List of Top 10 Best Cotton Gauze

Bestseller No. 1
Medline 4 x 4 inch Gauze Sponges, 100% Cotton, 8-Ply Woven Non-Sterile Gauze (Pack of 200)
  • Medline non-sterile, 100% cotton, woven gauze sponges are ideal for wound dressings, wound packing and general wound care
  • C fold design helps minimize loose threads and lint
  • Gauze size is 4 x 4 inches, 8-ply
  • Easy-open envelopes are carefully sealed to prevent the intrusion of dust and contaminants
  • 200 Gauze Sponges per Pack
Bestseller No. 2
Cotton Gauze Roll-100% Crinkle Weave Cotton -6 ply-STERILE -Extra Absorbency - Medical Gauze Bandage -6 Rolls –4.5 Inches X 4 Yard - Latex Free -Each roll Individual Wrapped-Hospital Grade Quality
  • PERFECT FOR PRIMARY AND SECONDARY WOUND CARE DRESSING. This bandage wrap features a 6-ply crimped cotton cushion and an open weave fabric that provides perfect absorbency and aeration when applied into the wound, and a highly comfortable feel for a secondary dressing, helps keep the primary in place, and provides extra cushion to improve protection
  • HIGH QUALITY GAUZE ROLL – This gauze wrap is made of 100% pure cotton, and is latex free. This makes it the go to option for physicians for dressing  wounds. Cotton is one of the most absorbent elements in nature. Your wound will be dressed for a smooth  process
  • Highly Absorbent Sterile Wound Dressing- More absorbency then standard conforming bandage - Care for wounds safely and effectively. Our sterile cotton gauze bandage is ideal for scrapes, cuts, burns, stitches and surgical sites. This gauze roll is suitable for serious and minor wounds.
  • 6 Ply Crinkle Weave Fabric for Excellent Absorbency - Our stretchy gauze wrap is made with open weave fabric for excellent absorbency and aeration. More absorbency then standard conforming bandage. Safely bandage, wrap and dress wounds with this medical grade sterile gauze.
  • Latex Free, Hospital Grade Medical Gauze - AFFORDTEX gauze bandage rolls are clean, sterile and safe to use on wounds. This gauze bandage roll is non-toxic and latex free. Our surgical cotton roll is suitable for hospital and clinical, and home use.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Medpride 4’’ x 4’’ Sterile Gauze Pads for Wound Dressing| 100-Pack, Individually Packed Pouches| 12-Ply Cotton & Highly Absorbent| Gauze Sponge-Pads for Wound Care & Home First Aid Kits
  • PAINLESS REMOVAL: Made from non-stick materials, the Medpride gauze pads make for a comfortable and painless removal & switching. Furthermore, the soft quality of the 12-ply cotton is perfect for use even with delicate skin types, with no irritations.
  • 12-PLY FOR HIGH ABSORBENCY: Created with comfort and practicality in mind, our wound dressing pads feature a 12-ply cotton construction. Ideal for any small wounds, cuts, ulcers, applying ointments or prepping needles.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Our 100-pack sterile gauze pads come individually wrapped to ensure and protect their sterilization for as long as possible. The protective envelope can be easily opened by peeling from the designated spot, for greater ease of use.
  • COMES IN HANDY DISPENSER BOX: Each box of 100 pads can be used as a handy dispenser besides storage. Simply peel open the front and pull out as many pouches as you need at a time. Store it in your first Aid Kit or keep it always available in your bathroom for convenient use.
  • BEST VALUE PACK: Each box carries 100 cotton, sterile wound dressing pads making it one of the best deals on Amazon. Grab your pack today, store it in your First-Aid box and enjoy peace of mind as you are always prepared.
Bestseller No. 4
1000 PC (5 PKS) 2"X2" Non-Woven 4-Ply Dental Medical Gauze Pad, Non-Sterile All Purpose Gauze Sponges, 4-Ply Cotton Filled Sponges Provide Maximum Absorption
  • Surgical gauze sponge non sterile for a wide range of dressing cleaning and prepping procedures
  • Pouches packed in open trays for easy access
  • Packaged in peel-down pouches for convenient, aseptic handling
  • Superior quality with no exposed raw edges
  • 4-Ply Cotton filled sponges provide maximum absorption
Bestseller No. 5
Women Summer Scarfs Cotton Lightweight Large Long Gauze Shawl Beach Wrap Plain 75”×43” (White)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 80% Cotton & 20% Flax, Non-toxic and odorless. AZO free. It features a great gauze feel that super soft, comfortable and non itch. Lightweight and breathable.
  • EXTRA LARGE SHAWL: 75 X 43 inches(190X110cm), it is extra long and large scarves in current markets. The perfect length able to be used as a shawl, wrap, cover up, hijab, knotted ,twisted, wrapped or doubled around neck, head and shoulders in many different ways.
  • VARIOUS PLAIN COLORS: Multicolor scarves provide more choices and plain color scarf can be easily matched for any type of clothes, good adds perfection to make you more elegance and outstanding.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Scarves used as warm in winter and cool in summer. Effectively block the damage caused by UV direct contact with the skin in summer. Could be used for Evening, travel, beach, air-conditioned room.
