List of Top 10 Best Concrete Tray

Bestseller No. 1
MyGift 11-inch Modern Gray Concrete Round Bathroom Vanity Tray, Cologne and Perfume Tray for Dresser Top
  • 11 inch round cement vanity tray with sleek gray finish and raised edge to help keep contents secure
  • Great for displaying toiletries, hand towels, candles, jewelry, and much more
  • Ideal for storage in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen
  • Durable cement material adds luxury and sophistication to any decor
  • Approximate Dimensions: 1.5 H x 11.0 Diameter (in inches)
Bestseller No. 2
FREELOVE Concrete Decorative Tray, Perfume Organizer Jewelry Makeup Plate Cement Centerpieces for Vanity, Dresser, Coffee Table, Toilet Tank, Countertop, Bathroom, Grey, Rectangle 5.3''X11''
  • Concrete serving tray, clear water concrete, industrial loft decor. *Keep the original roughness of the concrete, with normal stains. * Will keep the traces of handmade and daily use. *Easy to clean the touch stains with kitchen detergent and dry with towel. *NOT WATERPROOF, PLEASE KEEP IT DRY DURING DAILY USE.
  • Concrete Art Decor, rectangle size, great decor for your home. Decorative trays for jewelry, perfume bottles, hair brushes, cosmetics, doll, artworks.
  • Natural appearance of concrete tray display as the seasons change. Because of the alkaline characteristics of concrete items, the surface of the product will show different shades of color due to the difference in temperature and humidity.
  • Concrete Aromatherapy Diffuser Tray. The concrete has the effect of adsorbing essential oils. Essential oils can be dropped on the surface of the concrete tray, long lasting fragrance.
Bestseller No. 3
BENTU Hui Grey Concrete Tray Mantle for Bathroom Accessories, Rectangle Small Stone Vanity Tray for Soap Dispenser, Decorative Cement Dish for Dresser Kitchen Counter Organizer (S)
  • ⭐Natural Concrete Material: The materials are mixed with concrete and construction waste (10-50%), without adding non-environmental artificial coagulants such as resin. Bentu insist on the pursuit of nature and purity.
  • ⭐Quality Production Process: The simple geometric composition of the tray is different from other stone trays on the market that use flat panels to enclose the adhesive, this tray uses a mold grouting process like the product is integrated. While satisfying the function of storage, users can't help but touch and feel the warm details of the product.
  • ⭐Multiple Uses: The concrete tray is perfect for the organization wherever you need it. It can be used in the kitchen to place condiment jars and dining tools; it can be placed in the bathroom to put toothpaste, toothbrush cups, etc.; it can be placed on the dresser to store your various cosmetics in an orderly manner; it can also be used on the dining table or coffee table Place a water cup, etc.
  • ⭐Anti-Slip and Stain Resistant: The bottom of the tray is affixed with EVA feet, which are non-slip and also protect the user's desktop from damage. The use of waterproof coating effectively protects against living stains, maintains the plain surface texture of fair-faced concrete and delicate beveled edges, and continues to sublimate a unique aesthetic experience in simple living.
  • ⭐Easy to Clean and Use: The natural concrete material is easy to storage and use anytime. Cleaning the tray is a cinch, just rinse with water and place in a ventilated place to dry naturally or wipe clean with damp cloth.Combining durability and luxurious style, they are the perfect addition to bathroom and bedroom accessories.
Bestseller No. 4
Concrete Oval Tray (Rose)
  • Handmade with concrete in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Please note there will be air bubbles due to the nature of the concrete, so no 2 will look the same.
  • Available in noir charcoal, nude and concrete; *colors may vary*
  • Dimensions: 7” x 3.75” x .5”
Bestseller No. 5
Blomus Decorative Tray Moon in Light Grey/Dark Grey + Various Sizes
  • Serve drinks or food containers - do not serve food items directly on tray surface
  • Available in 2 tones and 3 sizes
  • 1" x 11-13/16" x 7-13/16"
Bestseller No. 6
MyGift Modern Hexagon Shaped Dark Gray Wood Bathroom Organizer Vanity Tray for Perfume and Makeup, Jewelry Cosmetic and Perfume Tray
  • Modern dark gray cement hexagonal vanity tray adds contemporary beauty to any counter or table top
  • Organize your bathroom or bedroom, even office, entryway, or kitchen with this versatile tray that will compliment any setting
  • Stylishly store and display any small items or trinkets, hair accessories, jewelry, lotions, soaps, perfumes, or makeup
  • Keep on your counter top, dresser, vanity, or nightstand to keep all of your important personal items neatly corralled and accessible
  • Approximate Dimensions: 13.8 L x 10.4 W x 1.3 H (in inches)
Bestseller No. 7
MyGift Round Vanity Tray, 16-inch White Concrete Bathroom Countertop Tray for Jewelry, Toiletries and Candles
  • 16 inch concrete white round vanity tray great for adding luxury and sophistication to your bathroom storage and decor
  • Decorative tray is perfect for organizing jewelry, toiletries, hand towels, candles, cosmetics, and much more
  • Round concrete tray is ideal for storage and display on table and counter top surfaces in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen
  • Sleek and durable white cement construction blends well with a variety of decors
  • Approximate Dimensions: 1.25 H x 15.5 Diameter (in inches)
Bestseller No. 8
MyGift Modern Gray Tone Concrete Makeup Vanity Tray, Decorative Bathroom Organizer Tray for Cosmetic, Perfume and Jewelry, 2 Piece Set
  • Modern mixed tone concrete vanity bathroom organizer tray with a removable small white tray for a sleek and sophisticated storage solution
  • Great for displaying toiletries, cosmetics, beauty products, jewelry, and other decorative keepsakes on a dresser, vanity or bathroom counter top surface
  • Can also be used as a stylish way to serve guests snacks, appetizers, coffee, tea, and other food and beverage items
  • Smaller white tray fits perfect in the larger gray tray for providing different compartments, and can be easily removed when needed
  • Approximate Dimensions: Small - 1.0 H x 7.75 W x 4.5 D, Interior - 0.5 H; Large - 1.0 H x 13.5 W x 8.5 D, Interior - 0.5 H (in inches)
Bestseller No. 9
MyGift 16 Inch Concrete Bathroom Vanity Tray, Decorative Round Cosmetic and Jewelry Display Tray
  • Brings luxury and sophistication to your bathroom decor
  • Organize and display toiletries, jewelry, hand towels, candle and more
  • Ideal for storage in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen
  • Made with durable concrete material in natural grey finish
  • Approximate Dimensions: 1.3 H × 15.8 Diameter (in inches)

