List of Top 10 Best Caravelle Watches

SaleBestseller No. 1
Caravelle Retro Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel with Blue Nylon Strap, Silver-Tone (Model: 43B167)
  • Styled for today with a retro vibe. Bi-colored bezel of navy and red matches the sophisticated striped NATO strap with silver-tone sliding clasp and buckle closure. Two-tone brushed and polished stainless steel case. Navy matte textured dial boasts fine cross-hair detail, date feature at 6 o'clock and luminous hands with red seconds hand.
  • Movement: 3 Hand Quartz, Date Feature with 3pc Wire Strap Buckle
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Water Resistant up to 50 Meters
SaleBestseller No. 2
Caravelle Dress Quartz Ladies Watch, Stainless Steel with Black Leather Strap, Silver-Tone (Model: 43L202)
  • Stylish and contemporary, showcasing Roman numerals on a silver-white dial. Stainless steel case with easy-to-wear black croc-embossed leather strap with buckle closure.
  • 3 Hand
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel
  • Curved Mineral Crystal
  • 30M Water Resistant and 3 Year Limited Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 3
Caravelle Sport Chronograph Mens Watch, Stainless Steel , Silver-Tone (Model: 43A145)
  • Modern yet highly functional, this chronograph features stainless steel case and bracelet with rich blue dial, luminous markers and hands.
  • Fold-over buckle closure.
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
SaleBestseller No. 4
Caravelle Dress Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel , Silver-Tone (Model: 43B158)
  • Stainless steel with black dial, features Roman numeral and stick markers, calendar.
  • Double-press fold-over clasp.
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 41mm
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
SaleBestseller No. 5
Caravelle Traditional Quartz Mens Stainless Steel Silver-Tone ExpansionLight Up , Silver-Tone (Model: 43C124)
  • Simple, classic, easy to read gets even easier to readin the dark. This style has a backlit feature that illuminates the dial and is activated with a pusher at 2 o’clock. Stainless steel case with a full Arabic parchment colored dial also features a military time inner track, day/date window, and luminous hands. Stainless steel expansion band bracelet for easy styling.
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Brand: Caravelle by Bulova
  • Item Package Weight: 0.5 pounds
SaleBestseller No. 6
Caravelle Dress Quartz Ladies Watch, Stainless Steel , Silver-Tone (Model: 43L203)
  • Stylish and contemporary, showcasing Roman numerals on silver-white dial. Stainless steel case and bracelet with double-press buckle closure.
  • 3 Hand
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel
  • Curved Mineral Crystal
  • 30M Water Resistant and 3 Year Limited Warranty
Bestseller No. 7
Caravelle Dress Quartz Ladies Watch, Stainless Steel , Gold-Tone (Model: 44L246)
  • Add sparkle to your style. 40 crystals embellish a gold-tone stainless steel case. Black mother-of-pearl three-hand dial and gold-tone stainless steel bracelet with jewelers clasp closure.
  • 3 Hand
  • Gold-Tone Stainless Steel
  • Crystals and Curved Mineral Crystal
SaleBestseller No. 8
Caravelle Modern Quartz Ladies Watch, Stainless Steel BangleDress , Silver-Tone (Model: 43L211)
  • Crystal rock dial
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 26mm
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
SaleBestseller No. 9
Caravelle Modern Quartz Ladies Watch, Stainless Steel Crystal , Black (Model: 45L171)
  • Mesmerizing black crystal dial in black IP stainless steel with 60 brilliant crystals on the bezel. Also features second hand, and double-pusher fold-over buckle.
  • 3 Hand
  • Black Stainless Steel
  • Crystal Rocks and Mineral Crystal
  • 30M Water Resistant and 3 Year Limited Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 10
Caravelle Sport Chronograph Ladies Watch, Ceramic , Two-Tone (Model: 45L174)
  • Stylish white ceramic chronograph with rose-gold finish accents adds the right touch of softness to this sporty watch.  Its features include curved crystal, patterned white dial, luminous hands, small sweep, screw back, and double-press fold-over clasp with safety lock.
  • 6 Hand, Chronograph, 24 Hour Time
  • Two-Tone Ceramic
  • Metalized Curved Mineral Crystal
  • 30M Water Resistant and 3 Year Limited Warranty

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best caravelle watches

What is the Purpose Of A Caravalle Watches

The caravale watch was invented during the 15th century. In fact, the word “caraval” comes from the French language meaning “to play cards”. During the 16th century, these watches became popular among sailors who needed reliable timepieces while sailing across oceans. At the same time, the caravales were being worn by wealthy merchants who wanted to show off their wealth.

How Does A Caravale Watch Function?

Caravals functioned similarly to pocket watches. However, unlike pocket watches which required winding each hour, caravals did not require winding. Instead, they relied upon gravity to keep track of time. To start the clock, the user would set the watch face to 12 o’clock position. Then, he would drop the watch into water. As long as the watch remained submerged, the seconds hand would continue to run. Once the watch reached 24 hours, the second hand would stop running. After reaching 24 hours, the watch could be removed from the water and readjusted to another time zone.

Types Of Caravales

There are two types of caravales available today. One type has a single dial, whereas the other type has multiple dials. Both types of caravales are still very common amongst collectors because of their historical significance. For example, the single-dial caravales are known as “single-hand” caravales. Meanwhile, the multi-dial caravales are called “double-hand” caravales.