  • IDEAL GIFT: Best gift for your lover your family and your friends. Each fashion solid color scarf great as Gift for birthday, Wedding, Christmas and New Year and Thanks-Giving.
Bestseller No. 6
Gauze Pads 2"x 2", JMU 8-ply Cotton Gauze Pads 200pcs Non Sterile for Medical Dental Use
  • Cotton Gauze: Created with 100% cotton, 8-ply thickness, cotton filled, highly absorbent, retains 10 times its weight of water
  • All Purpose: Great for wound dressing, exfoliating, scrubbing as well as cleaning of cuts/scrapes, and nice to use for nail polish remover and pet care
  • Comfortable: Had no lint problems, very soft and absorbent making for comfortable use even for those with most sensitive skin types
  • Non Stick: Non-sterile gauze pad doesn't stick to your wound when changing it out; Cotton filled sponge has significantly faster wicking ability that promotes a healthier healing environment
  • Value Pack: Our gauze sponge contains 200 cotton pads in each pack, grab your pack today, store it in your first aid box and enjoy peace of mind as you are always prepared
SaleBestseller No. 7
INTRINSICS 401423 Med-Esthetic 100% Cotton Large 12-Ply Gauze 4"x 4" - 200 Count
  • EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating texture, perfect to use for exfoliation services
  • SKINCARE: Use to cleanse the skin before waxing, during facials and skin care services
  • PURE: 100% pure, medical-grade cotton, no fillers
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Naturally hypoallergenic, biodegradable and compostable. Good for you and the earth
  • LARGE: 4"x4" size, opens to a large 12" x 12" single-ply sheet
Bestseller No. 8
Hospora Medical Elastic Cotton Gauze Roll, 4 Inches X 11ft-12ft Stretched Length with Individual Pack, Vet Body Hand Wrist Leg Injury swell Wraps, Gauze Bandages, 24 Units Pack
  • Premium material With NO Beatable prices on amazon marketplace. Hospora medical gauze roll contains 70% top quality cotton make gauze bandage has 23% more density compare to other brand.
  • Improved shelf life, Hospora gauze bandages Promised 5 years shelf life with sealed package, add to your first aid supplies and emt gear box, recommend by EMT, suitable for both human and vet care.
  • Special Process treatment for hospora gauze roll to provide 100% more Absorption efficiency, 58.6% more Breathability, 32% softer, great for sensitive skin
  • Contain Elastane: 30% elastic fiber for 180% and 200% elasticity, The gauze bandage is able to stretch out until 11-12 Feet, can be used as compression bandage
  • 20 years experience and Manufactured in FDA registered Facility, supply directly
Bestseller No. 9
1000 4 Ply 2x2 Inch Non Woven Sponges, Non Sterile Dental Gauze, Esthetic Wipes, 5 Packs of 200
  • SUPER SOFT FOR ADDED COMFORT: As a dentist, one of your biggest priorities is the comfort of your patients. Forget the days of those rough and scratchy post-surgery gauze pads that people always complain about, especially when they have to leave them in for dry sockets. These gauze sponges will improve the overall experience of your patients because they are made to be extra comfortable and soft.
  • BULK PACK OF 1000: Most dental offices go through gauze very quickly. As such, it’s always a better idea for dental clinics to purchase their sterile gauze cloth supply in bulk. Doing so saves money and prevents you from having to purchase gauze supplies as frequently. Our gauze sponges come in large 5-packs of 200, so you’re getting 1000 for an affordable price.
  • 4-PLY SPONGES: Absorbency is one of the most important factors in the gauze pad you choose. Your patients don’t want to be constantly having to replace their gauze. After oral surgery, you need a gauze sponge that can soak up lots of liquid. Our non-woven gauze pads are made of a fabric offering a dependable thickness, so they can hold much more than standard gauze.
  • LESS LINT THAN STANDARD GAUZE: Leftover gauze residue is unpleasant. Nobody wants flecks of lint in their mouth. Give patients the materials that they deserve. We pride ourselves on our high-quality gauze bandages that leave behind much less lint than alternative brands of gauze. Our gauze sponges are the best choice for your patients.
Bestseller No. 10
Intrinsics Petite Cotton 12-Ply Gauze - 2"x2", Med-Esthetic 100% Naturelle Cotton, 200 Count
  • EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating texture, perfect to use for exfoliation services
  • SKINCARE: Use to cleanse the skin before waxing, during facials and skin care services
  • PURE: 100% pure, medical-grade cotton, no fillers
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Naturally hypoallergenic, biodegradable and compostable. Good for you and the earth
  • Petite: 2"x2" size , opens to a 6" x 6" single-ply sheet

