List of Top 10 Best Bread Toaster

Bestseller No. 1
Revolution InstaGLO R180B – NEW! 2-Slice, Matte Black/Chrome Touchscreen Toaster with high-speed smart settings for perfect toasting – Compatible with Revolution Panini Press accessory for crispy, melty sandwiches and quesadillas in your toaster!
  • FASTER – Patented InstaGLO technology reaches full glow in seconds, unlike conventional toasters, significantly reducing your wait time. The R180B also has an on-screen countdown timer and a happy finishing chime when your toast is ready.
  • SMARTER – Smart settings with internal sensors adjust toast time on the fly. Auto-lower-and-lift adjusts to the height of bread you select, so smaller foods don't get stuck. Crumb tray reminder alerts when you when it’s time to clean. And so much more.
  • TASTIER – InstaGLO crisps the outside without drying the inside, delivering the perfect crunch while leaving the inside tender and full of flavor. Intelligent algorithms adjust for optimal time, temp and placement of heat (different on the top and bottom of bread) for remarkable taste.
  • PERFECT TOAST IN 3 EASY TAPS – Select from 7 food types (Bread, Bagel, Large Bagel, English Muffin, Waffle, Toaster Pastry, and Panini Mode), choose fresh / frozen / reheat, then pick from 7 toastiness levels for the perfect shade. No more guessing games or double toasting.
  • NEW! PANINI MODE – The R180B includes a new mode for our Panini Press accessory. Use it to make melty sandwiches and quesadillas fast, easy and with less cleanup. (Panini Press accessory sold separately)
SaleBestseller No. 2
Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Long Slot Toaster, Reheat, 6 Toast Settings, Defrost, Cancel Functions, Slide Out Crumb Tray, Extra Wide Slots for Bagels Waffles, 4 Slice, Stainless Steel & Black
  • EXTRA WIDE 1.5" TOASTING SLOTS to fit extra thick slices of bread products such as Texas Toast, bagels and specialty breads.
  • 6 ADJUSTABLE TOASTING LEVELS to select the perfect browning shade for your bread. From slightly warm to dark and crunchy.
  • REHEAT & BAGEL FUNCTION allows you to easily reheat and warm breads quickly and the Bagel will conveniently toast only the center of sliced bagels.
  • CONVENIENT CANCEL BUTTON lets you quickly cancel and release the toast in the middle of the toasting cycle.
  • SELF-CENTERING GUIDES automatically grabs onto the bread when the lever is compressed, it centers the bread so each side is evenly toasted.
Bestseller No. 3
Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact Plastic 2-Slice Toaster, White
  • FUNCTIONS: This compact toaster is able to fit comfortably on your countertops while toasting bagels, toast and a preheat, defrost and cancel option
  • CAPACITY: Has 2 1.5-inch wide toasting slots for a wide variety of sizes
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: The 7-setting shade dial gives you control over the toasting shade and the slide-out crumb tray makes clean up easy
  • PERFORMANCE: Whether you want a thick toasted bagel to snack on, toaster pastries, or thin sliced bread for a healthy twist on croutons, the wide slots and high-lift carriage make it easy to toast every time
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding warranty policies – this product is BPA free
Bestseller No. 4
Elite Gourmet ECT-1027 Cool Touch with 7 Temperature Settings & Extra Wide 1.25" Toaster, 2 Slices, White
  • Extra wide 1. 25-inch slots for bagels and specialty breads
  • Six adjustable toast shade selector
  • Self-centering guides for even toasting
  • Drop down crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Convenient cancel/stop function
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector, Auto-Shutoff, Cancel Button and Toast Boost, 2-Slice, Red
  • Perfect for your favorite thick-cut bread or bagel: Extra-wide slots in this 2 slice toaster fit your favorite thick-cut bread, bagels, or anything else you want to toast.
  • The perfect toast every time: Make your toast exactly the way you like it with the convenient toast shade selector.
  • Auto shutoff: The auto shutoff feature and cancel button adds peace of mind to your busy mornings. Multitask without worrying about leaving breads or bagels cooking in the toaster.
  • Keep cords under wraps: Convenient cord storage keeps your toaster plug up and out of the way, making for safe and easy clean up and a clear counter.
  • Toast boosting technology: Lifts your toasted breads and bagels high when they're ready so you can easily retrieve them.
Bestseller No. 6
  • Dual control panels make this two toasters in one with smooth brushed stainless housing
  • Custom control: two 6-setting browning dials, dual reheat, defrost and bagel buttons with LED indicators
  • 1-1/2 inch - wide toasting slots, Extra-lift carriage lever, slide-out crumb tray and convenient cord storage
  • Instruction book included
  • Actual unit dimensions: 11.15" L x10.65" W x7.5" H