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Concrete

What is the Purpose Of A Concrete

Concrete trays are useful for many different
purposes. For example they can be used as a decorative item in your bathroom
kitchen or living room. They can also be used as a storage container for
small objects such as jewelry coins or keys. Finally they can be used as a
serving dish for food or drinks.

Useful In

Bathroom trays are very versatile. They can be
used as a soap dish toothbrush holder towel rack or even a stool. They can
also be used as a decorative piece in your bathroom. Many people enjoy
placing a beautiful flowerpot on top of a tray to create a focal point in
their bathroom. Another option is to fill the tray with stones shells or
pebbles to create a unique design element.

Useful As
Storage Containers

Storage containers are perfect for
storing small items such as jewelry coins or keys. They can also be used as a
decorative item in your bedroom or living room. Some people enjoy filling
these containers with seashells rocks or pebbles to give them a natural

Decorative Serving Dishes

can also be used as serving dishes. They are especially useful for serving
snacks beverages or desserts. They can also be used as a decorative item in
your dining room or kitchen.


There are many other uses for concrete trays besides
those listed above. For example they can be used as a plant stand a
candleholder or a vase. They can also be used as a planter for flowers or

How To Use Them

To use a
concrete tray you must first prepare the tray. First pour water into the
bottom of the tray. Then let the water sit overnight. Next remove the tray
from the water and allow it to dry completely. Once the tray has dried you
can begin decorating it. You can paint it stain it or cover it with fabric.
Make sure to seal the edges of the tray with a silicone caulk to ensure that
no moisture gets inside.

The Importance of Purchasing a
Quality Concrete Tray

Concrete trays are essential for many
different reasons. First of all they are very useful for holding small
objects while doing household chores. For example you could use a concrete
tray to hold a few pieces of paper while you fold laundry. Another reason why
you should invest in a good quality concrete tray is because they are
extremely durable. In fact these trays are designed to last for years. So if
you plan on using your concrete tray for a long period of time it is
important that you get a high-quality product.