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Cotton

What is the Purpose Of Cotton

Cotton gauze is a type of medical bandage which has
been around since ancient times. In fact the word “gauze” comes
from the French word “gaze”. It was originally used to wrap wounds
and cover burns. Today cotton gauze is still widely used in medicine because
it is inexpensive easy to apply absorbent non-irritating and breathable. It
is also very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. For
example it can be used to treat minor cuts scrapes abrasions insect bites
blisters and burns. It can also be used to stop bleeding dress wounds and
protect broken bones.

How Does Cotton Gauze Help Treat

The main function of cotton gauze is to soak up
blood and fluids. It does this by absorbing moisture into its fibers. Because
it absorbs water quickly it prevents infection and promotes healing. It is
also useful for treating open wounds because it protects the wound from dirt
and germs while promoting healing. Cotton gauze is also helpful for
protecting broken bones and joints. It reduces pain and swelling and speeds
up recovery.

Is Cotton Gauze Safe To

Yes! Cotton gauze is safe to use. However it must be
cleaned regularly to avoid spreading bacteria and infections. Before applying
it to a wound wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water. Then rinse it
again with cool running water. Dry it completely before wrapping the wound.
Do not leave it wet for long periods of time. After washing it store it in a
dry place away from direct sunlight.

Can Cotton Gauze Be
Used As An Emergency Bandage?

Yes! Cotton gauze can be used
as an emergency bandage. Simply cut a piece large enough to fit the wound.
Wrap it tightly around the injury and secure it with tape. Leave it alone
until the wound stops oozing. Remove the gauze once the bleeding has stopped.

Cotton Gauze Have Any Other Uses?

Yes! Cotton gauze can be
used for many other purposes besides treating wounds. It can be used to
protect furniture clothing and carpets from spills and stains. It can also be
used to protect plants from insects and pests. It can be used to create
temporary tattoos fashion accessories and jewelry.

Importance of Purchasing a Quality Cotton Gauze

gauze is a versatile material that has many uses. It comes in different types
of thicknesses and widths. There are several ways to use cotton gauze. One
way is to use it as a bandage. Another way is to use it as a surgical
dressing. Yet another way is to use it as a protective covering for wounds.
In addition there are many ways to use cotton gauze as a decorative item. For
example you could use it to cover a gift box or package. You could also use
it to decorate a cake or wedding cake. Finally you could use it to create a
beautiful flower arrangement.

How To Use Cotton Gauze As A

One of the most common uses of cotton gauze is as a
bandage. However you must be careful when applying a bandage because too
tight a bandage can cause blisters. Therefore you must apply a bandage slowly
and carefully. First cut the desired length of cotton gauze. Then fold it
into thirds. Next wrap the folded cotton gauze around the injured part of
your body. Make sure that the ends of the cotton gauze overlap each other.
Lastly secure the bandage with medical tape.

