List of Top 10 Best Blues Hog Bbq Sauce

Bestseller No. 1
Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce (64 oz.)
  • From the Award-Winning Choice of Champions, Blues Hog has won "Best Baste on the Planet" 7x's, Gluten Free
Bestseller No. 5
Blues Hog Champions' Blend BBQ Sauce (64 oz.)
  • From the Award-Winning Choice of Champions, Blues Hog has won “Best Baste on the Planet” 7x’s, Gluten Free
Bestseller No. 7
Blues Hog Tennessee Red BBQ Sauce (64 oz.)
  • From the Award-Winning Choice of Champions, Blues Hog has won “Best Baste on the Planet” 7x’s, Gluten Free
Bestseller No. 8
Blues Hog Premium BBQ Large Sampler (Variety Pack of 5 with 4 Different Sauces and 1 Rub)
  • Blues Hog Smokey Mountain 16 oz.
  • Blues Hog Original 16 oz.
  • Blues Hog Dry Rub Seasoning 5.5 oz.
  • Blues Hog Tennessee Red 16 oz.
  • Blues Hog Honey Mustard 16 oz.
Bestseller No. 10
Blues Hog Smokey Mountain BBQ Sauce (24 oz. Squeeze)
  • From the Award-Winning Choice of Champions, Blues Hog has won “Best Baste on the Planet” 7x’s, Gluten Free

Buyer’s Guide

How to
choose the best Blues Hog Bbq Sauce

What Is The Purpose
Of A Blue Hogs Barbecue Sauce?

The blue hogs barbeque sauce
was created by my grandfather Walter Walton Sr. who started making his own
sauces back in the 1930’s. He began selling his products door-to-door and
eventually opened his first store in Memphis Tennessee called “Walton’s
Market & Grocery Store”. In 1946 he sold the business to his son
Walter Jr. and moved to Nashville where he continued to sell his sauces.
After several years of success he decided to retire and open another store in
Memphis. His wife Mary joined him there and helped run the store while he
worked part-time. She later became ill and passed away in 1972.

Does The Original Blue Hogs Barbeque Sauce Taste?

My family
has been using the same recipe since 1936. We still use the same ingredients
today. Our secret ingredient is our special blend of spices which gives the
sauce its unique flavor. My father always said that the best way to describe
the taste of the sauce is “sweet and

Where Can I Find More Information About The
Original Blue Hogs Barbeque Sauce?

I am proud to say that
the original blue hogs barbeque sauce is available nationwide at Walmart

The Importance of
Purchasing a Quality Blues Hog BBQ Sauce?

There are many
different types of sauces available today. Some are very good while others
are downright awful. There are those who swear by certain brands and there
are those who think nothing of using anything that comes in a bottle. So
which type of sauce is best? How important is it to get a high-quality
product? Is it worth spending money on a brand name? Does it really matter?
Let’s take a closer look at these questions and see why it matters to you
whether you go with a cheap or a premium brand.

Quality vs

It seems obvious that you should always pay attention
to price. However it isn’t quite that simple. In fact sometimes paying too
little for a product could actually end up costing you more in the long run.
For example if you buy a low-cost sauce and it turns out to be bad you’ll
probably throw away the whole container. But if you bought a higher priced
sauce you’d likely be able to return it and still get your money

Brand Names

Another factor to consider
is the brand name. Many people believe that a brand name makes a product
superior. While this is true to some extent it’s not necessarily the case.
Brands aren’t created equal. Some companies put a lot of effort into creating
a unique label design and logo. Others slap together whatever they can find
in a warehouse somewhere. As a result some products are far cheaper than


Some people argue
that ingredients are everything. They say that if a company uses natural
ingredients it must be better than its competitors. Unfortunately this
couldn’t be further from the truth. Companies can use synthetic chemicals to
create artificial flavors and colors. Even worse some manufacturers use
additives that are harmful to


Finally you should
consider storage. Most people store their sauces in the

Features To Look For When Buying Walton’s
Blue Hog Barbecue Sauce!

Walton’s Blue Hog Barbeque Sauce
has been around since the early 1900’s. The company was founded in Memphis
Tennessee and is still family owned today. Their sauces are famous for being
thick and sweet. In fact they claim that their sauces are thicker than honey.
They are known for making sauces that taste good and last

How Does Walton’s Blue Hog Barbecue Sauce

The flavor of Walton’s Blue Hog Barbeque Sauce is
very unique. It tastes like a combination of vinegar molasses and spices.
There is no doubt that this sauce is delicious. However there are many
different types of barbecue sauces available. Some are thin and watery while
others are thick and sticky. Walton’s Blue Hog Barbeque Sauce is a perfect
example of a thick and sweet sauce.

Is Walton’s Blue Hog
Barbecue Sauce Gluten Free?

Yes Walton’s Blue Hog Barbeque
Sauce is gluten free. All of their products are certified gluten-free. This
includes their sauces marinades rubs and seasonings.

Walton’s Blue Hog Barbecue Sauce Have Any Artificial

No Walton’s Blue Hog Barbeque Sauce does not
contain artificial ingredients. They only use natural ingredients to create
their sauces.

Are Walton’s Blue Hog Barbecue Sauces

Yes Walton’s Blue Hog Barbeque Sauce is kosher.
They follow strict guidelines set forth by the Orthodox Union

Can Walton’s Blue Hog Barbecue Sauce Be Used As An

Yes Walton’s Blue Hog Barbeque Sauce can be
used as an ingredient in other recipes. Just remember to check the label of
the recipe you plan to use it in.

Different Types of Blue
Hogs Barbecue Sauces

There are many different kinds of
sauces available for barbecuing meat. Some are sweet while others are tangy.
There are also those that are spicy hot and there are those that are milder.
The type of sauce you decide to use depends upon the kind of food you plan to
cook. For example if you’re cooking ribs you’d probably go for a sweeter
sauce. But if you’re making brisket you’d be inclined to use a spicier

The Basics of Making Barbecue

Making barbecue sauce is easy. All you need is salt
sugar vinegar spices and tomato paste. To begin mix together these
ingredients in a bowl. Then pour into a jar and store in the refrigerator.
Once you’ve got the basics down you can experiment with adding additional
flavors to suit your taste buds.

Start with a good quality
vinegar. Vinegar has a lot of flavor and makes a big impact on the final

Use fresh tomatoes whenever possible. Fresh
tomatoes contain lots of juice which gives the sauce its thick

Add plenty of garlic. Garlic is very flavorful
and goes well with most meats.

Try using smoked paprika.
Smoked paprika contains a lot of flavor and

Experiment with herbs and spices. Herbs and spices
give the sauce depth of flavor. Try experimenting with basil oregano thyme
rosemary sage cayenne pepper chili powder cinnamon nutmeg cloves ginger curry

Types of Barbecue Sauces

& Tangy – Sweet and tangy barbecue sauces are perfect for pork

Tangy – Tangy barbecue sauces are best suited for
beef dishes.

Spicy – Spicy barbecue sauces are ideal for
chicken dishes.

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