or use a hot hair dryer,even dip them in boiling water for a few seconds, it can brings them back to life.
Bestseller No. 8
Pure Garden, Black Artificial Calla-Lily Flowers-24 Pc
  • ENDLESS DECORATING OPTIONS- These beautiful lilies can be used in any area of the home or office for stylish décor that is effortless to maintain. The flowers are also ideal for special occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and more!
  • REALISITIC LOOK- Each calla-lily in the bundle is made from quality latex foam to give the appearance of real, natural flowers. Artificial flowers are a practical alternative to real florals and will remain fresh-looking and beautiful year after year!
  • EASY CREATIONS- The thin wire stem is easy to work with, bend, and cut down as needed to effortlessly create DIY arrangements! They are perfect for making bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, as cake flowers, decorations and more!
  • DURABLE USE- The real touch realistic looking flowers are both wrinkle resistant and water resistant for long-lasting and durable beauty.
  • DURABLE USE- The real touch realistic looking flowers are both wrinkle resistant and water resistant for long-lasting and durable beauty.
Bestseller No. 9
Floral Kingdom USA 14" Real Touch Latex Calla Lily Bunch Artificial Spring Flowers for Home Decor, Wedding Bouquets, and centerpieces (Pack of 10) (Black)
  • Our classic 14" calla lilies now available in a smaller bundle of 10 flowers.
  • Made of high quality latex for a realistic feel and touch
  • Our pack of 10 is ideal for crafting, last minute touch up bouquets, boutineers, gift wrapping, floral crowns and much more!
  • Stem contains thin & discreet steel wire for easy shaping
  • Many try to imitate our variety, quality, and colors. Only Floral Kingdom delivers the best "real touch" flowers on the market!
Bestseller No. 10
20Pcs Calla Lily Fake Black Flowers Wedding Bouquet Artificial Real Touch Latex Flowers Home Wedding Party Decor (Black)
  • [GOOD VALUE]Our life-like handmade flower requires no looking after and can be last all year round.You can buy artificial calla that symbolizes pure love at the best price.
  • [SIZE]The height of artificial calla lily flower is about 12.9'',flower head measured approx 2.1'' in diameter.
  • [MATERIAL]The big difference of our product and other brands is the huge upgrade of material thickness and flexibility.Fake calla lily flower is made of high-quality latex . The stem contains wires that are easy to bend or cut,so that we can make flowers arrangement with the plastic calla lily.
  • [GREAT FOR ARRANGEMENT]]Artificial calla lily applies to decorations of home ,bridal bouquet, banquet, office ,bookstore, cafe shop, art gallery, outdoor, backyard, and etc.
  • [SERVICE]Each of our calla lily flower is well hand-made by experienced craftsmen;besides,we provide 30-day full refund guarantee.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Black Calla

What is the Purpose Of A Black Calla

Black callas are beautiful flowers that grow in
water. They are very popular because they bloom early in spring and last throughout
summer. Their long stems reach up to two feet tall and are covered in small
white petals. Each flower has five sepals (the outermost part) and five
petals. There are many different varieties of these plants including
single-petalled double-petalled and triple-petalled

How Do They Grow?

Callas are easy
to care for and require little maintenance. They thrive in warm temperatures
and bright light. Water them regularly during the growing season. Keep the soil
moist but avoid standing water. In addition fertilize once per month with a
high nitrogen fertilizer. Make sure to remove dead leaves and cuttings

Where Can I Plant

These beauties love being planted in large pots or
hanging baskets. However they can be grown outside too. Just remember to give
them plenty of sunlight and room to spread out.

Are They
Easy To Propagate?

Yes! Simply take cuttings from the plant
and root them in fresh potting mix. Once rooted transplant into individual
containers. Be careful not to disturb the roots while

Do They Have Any Special

No callas are pretty hardy and can survive most

Can I Use Them As Cut

Absolutely! Many florists sell calla lilies as cut
flowers. They are available in stores and online.

Is It
Possible To Grow More Than One?

Yes! You can divide your
callas in half and replant each section separately. Then wait for the next
generation to appear.

The Importance of Purchasing a
Quality Black Calla Lily

Black callas are very popular among
gardeners because of their striking appearance. However many people fail to
realise that these flowers are actually quite delicate and require special
care. In fact black callas are considered to be amongst the most difficult
plants to grow successfully. As such it is important to ensure that you only
purchase high-quality black calla lilies. Otherwise you could end up with a
plant which does not perform to its best ability.