How To Use
Cotton Gauze As A Surgical Dressing

Another popular use of
cotton gauze is as a surgical dressing. Before applying a surgical dressing
wash the wound thoroughly. After washing dry the wound completely. Then take
a piece of cotton gauze and lay it flat on top of the wound. Secure the
cotton gauze with medical tape. Leave the cotton gauze in place for 24 hours.
Remove the cotton gauze only when the wound begins to

How To Use Cotton Gauze As A Protective Covering For

Yet another popular use of cotton gauze is as a
protective covering for wounds. Take a piece of cotton gauze and fold it into
thirds. Lay the folded cotton gauze directly on top of the wound. Wrap the
entire wound with the cotton gauze. Secure the cotton gauze with medical
tape. Leave the cotton gauze in place for 48 hours. Remove the cotton gauze
only when the wound begins to heal.

Features To Look For
When Buying A Cotton Gauze

Cotton gauze is a versatile
material that comes in many different forms. There are several types of
cotton gauze available including medical grade surgical grade industrial grade
and household grade. Each type has its own unique properties and uses. In
order to select the right kind of cotton gauze for your needs there are
certain features that you must be aware of. Here are some of the most
important factors to consider when purchasing cotton


The first thing to think
about when choosing cotton gauze is the size. Most cotton gauzes are sold in
rolls. Rolls are typically around 10 feet long and 1 foot wide. Depending on
the application you may need a smaller piece of cotton gauze or a larger
piece. Smaller pieces are ideal for wrapping bandages and large areas while
larger pieces are perfect for covering entire tables or


Another factor to
consider when selecting cotton gauze is durability. Some cotton gauzes are
designed to withstand repeated washing and sterilization. Others are meant to
last only once. Industrial grade cotton gauze is generally considered to be
the strongest and longest lasting variety. However it is also the most
expensive. Medical grade cotton gauze is the next best option. Surgical grade
cotton gauze is the least durable and tends to wear out quickly. Household
grade cotton gauze is the cheapest and weakest form of cotton gauze. It is
suitable for light duty applications where strength isn’t


Some cotton gauzes
are washable while others aren’t. Washable cotton gauzes are easy to clean
and maintain. They can be washed multiple times without losing their
effectiveness. Non-washable cotton gauzes are intended to remain intact
throughout their lifetime. They cannot be cleaned and reused. Instead they
must be thrown away and replaced.


gauzes are strong materials. They are commonly used in construction projects
because of their ability to hold heavy loads. They are also useful for making
curtains and draperies. However they are not recommended for sewing due to
their tendency to


Depending on the quality
of cotton gauze prices vary greatly. High quality cotton gauzes are very

Different Types of Cotton Gauze

gauze is a versatile material that comes in many different forms. There are
several ways to use cotton gauze depending on its intended application. For
example there are medical gauzes surgical gauzes industrial gauzes and
household gauzes. Each type has specific uses and applications. Here are some
examples of each type of cotton gauze.


Medical gauze is commonly used to cover wounds and
sutures. It is available in both absorbent and non-absorbent varieties.
Absorbent gauze absorbs blood and fluids while non-absorbent gauze does not.
Medical gauze is typically sold in rolls and cut into smaller pieces. Some
brands of medical gauze include Johnson & Johnson Medline and Becton

Surgical Gauze

Surgical gauze
is used during surgery to protect the patient’s body parts. Surgical gauze is
available in two main categories: sterile and non-sterile. Sterile gauze is
packaged in sealed packages and must be opened prior to use. Non-sterile
gauze is packaged in unsealed bags and can be used immediately. Both types of
surgical gauze are available in a variety of colors and

Industrial Gauze

gauze is used in manufacturing processes where dust and dirt are present.
Industrial gauze is available in a wide range of materials including
polyester nylon rayon and spandex. Industrial gauze is most commonly found in
white blue green yellow red black and gray.


Household gauze is used to wrap around furniture legs
and appliances. Household gauze is available in a wide array of colors and
patterns. Most brands of household gauze are manufactured in China.

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