List of Top 10 Best Cross Pen

Bestseller No. 1
Cross Pen | Personalized Cross Coventry Ballpoint Pen. Custom Engraved By Dayspring Pens. (Black Lacquer)
  • Free name or message engraving included up to 25 characters and spaces max. Engraving shows up brass/gold color.
  • Authentic Cross Coventry Ballpoint Pen.
  • Geniune Cross Quality with lifetime mechanical warranty - Comes in a Cross pen box.
  • Ships out fast, in one business day, with your personalized message or name.
  • Cross Warranty, sold by an authorized distributor in Dayspring Pens. Makes a great personalized gift for women on the occasion of their graduation, retirement, birthday, or first job.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Classic Century 23kt Gold Plated Ballpoint Pen With 23kt Gold Plated Appointments
  • The original Cross icon has a new way to shine for Holiday 2021. Our Classic Century Ballpoint Pen, a best seller for over 70 years, will be offered with a Limited Edition 23KT Gold Plated finish. This key gift item targets fans of our popular gold filled/rolled gold collection that is temporarily challenged by supply chain issues.
  • Limited-Edition
  • 23KT Gold Plated finish and 23KT Gold Plated appointments
  • Refined pattern of incised lines
  • Can be engraved for personalized gift-giving
Bestseller No. 3
Personalized Cross Pen | Engraved Cross Century II Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen with Gold Trim 412WG-1. Custom Engraving by Dayspring Pens | Ships in One Day.
  • Personalized Pen: The Cross Century II is engraved with your gift recipient's name or a custom message of up to 25 characters. Engraving looks gold color.
  • Crafted with a Premium, Professional-Looking Finish: The Cross Century II ballpoint pen features a medium-slim barrel pen with black lacquer finish and gold appointments.
  • Constructed with High Quality Standards: To extend the 1.0mm black ink ballpoint writing tip, the pen uses a twist-action mechanism. Includes a Lifetime Cross Mechanical Warranty.
  • Shipped Fast with One-Day Engraving Time: Worry less about your gift arriving late with our super-fast production times. Get your gift well before you need it.
  • Gift-Ready Right Out of the Package: Arrives in a Cross premium pen case. Makes a great gift pen for men, women, corporate orders, employee appreciation, awards, and/or a graduation gift.
Bestseller No. 4
Cross Pen Set | Personalized Cross Coventry Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set - Lustrous Chrome. Engraved Custom Pen Set Shipped in One Business Day by Dayspring Pens.
  • A Luxury Chrome Pen Set with Custom Personalization: Have a name or message engraving included up to 25 characters. Engraving shows up brass/gold color.
  • A Pairing of a Personalized Pen and Pencil with Premium Finish: AT Cross Coventry ballpoint pen and 0.7 mm pencil with metal construction and lustrous chrome finish.
  • Chrome Cross Pen Set Constructed with High-Quality Standards: Solid feel and luxury-quality inner mechanisms offer a pristine writing experience at an affordable cost.
  • Makes an Incredible Personalized Gift for Everyone: Comes in a premium Cross pen case making it a great engraved graduation gift, or a custom gift for a birthday, first job, or even Christmas.
  • Reliably Smooth Writing Guaranteed for Life: Every Cross pen comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty and certificate of authenticity provided by the manufacturer in every gift case.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Cross Edge Matte Blue Lacquer Gel Rollerball Pen
  • Capless rollerball pen, available in purple, red, blue or black ink
  • Converts to ballpoint pen simply by changing refill
  • Innovative slide-open technology for single-handed operation
  • Punched-out logo detailing on clip
  • Premium Gift Box
SaleBestseller No. 6
Cross Calais Polished Chrome Ballpoint Pen
  • Chrome barrel with polished chrome cap and appointments
  • Swivel-action propel/repel feature
  • Specially formulated Cross ink flows flawlessly for a Superior writing experience
  • Includes one black medium Ballpoint refill (#8513) in pen (extra refills available in additional widths and colors)
  • Presented in a gift box
Bestseller No. 7
Cross Classic Ballpoint Pen
  • Ball point pen with gold-plated appointments provides smooth, consistent ink flow
  • Slim twist-action
  • Trademark conical tip
  • Manufacturer's lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Includes 1 Black Medium Ball-Point Refill (8513) in pen
SaleBestseller No. 8
Cross Bailey Medalist Selectip Rollerball Pen
  • Classic styling
  • Multi groove center ring with deep cut engraving
  • Rich lacquer finishes
  • Classic Corporate gift colors
  • Cross Premium gift box
SaleBestseller No. 9
Cross Bailey Light™ Polished Blue Resin w/Polished Chrome Appointments Rollerball Pen
  • Cross Bailey profile crafted in lightweight resin material
  • Glossy Blue finish with polished chrome appointments and Click-off cap
  • Exclusive gel ink rollerball formula that flows freely like a fountain pen
  • Includes one black gel ink Selectip rollerball tip (refill #8523)
  • Can easily be converted into a ballpoint pen or creamy porous felt-tip pen by simply changing the refill to the desired type of tip (refills sold separately)
Bestseller No. 10
Cross Pen | Engraved Cross Century II Medalist Selectip Rollerball Pen for Personalized Gift. Custom Engraving By Dayspring Pens with Name or Personal Message.
  • A Personalized Luxury Pen: Engrave a name or message up to 25 characters and spaces max. Engraving looks brass/gold color. Engraved fast in just one business day.
  • Premium Finish: Authentic Cross Century II Medalist rollerball with lustrous chrome finish and 23kt gold-plated trim. Its professional aesthetic stands out.
  • High Quality Standards: Medium point, capped rollerball with standard Cross brand black gel ink inside the pen. Water-based ink writes smoother and looks bolder.
  • Guaranteed for Life: A.T. Cross company offers a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty with certificate of authenticity in every premium pen box. Purchase with confidence.
  • Gift Ready For Any Occasion: Comes in a premium Cross gift box. Makes a special, presentable, personalized gift for a son, daughter, medical professional, or promotion.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best Cross Pen

How to choose the best Cross Pen

What is the Purpose Of A Cross Pen?