Bestseller No. 7
GE Stainless Steel Toaster | 2 Slice | Extra Wide Slots for Toasting Bagels, Breads, Waffles & More | 7 Shade Options for the Entire Household to Enjoy | Countertop Kitchen Essentials | 850 Watts
  • 7 SHADE SETTINGS - Enjoy a variety of toast options thanks to multiple shade adjustability that delivers 7 shades of doneness from lightest to darkest, satisfying everyone's preferences.
  • EXTRA WIDE TOASTER SLOTS - Accommodate various types of breads, pastries, waffles and bagels with wide slots that measure 1.38" x 5.50".
  • 2 SLICE TOASTER - A compact and efficient 2-slice toaster allows you to perfectly toast 2 slices of bread, both halves of bagels and more.
  • REMOVABLE CRUMB TRAY - Keep your toaster clean and free of crumbs with a pull-out tray that you can empty with ease.
  • ILLUMINATED BUTTONS - LED lights illuminate the toaster buttons to show you the setting you've chosen.
SaleBestseller No. 8
BELLA 2 Slice Toaster, Quick & Even Results Every Time, Wide Slots Fit Any Size Bread Like Bagels or Texas Toast, Drop-Down Crumb Tray for Easy Clean Up, Stainless Steel
  • 2 SLICE TOASTER: This toaster’s 750 Watt heating system provides quick, customizable results! 6-setting shade control with Reheat function for precise browning. Its elegant and durable brushed stainless-steel finishing is sure to brighten up any kitchen!
  • EXTRA WIDE SLOTS: This toaster features extra wide slots that easily fit thick bagels, artisanal breads, Texas-style toast and more! Self-centering guides ensure even browning & a high-lift lever allows for easy access.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: Reheat and cancel buttons for simple, convenient operation. Auto-centering guides for even toasting. Auto-jam and auto-shut off for added security. Specially designed to easily fit any kitchen countertop!
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Drop-down crumb tray makes clean-up easy! Built-in cord storage keeps countertop clutter to a minimum.
  • ABOUT BELLA: The kitchen should be fun. With BELLA It can be. We provide you with quick & convenient kitchen solutions to simplify your hectic life, including small kitchen appliances, cookware & housewares.
SaleBestseller No. 9
2 Slice Toaster CUSINAID Black Wide Slot Toaster 2 Slice Best Rated Prime with Pop Up Reheat Defrost Functions, 6-Shade Control, Removable Crumb Tray
  • Multiple Toasting Mode with LED Indicators: Defrost for toasting frozen breads; Reheat for reheat toast / bread without over-browning or burning it; Cancel for stopping all toast task
  • 6 Browning Setting & Evenly Toast: 6 Levels gives you light,golden and dark shade of toast. Heating wire on both sides of each slot toasts breads evenly, apply to all kinds of breads
  • Removable Crumb Tray & Cord Wrap: The crumb tray is easily to slides out which make cleaning easily and the cord wrap storage is right for your counter space
  • Compact Exterior & Fashion Design: Built with 18/8 brushed stainless steel and added with exquisite arc-shape design, popular and elegant design fit in with your kitchen
  • Safe to Use: Fire retardant material, free from your worry for daily use. Note:This toaster is not fit for bagels toasting
SaleBestseller No. 10
Toaster 4 Slices, DyBaxa Stainless Steel Toaster with 2 Slice Long Slots, 6 Browning Control, Removal Crumb Tray, Compact Countertop Toaster for Sourdough, Artisan Breads, Croissant, Muffins
  • Compact Space-saving Size Toasters: Dybaxa 2 slices toaster wide slots (10in*1.5in) is a compact and slim design that takes up minimal counter space. 4 slice toaster, perfect to toast 2 long slice like sourdough, artisan bread or toast 4 slice.
  • Easy Operation & Extra Warming Rack: The toaster features 6 toasting settings, so you can serve toast to everyone in the family the way they like it. Simply rotate the turntable to deliver perfectly golden effect bread in minutes. Tostadora de pan, you can keep bread warm/preheated Croissant on the built-in warming rack.
  • Multiple Function: The 4 slices toaster offers a variety of baking functions to enrich your baking options. The defrost function helps thaw frozen bread before baking to preserve its texture; The reheat function allows you to reheat bread without burning; and the cancel function helps stop the baking operation.
  • Easy Cleaning: The bread crumb tray slides out to simplify cleaning, while the power cord can be wrapped up and stored on the body to reduce cord clutter. NOTE: It is recommended to clean after each use, pull out the tray, dump out the crumbs, rinse the tray for a healthy and delicious breakfast.
  • Superior Quality: We are here to offer you only the perfect quality products designed to make your life easier. Stainless steel toaster, Lifetime Tech support provided, any questions, contact us without any hesitate.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best Bread Toaster

