List of Top 10 Best Buddha Figurines

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25DOL Buddha Statues for Home. 12.5" Buddha Statue (The Moment of Enlightenment). Collectibles and Figurines, Meditation Decor, Spiritual Living Room Decor, Yoga Zen Decor, Hindu and East Asian Décor
  • TOUCH THE HEART - The first thing to notice about this beautiful Buddha, is the turquoise and gold ombre Lotus that sits atop his head – a unique hand painted finish, unseen on other statues. Sitting with the Bhumispharsha Mudra, this Buddha décor represents the moment of enlightenment beneath the Bodhi Tree and means “touching the earth”. A beautiful piece, with meaning and handmade craftsmanship.
  • HANDCRAFTED FROM STONE - Every Buddha in our Collection takes up to 60 days to create. Solid stone and resin are hand molded to produce a lightweight, but strong figurine. Each one is hand carved to produce the fine detailing, then hand painted by a team of specialist artisans over 2 weeks to ensure each layer, color, and finishing touch is free from smudges, and finished to look like a bronze statue.
  • SIZE & WEIGHT - This piece of spiritual décor sits 12.5” tall and 7.9” Wide. He weighs 2.2lbs, and fits in easily as part of your home décor, office décor or even the smallest boho bedroom décor. In a corner or as part of a buddhist altar, this Buddha - in his moment of enlightenment, fits your style.
  • COLLECT THE SET - This, is the moment of enlightenment. But what came before… and after? Complete the story of his journey with all 3 pieces of meditation art featuring Buddha in Dhyana Mudra and Abhaya Mudra (before, and after enlightenment). Simply click on our name 25DOL to meet them all. Also available, the compassionate Bodhisattva – Guanyin, seated atop a stunning lotus throne.
  • GIFT BOXED AND SECURE - We’ve also crafted our gift box to be a beautiful as the gift inside. Your buddha statue is wrapped in soft polyfoam to protect the paintwork and stone crafting during transport, so it will arrive in perfect condition to you, or whomever you choose to gift such a special piece too. And, should anything be amiss, you are eligible for refund or replacement. Namaste.
Bestseller No. 2
G6 COLLECTION Wooden Serene Sitting Buddha Statue Handmade Meditating Sculpture Figurine Decorative Home Decor Accent Handcrafted Gift Art Wood Hand Carved Oriental Buddha Anjali Mudra (12" Tall)
  • One of a kind & very detailed artwork
  • Asian inspired great decor piece for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining, bathroom, hallway, foyer, basement, patio, cabin, office, indoor, outdoor, interior, exterior, altar decoration, yoga studios meditation, spa
  • Size approximately 12" tall x 9" wide x 5" deep, 3 lbs weight. Hand carved from suar wood by Indonesian artisan
  • Makes a perfect present or wonderful gift for art lovers, Buddhist friends, relatives, loved ones, men, women. Or gift one for any holiday, Housewarming, Birthday, Christmas, New year
  • Due to hand finishing process, there may be slight variations in finish/color with each piece. G6 COLLECTION is a registered brand with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Our logo, brand, and slogan are all intellectual property of G6 COLLECTION
Bestseller No. 3
Top Collection Mini Shakyamuni Buddha Decorative Statue - Hand Painted Enlightened One Sculpture with Bronze Finish Look- 3-Inch Supreme Buddha Collectible Figurine
  • ✔️ EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP - Cast resin and hand-painted in a bronze-colored finish - gives a smooth and high-quality look without sacrificing the details.
  • ✔️ POCKET-SIZED - Measures 3 inches tall, 1.75 inches wide, and 1.25 inches long. Fits any corner on desk, car, or terrarium.
  • ✔️ PERFECT PRESENT - Packed in beautiful gift-box ready for any occasion. Ideal for Buddhist friends or relatives.
  • ✔️ DOUBLES AS DECOR - Also serves as a physical reminder to practice mindfulness and focused breathing - to bring more awareness, compassion, and wisdom into one's life.
  • ✔️ SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA - Known as "the enlightened one" or "the awakened" or the Supreme Buddha - a sage who founded Buddhism and its teachings. These teachings concern the quest for one's liberation from suffering and reaching enlightenment.
Bestseller No. 4
Kingzhuo Ceramic Little Cute Baby Buddha Statue Monk Figurine Buddha Figurines Home Decor Creative Baby Crafts Dolls Ornaments Gift Delicate Ceramic Arts and Crafts (Red)
  • Size: 6.8 cm/ 2.7'' in height, 8.7 cm/ 3.5'' in width. Hand crafted. Smooth and well made feel. Made of ceramic. Delicate details.
  • Unique display. Each one is unique. The statue will definitely bring you good mood when you see it. This beautifully crafted baby Buddha will receive lot of compliments from friends who visits your home. You can find other different style baby Buddha statues in Kingzhuo store to start a collection.
  • Features: cute style, looks vividly and lovely, the surface of the statues is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Suitable for various home decoration styles, can put in living room, bedroom, dining room, bookshelf, office desk, study, club etc. Also it is a wonderful gift choice.
  • Reviews from buyer: happy Figurine. Made well, the detail is amazing. Figurine is cute. makes me smile every time I look at him. hope it brings More luck, as it has already done. It is a keeper. Love him!
Bestseller No. 5
Top Collection Meditating Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Touching the Earth - The Enlightened One Sculpture in Premium Cold Cast Bronze- 9-Inch Supreme Buddha Figurine
  • ✔️ EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP - Premium sculpted cold cast bronze - real bronze powder mixed with resin. Hand-painted in bronze finish to give a high-quality antique look without sacrificing the details.