How To
Select A Good Quality Concrete Tray

There are several
factors that you must take into consideration when selecting a concrete tray.
One of the most important aspects is durability. Durability refers to the
ability of a material to withstand wear and tear. Therefore you should select
a concrete tray that has been manufactured from materials that are strong
enough to resist breaking and cracking. Furthermore you should ensure that
the tray is easy to clean. Finally you should check whether the tray comes
with handles or not. Handles allow you to carry the tray around without
difficulty. Without handles you will be forced to lift the tray onto your

Benefits of Using a Concrete Tray

a concrete tray is beneficial for numerous reasons. Firstly it saves you
money. Because concrete trays are inexpensive you can afford to purchase
multiple trays. As a result you can store a variety of items in each tray.
Additionally you can stack the trays together to create a storage unit.
Lastly you can use the trays to display decorative

Tips For Choosing A Good Quality Concrete

Before making a final decision regarding which type of
concrete tray to purchase there are certain tips that you should follow.
First of all you should always read reviews online. Reviews give you insight
into the pros and cons associated with a particular product. Moreover you
should avoid choosing a cheap concrete tray. Cheap products are typically low
quality and lack durability. However you should not go overboard when
shopping for a concrete tray. Instead you should only purchase a tray that
meets your needs.

Features To Look For When Buying A
Concrete Tray

Concrete trays are perfect for storing small
objects. Whether you are looking for a decorative piece for your bathroom or
kitchen or a functional item for your garage there are many different types
of concrete trays available. Here are some features to look for when choosing
a concrete tray.

Size – Size matters! Make sure the tray
fits the object you plan to store inside. If you are planning to put a large
object inside be sure to get a tray that has enough room for it. Otherwise
you could end up damaging the object or breaking the tray

Material – Some trays are made of metal while
others are plastic. Metal trays are durable and long lasting. However they
can rust over time. Plastic trays are cheaper and easy to clean. But they
aren’t as sturdy as metal trays. So if you are going to be placing heavy
objects inside go with a metal tray.

Shape – Round trays
are ideal for holding smaller objects. Rectangular trays are good for holding
larger objects. Square trays are best for holding flat objects. Don’t forget
to check the height of the tray. Most trays are designed to hold objects
between 1-2 inches high. Anything taller than that will require a special

Color – Color is important too. Try to match the
color of the tray to the rest of your decor. If you are putting the tray
outside you may want to paint it to blend into its surroundings. If you are
going to be placing the tray indoors you may want to leave it natural. Just
remember that darker colors absorb light which can cause glare. Light colored
trays reflect light making them brighter and more

Durability – Durable materials last longer than
cheap ones. Cheap trays can break very quickly. Invest in quality products
that will stand the test of time. Be careful when selecting a product. Many
inexpensive trays are actually made of thin cardboard. While these trays are
lightweight they are flimsy and prone to tearing.

Cost –
Price isn’t everything. Quality trays are worth the money. If you are
purchasing a tray for a specific project make sure you compare prices. There
are many companies who sell custom trays. Ask around to see if anyone knows
where you can get a discount. Sometimes manufacturers give discounts to

Different Types of Concrete

Concrete trays are very useful for many purposes.
There are different kinds of concrete trays available in the market. Some are
designed for specific purposes while others are multipurpose. In this post we
will discuss different types of concrete trays and their

Types of Concrete Trays

There are
two main categories of concrete trays – plastic and metal. Plastic trays are
cheaper than metal ones. Metal trays are stronger than plastic ones. However
plastic trays are lighter and easy to carry around. So if you are planning to
travel frequently plastic trays are ideal for you. But if you plan to stay
put most of the time go for the heavier metal

Plastic Concrete Tray

These trays
are light weight and cheap. They are mostly used for storing small objects.
For example you can store keys coins jewelry etc. in these trays. These trays
are also good for storing plants and flowers because they allow air
circulation. These trays are also handy for storing toys and games. They are
perfect for kids’ rooms.

Metal Concrete

This type of tray is heavy and durable. It has been
used for years now. These trays are mainly used for storage. They are sturdy
enough to hold large amounts of stuff. These trays are best suited for commercial
applications. They are also used for holding tools and

Round Concrete Tray

This kind
of tray is specially designed for holding food. Round concrete trays are
generally used for serving food. They are also used for making cakes and
desserts. They are also used for baking bread. These trays are also used for
storing spices and herbs.

Bathroom Concrete

This kind of tray is specifically designed for
bathrooms. Bathrooms are always wet areas. So it is important to ensure that
there is no moisture accumulation inside the bathroom. Bathroom concrete
trays are made of stainless steel and glass. They are also anti-slip. These
trays are also dishwasher safe.

Grey Concrete

Grey concrete trays are commonly used for storing
shoes. Grey concrete trays are also used for storing clothes.

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