How to choose the best Bread Toaster

What is the Purpose Of A Bread Toaster?

Bread toasters are devices designed to toast bread quickly and evenly. Most models include settings for browning, lightening, and darkening the crust of the bread. Some models allow you to adjust the temperature of the oven while others automatically turn themselves off once the desired level has been reached. There are many different types of bread toasters available today including convectional, microwave, electric, gas, ceramic, induction, and infrared.

How Does A Bread Toaster Work?

The most common type of bread toaster uses heat generated by electricity to cook the bread. An electrical current passes between two metal plates which heats up the bottom plate. As the top plate moves closer to the heated bottom plate, the air inside the cavity becomes hot enough to cause the bread to rise. Once the bread reaches its maximum height, the cycle ends and the bread falls into the waiting basket.

Benefits of Using A Bread Toaster

Using a bread toaster saves time because there is no need to wait for the stovetop to preheat. In addition, using a bread toaster prevents burning the outside of the bread due to uneven heating. Finally, using a bread toaster reduces the risk of burns since the bread does not touch the burner directly.

Types of Bread Toasters Available Today

There are several different types of bread toasters available today including convectional, microwave, electric, gas, ceramic, induction, and infrared. Each type offers unique benefits depending upon the application. For example, convectional bread toasters are best suited for cooking large quantities of food. Microwave bread toasters are ideal for small amounts of food. Electric bread toasters are good for both large and small batches of food. Gas bread toasters are useful for baking larger loaves of bread. Ceramic bread toasters are excellent for making bagels and rolls. Induction bread toasters are perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with exotic foods. Infrared bread toasters are great for warming frozen meals.

Where Can I Find One?

Most major grocery stores sell bread toasters. However, you can also order online. Many websites specialize in selling bread toasters. Look around your local supermarket and see if anyone sells bread toasters. Ask friends and family members where they bought theirs.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Bread Toaster

Bread toasters are essential kitchen appliances which allow us to toast bread quickly and efficiently. However, there are many different types available today, each offering its own unique features and benefits. In order to ensure we get the best possible results from our bread toasting experience, it’s important to understand exactly why these devices exist and what they actually do.


One of the most common reasons people buy bread toasters is because they want to be able to enjoy freshly baked bread straight away. With traditional ovens, baking bread takes several hours and requires constant attention throughout the process. As soon as the bread has finished cooking, it needs to be removed from the oven and placed onto a cooling rack. Once cooled, it must then be sliced and served immediately.