  • ✔️ COLLECTIBLE - Measures 9 inches tall, 6.25 inches wide, and 3 inches long. Perfect decor to display at home, in the office, or meditating room. Perfect size for a smaller altar. Great addition to any Buddha collection.
  • ✔️ UNIQUE PRESENT - Packed with molded Styrofoam in beautiful gift-box ready for any occasion. Ideal present for enthusiasts of Eastern deities and East Asian cultures. Also a great gift for Buddhist family or friends.
  • ✔️ SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA - The "Enlightened One" or the "Awakened One."
  • ✔️ MURDRA - Is a symbolic, ritualistic gesture used in yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism. The word is Sanskrit meaning “gesture,” “mark” or “seal.” Mudras are most commonly known as hand positions in yoga and meditation, which are believed to affect the flow of energy in the body and unblock chakras.
Bestseller No. 6
A Collection of Cutie 4 Smiling Buddha Laughing Buddha Statue Adorable Figurine 4 Lovely Little Buddha Cutest Baby Buddha Great Details Giftable Make You Happy (4 Buddhas)
  • A collection of cutie. ONLY FOUR Buddha, other accessaries are not included. Aquarium Safe: The Ceramic Figurine Statues can go in aquarium, they are safe enough for the fish, you can absolutely put them in the fish tank.
  • Quantity: 4. This collection includes Smiling,Green Happy,Purple Relaxing and Harvest Figurines. You will get Four Buddha Statues as shown in the picture.
  • Will definitely make you feel so happy and full of hope in this time. To hug life like the Buddha! Definitely a great gift for your family and friends. Someone who receives the Buddha will love them so much.
  • Size: Smiling: 6.8 CM/ 2.7'' in height, 8.7 CM/ 3.5'' in width. Happy: 7 CM/ 2.8'' in height, 8.2 CM/ 3.3'' in width. Relaxing: 6 CM/ 2.4'' in height, 10 CM/ 4'' in width. Harvest: 10 CM/ 4'' in height, 6 CM/ 2.4'' in width.
  • Adorable, super cute. What's not to Love about them! They will bring you good luck and happiness. You can start your Buddha collection now.
Bestseller No. 7
TIED RIBBONS Set of 4 Buddha Monk Statues Miniature Figurines Showpiece for Wall Shelf Table Desktop Car Dashboard Decoration Home Office Decor (Multi Color)
  • The Package Contains:- 4 Cute Buddha Monk Set.
  • This buddah figure is having detailed hand work, made of polyresin material and have beautiful hand work of skilled indian artist.
  • Ideal for show cases in homes or chidren room/table décor/car dashboards. Perfect for display on shelf of store.A nice gift.
  • All the raw materials are source the product is tested on the parameters of utility, longevity also strength.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: clean & dry cloth to remove dirt.
Bestseller No. 8
Houlu 12 inch Ceramic Buddha Statue, Sitting Buddha, Meditating Seated Buddha Figurine for Home Decor, Office Decor, Garden Decor, Indoor/Outdoor - Red
  • Beautiful Buddha Staute. The Buddha has his eyes half closed in meditation. The serene smile on his face symbolizes the Buddha's peaceful and calm nature.
  • A piece of fine art. Perfect for meditation, home decoration and outdoor decoration.
  • The ceramic Buddha décor sculpture is handmade by talented artisans. The quality is guaranteed!
  • Perfect size and lightweight for praying and for decoration. Height: 12 inches; Width: 9 inches; Depth: 6 inches. Weight: 2.3 lbs.
  • Perfect gift for meditative person or yoga lovers, or the spiritual person in your life.
Bestseller No. 9
Golden Resin Laughing Buddha Statue Collectible Gifts Feng Shui Decoration Figurines 6 Piece Set (Purple, 1.2in)
  • [Product size]: 1.7 * 1.7 * 3.0 cm, 0.7 * 0.7 * 1.2 inches. Total (approximate) weight: 0.4lb. (Due to manual measurement, there may be slight deviation)
  • [Product material] —Resin. Resin materials are environmentally friendly materials, and the products meet the export quality standards of the United States and Europe, and are harmless to humans.
  • [Smiley Buddha]-exquisite workmanship. Groups of six, express different forms of laughter. It is said that his inner smile is so strong that his entire face exudes a smile, which brings him happiness wherever he goes. It is said that his stomach has a lot of wealth, which will bring all the good luck and prosperity to the whole family, and the larger the abdomen, the more auspicious the image.
  • [Product Usage]-You can put it in your home or work area, or put it in your car. The Buddha laughing in the car always reminds us of wisdom, purity and kindness. As long as we always maintain wisdom and kindness, we can resolve all pain and disasters.
  • [Gift]-Laughing Buddha is a great gift choice for friends, family, colleagues, lovers, etc.
Bestseller No. 10
Seyee-bro Meditative Seated Buddha Statue - Thai Sitting Buddha Figurine - Manmade Jade Praying Buddha Sculpture for Home Outdoor Decoration
  • Specifications: Size is about 4.4 L* 2.6 W* 5.2 H inch. Weight is about 0.63 lb. (Note: Because of manual measurement, the size and the weight will be a little error, please understanding.)
  • Material: Made of high quality resin, which is environmentally , health and harmless.
  • Safe packing: 1pc in a inner box with strong polyfoam protect, Don't worry about damage in transit.
  • For Decoration and Gift: It's an excellent gift for anyone on any occasion like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween, Housewarming, Holidays, Corporate, Birthdays and more. Collectibles and Figurines, Meditation Decor, Spiritual Living Room Decor, Yoga Zen Decor, Hindu and East Asian Decor. Perfect for Buddhists and art lovers!
  • Buy with confidence. We will provide excellent service to every customer. If you have any questions or doubts or after-sales problems, please contact us first. We will do our best to make you 100% satisfied.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Buddha