Single Hand Caravales

These watches are simple yet elegant. Single-hand caravales typically have only one dial. Some examples include the Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster 300m, Breitling Navitimer, etc. Because there is no complication, these watches are relatively inexpensive. However, they lack versatility. Therefore, most single-hand caravales cannot be adjusted to different time zones.

Double Hand Caravales

This style of watch is more versatile than its counterpart. Double-hand caravales have two dials. Each dial represents a specific time zone. Thus, double-hand caravales allow users to adjust the time according to their location. Examples of double-hand caravales include the Panerai Luminor Day Date, Pulsar Moonphase, Zenith El Primero, etc.

Caravelle Watches

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Caravülle Watches

Caravelle watches are considered luxury watches because of their high-end features and craftsmanship. There are many different types of watch models available today, each designed to meet specific needs. Some watches are meant to be worn everyday while others are only suitable for special occasions. Regardless of which type of watch you decide to get, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a particular style. Here we discuss these important aspects of selecting a good caravülle watches.

Watch Size Matters

There are two main categories of watches – men’s and women’s. Men typically wear larger sized watches compared to women who generally opt for smaller ones. However, both genders can enjoy wearing either size depending upon personal preference. For example, a man could go for a large watch while his wife wears a small one. In addition, wristwatch sizing varies based on age. Younger individuals tend to wear smaller watches while those aged 50+ years old tend to favor larger styles. As a general rule, most adults between 18 – 40 years old wear medium sized watches.

Watches Are Made To Be Worn Everyday

Most watches are created to withstand daily wear and tear. Therefore, they are built to last longer than traditional jewelry pieces. Most watches are water resistant meaning they can survive being submerged in water for several hours. Other watches are waterproofed making them ideal for swimming or diving activities. Additionally, watches are constructed using stainless steel materials which prevents rusting and corrosion. Stainless steel is known to be durable and long lasting. Many watches are equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lenses which further enhances durability. Lastly, watches are manufactured using precision movements ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Quality Materials Make All The Difference

While the above mentioned characteristics are essential for creating a reliable watch, the material used to construct the watch itself plays a major role in determining its overall value. While leather straps are popular among younger generations, metal bracelets remain the choice of most adult males. Leather straps are commonly associated with fine dining establishments and upscale stores whereas metal bracelets are preferred by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Both options are acceptable choices however, the decision ultimately depends on individual preferences.

Aside from the aforementioned considerations, another factor that determines whether a person chooses a particular watch design is aesthetics. Different designs appeal to different tastes and personalities. For instance, sports fans love watches featuring bold colors and flashy

Features To Look For When Buying Caravélle Watches

The watch industry has been growing rapidly since its inception. With the advent of technology, there are many different types of watches available today. Some of these watches include digital watches, mechanical watches, quartz watches, etc. There are several features which must be considered while purchasing a particular type of watch. Here we discuss few important factors to keep in mind while choosing a watch.


It is very essential to check whether the size fits your wrist comfortably. Most of the men wear watches around the size of 7-8 inches whereas women generally go for 6-7 inch sized ones. However, there are watches available in smaller sizes too. So, always ensure that the size suits your wrist perfectly.


There are numerous designs available in the market. From simple dials to complex patterns, each design offers a unique appeal. While selecting a watch, you must take into consideration the style of the watch along with the material used to manufacture it. In case you wish to get a classic yet modern look, opt for stainless steel models. Stainless steel watches are durable and long lasting. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and clean.


Another factor to consider while purchasing a watch is the material used to manufacture it. Different materials give different looks to the watch. Titanium watches are lightweight and strong. They are resistant to corrosion and scratch making them ideal for outdoor activities. Leather straps are another popular choice among watch lovers. Leather strap watches are elegant and classy. They are perfect for formal occasions.

Color plays a vital role in determining the overall appearance of a watch. Colors range from black, white, silver, gold, rose gold, blue, green, red, yellow, brown, pink, orange, purple, grey, tan, olive, light gray, dark gray, navy, burgundy, maroon, turquoise, aquamarine, fuchsia, lime, coral, magenta, lavender, mauve, lilac, chartreuse, teal, tangerine, pistachio, chocolate, caramel, coffee, mint, cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, grape, cherry, plum, apricot, peach, nectarine, persimmon, pomegranate, watermelon, pumpkin, kiwi fruit, mango, pineapple, banana, guava, fig, papaya, passionfruit, lychee, star fruit, lemon, lime, honeyd

Different Types of Caravélle Watches

The watch industry has been around since ancient times. In fact, there was a time where only kings could afford these luxury goods. Today, we see many different kinds of watches available in the market. Some of them are very simple while others are extremely complicated. There are several factors which determine whether a particular type of watch is suitable for someone or not. Here are some of those factors:

Material – Most of the modern watches are made using stainless steel. However, gold watches are still popular among men who love wearing jewelry. Gold watches are considered to be timeless pieces of art.

Design – Modern watches are designed according to the latest trends. For example, most women wear watches with thin straps. Men prefer watches with thicker bands.

Size – Watch size varies depending upon the person’s wrist size. Smaller wrists require smaller sized watches. Larger wrists demand larger sized ones.

Price – Price plays a major role in determining the kind of watch you go for. Cheap watches are generally cheaper than high end models.

Types of Caravélle Watches

There are two main categories of watches – mechanical and quartz. Mechanical watches are powered by gears and springs. Quartz watches run on batteries. Both of these mechanisms are quite complex and take years to master.

Patek Philippe Watches

These watches are

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