Another reason people buy bread toasters is due to the fact that they require very little maintenance. Traditional ovens take around 30 minutes per hour to heat up and cool down, making them extremely inefficient. Even though modern bread toasters only last between 10-15 years, they still represent significant savings compared to traditional ovens.


Finally, another benefit of bread toasters is that they are incredibly portable. Most models fold flat into compact units, meaning they can fit neatly into cupboards or drawers. This makes them ideal for those who travel frequently or live in small apartments where space is limited.


There are two main categories of bread toasters – manual and automatic. Manual bread toasters involve placing slices of bread directly inside the machine and pressing start. Automatic bread toasters automatically detect whether the loaf contains holes and cut the bread accordingly. Both options produce excellent results, however, automatic machines are generally considered superior.

Before choosing a bread toaster, it’s important to think carefully about what type of bread you plan to bake. Some models are designed specifically for baguettes while others are suitable for white loaves. Other factors include the size of the bread slice (smaller slices require smaller toasters) and the number of

Features to Look For When Buying a Bread Toaster

Bread Toasters

Toast bread evenly

Easy to operate

Can be operated manually or automatically

Has adjustable heat settings

Comes with storage tray

Stays cool during operation

Doesn’t require electricity

Cheap to run

How Do You Know Which One Is Right For You?

There are many different types of bread toasters available today. Some models are designed specifically for making toast while others are meant to perform multiple functions. There are manual and automatic bread toasters which allow you to control the amount of heat applied to the bread. Most modern bread toasters include features such as adjustable temperature controls, timer options, and removable trays.

Which Type Are Best Suited For Home Use?

The best type of bread toaster for home use is probably the electric variety. Electric bread toasters are easy to set up and maintain. However, these units are generally quite large and bulky. Manual bread toasters are smaller and easier to store away. But, they aren’t nearly as efficient as electric ones. Automatic bread toasters are somewhere between the two. They are small enough to fit into most kitchens and they are fairly simple to operate. But, they still require a fair amount of maintenance.

Do You Need An Extra Tray?

Most bread toasters come equipped with a built-in storage container. This gives you the option of storing leftover slices of bread inside the unit itself. Alternatively, you could opt for a second tray. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing crumbs or pieces of bread.

Is Size Important?

Size isn’t everything. In fact, there are plenty of very compact bread toasters on the market. So, size shouldn’t necessarily dictate whether or not you get a particular product. Instead, think about what kind of functionality you’d like to see in your bread toaster. Would you like to be able to adjust the heat level? How important is ease of use? Does the machine need to be portable? All of these factors go towards determining the right sized bread toaster for your needs.

Are There Any Other Considerations?


Bread toast has been around since ancient times. In fact, bread was originally baked into loaves which could be sliced and eaten right away. However, today we enjoy many different kinds of bread toast including bagels, English muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls, pizza crusts, etc. There are several ways to cook bread toast depending on the type of bread being cooked. For example, there are two main methods of cooking bagel sandwiches – baking and broiling. Baking involves placing the sandwich inside a preheated oven while broiling uses direct heat applied directly onto the top of the bread. Other common methods include frying, grilling, microwaving, and poaching.

The most popular method of cooking bread toast is probably panning. Panning consists of heating oil in a skillet and adding slices of bread. Once heated, the bread is flipped over and placed on a rack to finish cooking. Another option is using a microwave oven. Microwave ovens allow users to quickly reheat food without burning it. Some models even allow users to defrost frozen foods. Finally, another way to prepare bread toast is poaching. Poaching involves submerging bread in boiling water. After 10 minutes, remove the bread and drain excess liquid. Then, flip the bread over and repeat the process.

There are many different types of bread toast available. Each kind offers its own unique benefits. Here are some examples of each type of bread toast:

English Muffin Toast

Cinnamon Rolls

Pizza Crust

Croissant Toast

French Toast

Sourdough Bagel Sandwich

Fried Egg Sandwich

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Cheese Pizzas

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookie

Apple Pie

Chocolate Chip Cookies


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