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Bestseller No. 1
Bottle Bash Outdoor Flying Disc Game Set – Disc Toss Game for Family, Adult & Kids, Backyard and Beach Game - Frisbee Target Lawn Game with Poles & Bottles (Beersbee & Polish Horseshoes)
  • PLAY EVERYWHERE: Great game for endless family fun in the backyard, active play at the beach or on a camping trip, competition in the college quad or tailgating, and more!
  • HOURS OF FUN: Teams of 2 players take turns trying to knock the bottle off their opponent's pole with the Bottle Bash 175g frisbee. Throwing team earns points if the opponent drops the bottle or disc. Scored to 21 points.
  • SET UP IN SECONDS: Snap aluminum poles together, stake into ground, place bottles on the poles and you are ready to play! Collapses quickly into carry bag for easy portability.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? Bottle Bash includes (2) telescoping aluminum poles with ground spike and scoring system, (2) durable plastic bottles (weight and balance of glass bottles), (1) 175g soft feel frisbee, and (1) carry bag. The Original premium quality Bottle Bash Game, don't accept imitations!
  • TOP ACCESSORIES: Step-up your Bottle Bash Game with the LED Kit (light-up bottles and frisbee), USA Kit, multi-surface bases for indoor or pavement play, and super-soft Limp Disc.
Bestseller No. 2
Bottle Bash America Stars & Stripes Accessory (Polish Horseshoes, Beersbee),Stars and Stripes
  • Play Bottle Bash, beersbee, polish horseshoes with America's Stars and Stripes disc and bottle set
  • High quality 175 gram disc with bold Red/White/Blue graphics
  • Poles NOT included, product contains (2) Bottles and (1) Disc
  • Two unbreakable bottles that weigh, look and feel like a real glass bottle
  • Bottles have bold Red/White/Blue graphics with convenient scoring chart
Bestseller No. 3
Poleish Sports Bottle Bash Multi Surface Bases for use with Standard Game Set (Pair)
  • Ideal for taking your Poleish Sports game to any hard surface like pavement or gymnasiums, indoor or outdoor
  • Simply release the soft surface spike on your game set and insert pole in multi-surface base
  • Fill with water or sand to add additional weight if desired
  • Includes (2) durable, light weight, multi-surface bases with built in cupholders
  • Fits conveniently in your mesh bag supplied with your game kit for easy transport and storage
Bestseller No. 4
Poleish Sports Bottle Bash LED America Stars and Stripes Accessory Does Not Include Poles (Polish Horseshoes, Beersbee), 10.5 inch Disc (522-NITE)
  • Play bottle bash, beers bee, polish horseshoes at NIGHT with America's "GET LIT ALL NIGHTER LED" Stars & Stripes disc and bottle set
  • High quality 190 gram "LED" disc with bold Red/White/Blue graphics
  • Two unbreakable bottles with internal "LED" that weigh, look and feel like a real glass bottle
  • Poles NOT INCLUDED, contains one disc and two bottles
  • Only waterproof and shockproof LED Frisbee & LED bottle on the market
Bestseller No. 5
Poleish Sports Bottle Bash Bottle Set,Yellow
  • Replacement Bottles
  • Official regulation size and weight
  • Replacement Bottles (set of 2) for Bottle Bash, Polish Horseshoes, Beersbee Flying Disc Game
  • Package Weight: 15.4 pounds
Bestseller No. 6
Bottle Bash USA Ultimate Soft Throwing Disc (Polish Horseshes, Beersbee)
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
  • Package Dimensions: 4.4 L X 24.5 W X 29.3 H (Centimeters)
  • Product Is More Durable And Long Lasting
Bestseller No. 7
Poleish Sports Bottle Bash USA Bottle Set, White, 754-USABottles
  • Play Bottle Bash, beersbee, polish horseshoes with America's Stars and Stripes bottle set!
  • Poles NOT included, product contains (2) America themed Bottles
  • Bottles are very durable and have the weight and feel of glass bottles
  • Red/White/Blue graphics with convenient scoring chart on the back of each bottle
  • Take your Bottle Bash Game to the next level, #Merica!
Bestseller No. 8
Carnival Learning Pt3 - Learn Colors with Monster Trucks and a Carnival Game for Kids
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Brain Candy TV (Producer)
  • English, Spanish (Playback Language)
  • English, Spanish (Subtitles)
Bestseller No. 9
Summer Vacation - Fun at the Beach
  • Dress up in stylish beach clothing & head to the beach!
  • Care for injured beach animals. Help them feel better!
  • Build the most beautiful sand castle & enter the sand castle competition!
  • English (Publication Language)
Bestseller No. 10
GoSports Tipsy Toss Game Set - Flying Disc Bottle Drop Yard Game, Yellow
  • TIPSY TOSS: Gather friends and family and throw it back to classic lawn games with Tipsy Toss; Full game set includes 2 target poles, 2 bottles, 1 flying disc and portable carrying case
  • KNOCK THE BOTTLE: Drop the other team’s bottle off the pole by hitting it with the flying disc to score; Points are awarded if the other team fails to catch the flying disc and bottle (full rules included)
  • EVENT DAY FAVORITE: Hours of fun with friends and family at tailgates, holiday weekends, cookouts, campsites, and more
  • ULTRA PORTABLE: Tipsy Toss is quick and easy to set up for fun on the go and neatly stores in the included compact carrying case

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best bottle bash

What is the Purpose Of A Bottle Bash?