What is the Purpose Of A Buddha

Buddhas are representations of enlightened beings
who have achieved enlightenment. In Buddhism there are many different types
of Buddhas. Some are historical figures while others represent universal
truths. There are also Bodhisattvas (or “enlightened being”) which
are spiritual beings who have attained Buddhahood but remain on earth to
teach others. Most Buddhist temples contain images of these Buddhas. Many
people collect figurines of Buddhas because they believe that collecting them
brings good luck and prosperity into their lives.

Should You Collect Buddha Statues?

Collecting Buddha
statues is a way to bring happiness into your life. People who collect Buddha
statues say that they bring peace and tranquility into their homes. They also
think that owning a Buddha statue will bring good fortune into their lives.
However most people who own Buddha statues say that they don’t really
understand why they collect them.

How Do You Know Which
One To Get?

There are several factors that determine
whether or not you should get a particular type of Buddha statue. First you
must decide what kind of Buddha you want. Are you interested in a historical
figure or a modern representation? Second you must decide where you want to
put your Buddha statue. Will you display it in your living room or bedroom?
Third you must decide how big you want your Buddha statue to be. How large
does it need to be to fit comfortably in your house? Finally you must decide
what color you want your Buddha statue to be. Does it need to match your

Where Can You Find Buddha

Most people who collect Buddha statues say that
they found them at fleamarkets antique stores yard sales thrift shops and
online auction sites. Others say that they bought them at local craft fairs
or art shows. Still others say that they got them from friends or

Are Buddha Statues Worth

Many people who collect Buddha statues say that
they aren’t worth the money they pay for them. They say that they could have
gotten the same amount of satisfaction for less money by spending their money
on food clothing or paying bills.

Is Buddha Statue
Collecting Good Feng Shui?

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality
Buddha Figur

Buddhas are considered sacred figures because
they represent enlightenment. In Buddhism there are many different types of
Buddhas. Some are depicted sitting cross legged while others are standing
upright. There are also representations of Buddhas who are meditating. Each
type has its own meaning and significance. For example the seated Buddha
represents wisdom and compassion. He is shown holding his right hand open
towards the viewer and his left hand holds a flower. His body posture symbolizes
the way he wants us to live our lives. The standing Buddha represents power
and strength. He stands tall with his arms crossed behind him. He looks
straight ahead with a stern face. He is showing us that we must be strong in
order to achieve success. The third type of Buddha is the meditating Buddha.
He sits still with his eyes closed. He is concentrating on achieving
enlightenment. He is trying to reach nirvana. Nirvana is a state where
nothing exists except God. All living beings aspire to become enlightened. We
hope to attain enlightenment and escape from suffering. To accomplish this
goal we must practice meditation. Meditation is a process of focusing on a
single object. Buddhists believe that each person has a unique path to
enlightenment. Our individual paths differ depending upon our past actions.
Therefore we must take responsibility for our actions. We cannot blame anyone
else for our misfortunes. We must learn to forgive ourselves and others. Only
then can we truly understand the true nature of

How Do You Know Which Type Of Buddha Figure You

There are three main categories of Buddha figures.
First there are those which depict the historical Buddha. Second there are
those which portray the Bodhisattva. Third there are those which show the
Jodo Shinshu sect of Buddhism. Each category has its own characteristics.
Historical Buddha figures are most commonly found in Buddhist temples.
Bodhisattvas are typically portrayed in paintings and sculpture. Jodo Shinshu
figures are usually painted on paper.