Cross pens are useful tools for writers who wish to create a crossword puzzle style grid.

The cross pen has been around since ancient times. In fact, there was once a belief that using a cross pen could cure illness. Today, we still see many different types of cross pens available. Some are designed specifically for creating puzzles while others are meant for general usage. There are several reasons why someone would want to own a cross pen.

It’s easy to use – Most cross pens are very simple to operate. Simply draw lines across the page where you want each word to go. Once done, fill in the blanks with words that fit into those spaces.

They are portable – With a cross pen, you can take your creation anywhere. No matter where you travel, you can always bring along your cross pen and continue working on your project wherever you happen to be.

How Do Cross Pens Help Writers Create Puzzles?

Using a cross pen creates a unique type of grid which resembles a traditional crossword puzzle. Each square represents a blank space. Words must be placed within the squares according to certain rules. To start, you begin filling in the top row of the grid. Then, you proceed to the next row, and so forth. As you complete each row, you can check whether the words fit correctly. If they do, you can mark the corresponding box with a dot. Otherwise, you can leave the boxes empty.

Tips For Using A Cross Pen

Use a pencil – Before starting to use a cross pen, you should sharpen your pencil. Sharpening your pencil ensures that you get a sharp point. Without a sharpened pencil, you risk scratching the paper during the process.

Start small – Start with smaller grids. Try making grids with 5×5 squares. After completing a few grids, you can increase the size of the grid. Eventually, you can scale up to larger grids.

Draw straight lines – Make sure that you draw straight lines. If you draw curved lines, you run the risk of getting crooked rows. Straight lines ensure that your finished product looks professional.

Cross pens are essential tools for writers who enjoy using fountain pen ink. However, many people overlook these important accessories because they think they’re only useful for those who love fine-writing. In fact, cross pens are perfect for anyone who wants to improve his handwriting skills. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a high-quality cross pen.

1) Improve Handwriting Skills

Writing with a fountain pen requires practice. Even though most people already possess good hand coordination, there are still certain techniques that must be mastered. For example, learning proper grip pressure and angle while holding the pen is crucial. With a cross pen, you can learn these techniques quickly and efficiently.

2) Save Money

Many people believe that fountain pens are too costly to own. While this is true, owning a quality cross pen is far cheaper than paying someone else to teach you how to hold a fountain pen properly. Not only does this save money, but it saves valuable time. After all, no one likes spending hours practicing a skill he could master in minutes.

3) Increase Productivity

Most people associate fountain pens with creativity. But did you know that fountain pens actually increase productivity? According to studies conducted by psychologists, fountain pens allow users to concentrate longer periods of time. As a result, they become more productive during meetings and presentations.

4) Make Writing More Fun

Fountain pens require a lot of effort to maintain. Because of this, many people view them as boring. However, with a cross pen, you can take advantage of its unique design to create beautiful calligraphy. Moreover, you can customize the nib size according to your preference. This gives you complete control over the way your words appear on paper.

5) Keep Your Pens Sharp

As mentioned earlier, fountain pens require maintenance. To keep your pen sharp, you must sharpen it regularly. Unfortunately, this process takes quite a long time. Fortunately, with a cross pen, you can avoid this problem altogether. Instead of wasting precious time sharpening your pen, you can simply replace the cap whenever needed. This ensures that your pen remains sharp throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

Features To Look For When Buying A Cross Pen

Cross pens are very useful tools for writers who enjoy using different colored ink cartridges. There are many types of cross pens available today, each designed differently depending upon its intended usage. Some cross pens allow users to switch between two colors while others only allow the user to change color. In addition, there are those which contain multiple pen tips inside the barrel. Here we discuss some features to look for when choosing a cross pen.

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Cross pens are very useful tools which allow us to cross our lines while we are writing. There are different kinds of cross pen available in market. Some of these include fountain pens, roller ball pens, gel ink pens etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s discuss each kind of cross pen in detail.

Fountain Pens

These pens are mostly preferred among students because of their features. Fountain pens are easy to carry around and are light weight. But there are certain drawbacks associated with fountain pens too. For example, fountain pens require frequent refills. Moreover, they cannot be stored inside pockets. Another drawback is that fountain pens are quite costly compared to others.

Roller Ball Pens

This is another popular choice amongst writers. Roller ball pens are generally cheaper than fountain pens. However, they lack many features offered by fountain pens. One major disadvantage of roller ball pens is that they run dry quickly. Hence, they must be kept away from water.

Gel Ink Pens

The most common form of cross pens today is gel ink pens. Gel ink pens are considered to be the best option for those who wish to get rid of the problems associated with fountain pens. In addition to being cheap, gel ink pens are also lightweight and portable. Furthermore, they last longer than other forms of cross pens. However, gel ink pens are known to leak sometimes. Therefore, care needs to be taken while using them.

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