How To
Grow High-Quality Black Callas

To begin with you must
select a suitable location for your black calla lily. Ideally you should
locate your plant somewhere where there is plenty of sunlight and good air
circulation. Make sure that the soil around the roots is moistened regularly.
Furthermore you should avoid placing your plant too close to trees or shrubs.
Finally you should ensure that the temperature remains constant throughout
the year. For example if you live in a cold climate you should ensure that
your plant has access to heat during winter

Watering Your Plant Regularly

is vital that you water your black calla lily regularly. Watering ensures
that the leaves remain healthy and green. Furthermore regular watering
prevents the formation of fungal diseases. Therefore you should ensure that
you water your plant thoroughly once per week. Alternatively you can apply a
diluted solution of fertiliser directly onto the foliage. However you should
always follow the instructions provided with the product

Fungal Diseases Can Be

In addition to ensuring that you water your plant
regularly you should also take steps to prevent fungal disease. Firstly you
should remove dead leaves and branches from your plant. Then you should cut
away any damaged parts of the stem. Lastly you should spray your plant with
fungicide whenever necessary. Remember to read the label carefully before
applying the product.

Pruning Your Plant

As mentioned above you should prune your black
calla lily regularly. Pruning encourages growth and improves flowering
performance. Moreover pruning promotes flower bud

Features To Look For When Buying A Black
Calla Lily

Callas are beautiful flowers that grow in many
different colors. There are several varieties of callas available today. Some
are very large while others are small. In addition to color there are two
main types of callas; single and double flowered. Single-flowered callas are
generally smaller than those with double blooms. Double-flowering callas are
typically taller and wider than single-flowered


The size of the flower
depends upon the variety. Most callas are between 3 inches and 5 inches tall.
However some varieties can be quite large. The largest callas are called
“giant” callas. Giant callas can reach heights of 10 inches or


There are many different
colors of callas. White pink red orange yellow purple blue green brown gray
cream and silver are among the most popular colors. Callas can range in color
from light to dark shades. Many callas are white pink or lavender. Others are
darker in color.


Some callas
produce only one type of bloom. Other callas produce both single and double
blossoms. Double-blossomed callas are commonly known as “double
flowered.” Single-bloomed callas are referred to as “single

Bloom Time

Most callas
begin flowering around mid-spring. However some varieties start blooming
later in spring. Callas can continue producing flowers throughout summer and
into fall.


Many callas have
leaves that resemble grass blades. Callas are sometimes confused with grass
because they share similar foliage. But unlike grass callas have no stems.
Instead they have long stalks that carry the flowers above


Callas are fragrant
plants. Their scent varies depending on the

Different Types of Callas Lily

lilies are popular plants because of their beautiful flowers. There are many
different varieties of these flowers each with its own unique
characteristics. Some of the most common types include; single-petal
double-petal and multi-colored. Each type has its own set of benefits and
uses. Here are some examples of the different types of callas

Single Petaled Callas Lilies – Single petaled
callas lilies are very easy to grow. Their blooms last only a few days making
them perfect for indoor gardening. They are best suited for small spaces
since they require little room to grow. However they are still quite
attractive and can be grown outdoors during summer

Double Petaled Callas Lilies – Double petaled
callas lilies are slightly harder to care for than single petaled ones. They
take up more space which requires more sunlight. But they produce large
blossoms that last several weeks. Because of their long bloom period they are
ideal for outdoor gardens.

Multi-Colored Callas Lilies –
Multi colored callas lilies are extremely colorful. They are known for
producing bright red orange yellow pink purple blue white and green flowers.
They are hardy perennials that can withstand cold weather and drought
conditions. They are good choices for gardeners who live in areas where
winters are harsh.

Benefits of Callas

There are many reasons why callas lilies are
beneficial to homeowners. For example they are low maintenance and require
minimal water. They are also easy to grow indoors requiring no special
lighting or soil preparation. In addition they are available in a wide
variety of colors and flower patterns. Finally they are inexpensive and can
be found almost anywhere.

How To Grow Callas

To get started growing callas lilies you must
prepare the ground properly. First dig holes deep enough to accommodate the
roots of the plant. Next fill the hole with potting mix. Then carefully
remove the dirt around the base of the stem.

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