Which One Are You
Looking For?

Each figure has its own special qualities. For
example the historical Buddha is wise and compassionate. He teaches us how to
overcome obstacles and achieve happiness. Bodhisattvas are very patient and
kind. They teach us how to develop patience and tolerance. Jodo Shinshu
figures are peaceful and serene. They remind us to remain calm and focused
during difficult times.

Where Can You Find Them?Features
To Look For When Buying Buddhas

Buddha statues are very
popular today because they represent peace wisdom compassion and
enlightenment. Buddha statues are meant to be placed inside homes temples and
places of worship. There are many different types of Buddha statues available
including bronze marble clay plaster fiberglass resin stone and wood. Each
type has its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most
important features to look for when purchasing a Buddha


The size of the Buddha
statue depends on where it will be displayed. Smaller statues are good for
indoor display while larger ones are suitable for outdoor displays. Some
smaller statues are ideal for meditation purposes. Larger statues are perfect
for religious ceremonies and festivals. However there are no hard-and-fast
rules regarding the size of the Buddha statue. It all comes down to personal


There are several
materials used to create Buddha statues. Most commonly Buddha statues are
created from clay plaster fiberglass metal and wood. Clay is considered to be
the best material for creating Buddha statues due to its durability and ease
of molding. Fiberglass is another common material used to create Buddha
statues. Metal is also a popular choice for making Buddha statues. Wood is
another option for creating Buddha statues. All these materials have their
advantages and disadvantages. In general clay is the easiest to sculpt and
carve into shape. Fiberglass is easy to paint and stain. Metal is durable and
strong. Wood is light weight and easy to transport. Each material has its
pros and cons. So which material should you go with? It really depends on
your budget preferences and


Most Buddha statues are
painted in bright colors. Bright colors attract attention and draw people
towards the statue. Paint color options include white yellow red blue green
brown black gray silver gold copper and brass. White is the most popular
color for Buddha statues. Yellow is another popular color. Red attracts
attention and draws people toward the statue. Blue is also a popular color.
Green is a nice neutral color. Brown is a classic color for Buddha statues.
Black is a dark color that works well indoors. Gray is a cool color that
blends well with almost everything. Silver is a metallic color that looks
elegant. Gold is a shiny golden color that reflects light beautifully. Copper
is a warm reddish-brown color.

Different Types of Buddha

Buddha figurines are very popular among Buddhists
around the globe. There are many different kinds of Buddha figurines
available today. Some are made of clay while others are cast in bronze. Most
Buddhist temples have a collection of these figurines. Each type has its own
meaning and significance. Here are some of the most common ones.

of Gautama Buddha – This is the most commonly seen form of Buddha figurine.
It represents the historical figure who was born into human society. He
became enlightened and attained nirvana (the state of being free from
suffering). His teachings spread across Asia and eventually reached China
where he was known as Sakyamuni. In Japan his name is Kannon Bodhisattva. In
Thailand he is called Phra Pathom Chedi. In Cambodia he is known as Preah
Vihan. In Sri Lanka he is known as Mahasthamantha. In Burma he is known as
Maitreya. In Tibet he is known as Dorje Chang Buddha. In Nepal he is known as
Siddhartha Guatama. In India he is known as Shakyamuni. In Indonesia he is
known as Purnawarman. In Malaysia he is known as Parameswara. In Singapore he
is known as Guan Yin. In Vietnam he is known as Thich Nhat Hanh. In Laos he
is known as Luang Por Dhammajayo. In Myanmar he is known as Hsuan Hua. In
Cambodia he is known as Chenresig. In Thailand he is known as Amithaba
Buddha. In Laos he is known as Samathabhadra. In Burma he is known as
Wuntharashinshin. In Sri Lanka he is known as Ananda Metteya. In Mongolia he
is known as Khadagbaatar. In Korea he is known as Seon Myung. In Japan he is
known as Daibutsu. In Taiwan he is known as Fo Guang Shan. In Hong Kong he is
known as Kwong Yum San.

Statues of Gautama

This is the most commonly seen form of Buddha
figurine. It represents the historical figure who was born into human
society. He became enlightened and attained nirvana (the state of being free
from suffering). His teachings spread across Asia and eventually reached
China where he was known as Sakyamuni.

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