The purpose of a bottle bash is to get rid of bottles that no longer serve a useful function. For example, if you’ve got a bunch of empty wine bottles sitting around, why keep them? Wine bottles take up valuable storage space and are generally considered trash once they reach their expiration date. So, rather than storing these useless bottles, throw them away!

How To Throw Away Empty Bottles Properly

There are several ways to dispose of empty wine bottles properly. First, you could recycle them into glassware. However, there are many different types of glasses available today, so recycling isn’t always possible. Another option is to donate them to charity. But be careful here because donating old wine bottles to charities can sometimes lead to fraud. Finally, you can toss them in the garbage bin. Make sure to check local regulations regarding throwing away empty wine bottles.

Bottle bashes are essential tools for anyone who enjoys drinking beer. Whether you enjoy craft beers or mass produced brews, there is no denying the fact that bottles are important parts of our culture. However, many people overlook the importance of purchasing a good bottle bash because they assume that cheap ones are fine. In reality, however, cheap bottle bashes aren’t worth using. Instead, invest in a high quality bottle bash that will last for years to come.

Quality Matters

Cheap bottle bashes are typically made of plastic which isn’t very durable. As a result, these products break quickly and require frequent replacement. Cheap bottle bashes are also prone to cracking and breaking due to poor construction. Because of this, cheap bottle bashes are only suitable for light duty applications. For example, they are best suited for storing empty bottles rather than emptying them into recycling bins.

High Quality Products Are Better Than Low Cost Ones

In contrast, high quality bottle bashes are constructed of metal and glass. Metal bottle bashes are stronger and heavier than those made of plastic. Additionally, they are designed to withstand heavy usage and abuse. Glass bottle bashes are also scratch resistant and shatter proof. Therefore, they are ideal for handling large amounts of liquid while maintaining their structural integrity.

Get One With Good Features

While most manufacturers include features such as adjustable height and tilt options, others go above and beyond. Some models allow users to adjust the angle of the base depending on where they plan to store the bottle bash. Others include built in shelves that allow users to stack multiple bottle bashes together. Still others include integrated lights that illuminate the interior of the bottle bash during night hours.

Consider Durability

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a bottle bash is durability. While inexpensive bottle bashes are generally sturdy enough to handle moderate levels of wear and tear, higher end models are crafted to be able to stand up to extreme conditions. For instance, some models are equipped with wheels that allow users to transport the product around the house. Other models include handles that allow users to carry the bottle bash wherever they wish.


Features To Look For When Buying A Bottle Bash

1) Durability –

The best bottles bashes are those which are sturdy enough to withstand heavy usage. Most of these products are designed to be used outdoors where there is plenty of wind resistance. However, if you plan to use your bottle bash indoors, then you must ensure that it has been tested for indoor durability. Some manufacturers claim that their product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use; however, we recommend testing it thoroughly before using it inside.

2) Strong Grip –

Most bottle bashes have grips attached to them. These grips allow users to hold onto the bottle bash firmly while bashing. Make sure that the grip is strong enough to support the weight of the bottle bash. In addition, check whether the grip is adjustable. Adjustable grips enable you to change the angle of the handle depending upon the size of the bottle being bashed.

3) Easy-to-Use –

Some bottle bashes require complicated steps to operate. Others are simple to use. Ensure that yours is easy to use. Check whether the instructions are clear and concise. Do not hesitate to ask questions if necessary.

4) Safety –

Always read the safety warnings provided on the packaging. Never attempt to modify the design of the bottle bash. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding safe operation. Use only the recommended tools and accessories.

5) Ease of Storage –

Store your bottle bash safely away from children and pets. Keep it stored in a cool dry location. Avoid storing it near heat sources such as radiators or stoves.

6) Price –

Price is always important. But, price alone does not determine quality. So, shop around for the best deal possible. Remember, cheap does not necessarily equate to good.

How to select the right bottle bash

There are many different types of bottle bashes available today. Each type offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the perfect bottle bash.

Look for a durable bottle bash that is capable of handling heavy loads. Heavy duty models are ideal for outdoor activities.

Check whether the bottle bash comes with a carrying case. Carry cases are useful for transporting the bottle bash

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