List of Top 10 Best Decorative Spheres

Bestseller No. 1
Blue Turquoise Decorative Sphere Set of 3 - Blue Metal Band, Flower Antique Worn and Textured Metal Hollow Damask Ball
  • Set of 3 Blue Decorative Spheres
  • Blue Metal Band Decorative Sphere - Diameter: 4 1/2"
  • Blue Textured Hollow Metal Damask Ball - Diameter: 3 3/8"
  • Turquoise Antique Flower Deco Sphere - Diameter: 4"
  • Place several spheres together inside a large vase, an oversized clear glass jar, or a pretty bowl and you'll have a unique beautiful home accent design!
Bestseller No. 2
YIYA Black Decorative Sphere Set of 3 - Metal Ball Decoration - Metal Band Decorative Ball - Metal Ball Table Decor for Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Office Coffee Table Desk
  • MATERIAL: The decorative sphere is made of high quality metal with exquisite craftsmanship, durable and easy to clean. The metal ball has a chic shape and is a must-have decoration for every home. The size of each metal ball decoration is 4.3 inch * 4.3 inch.
  • METAL BALL DECORATION: You will get three black metal ball decorations. The metal band sphere is formed by coiling multiple metal bands, and there are hollows of different sizes on the metal ball. The design of the metal ball is very unique. When the metal ball is placed with other decorations, it is easy to stand out and attract the attention of the guests.
  • DECORATE YOUR HOME: Metal balls are great for filling large glass bowls, vases, baskets and more. Metal balls can be placed on the table as a centerpiece. With the sleekness and texture of a modern home, metal balls can breathe life into your home's bookshelf or tabletop and add a fun vibe to your room.
  • SUITABLE FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Metal balls are suitable for living room, bedroom, study, balcony, cafe, bar, etc. Metal balls can be placed on coffee tables, dining tables, shelves, TV cabinets, bookshelves, etc. Metal band decorative balls can also be used for Easter, Thanksgiving, weddings, anniversaries, engagement ceremonies, etc.
  • EXQUISITE GIFT: Beautifully crafted metal balls can be given as gifts to relatives or friends. Decorative spheres balls can be used as housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Easter gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, etc.
Bestseller No. 3
Small Gold Metal Band Decorative Sphere
  • Featuring a beautiful gold, this lattice metal sphere is perfect for filling large glass bowls, vases and more
  • Display it in your home for a simple, yet interesting touch
  • Can be used to compliment your current decor scheme or make it the focal point of the room
  • Diameter: 4 1/2 inches
Bestseller No. 4
18 Pack Decorative Faux Dried Moss Balls- 6pcs 3.1" Artificial Green Plant Mossy Globes+ 12pcs 2.2" Handmade Sphere Moss Hanging Balls for Home Garden Decors Party Wedding Display Supplies Photo Props
  • Different sizes: There are 6 pieces 3.1" and 12 pieces 2.2" decorative moss balls in our package, which can meet your needs of different sizes. When you are ready for decoration, you can apply both of the two size for better effect.
  • Perfect decoration: Our artificial green mossy globes can be used as table decorations, vase filler, mixture of Christmas ornaments or potpourris, adding immortal greenery and right accent to your room especially in winter, making your house more natural and beautiful.
  • Premium material: The handmade moss balls are made of lightweight foam and artificial moss, which is easy to hang with a rope and beautiful in appearance. Besides, the faux green moss will not fade easily, keeping in best condition for a long time.
  • Hangable Design: Our faux dried moss ball is easy to hang, with at most 6 ounces in weight. Just punch a hole in the foam ball and through it with a rope. It can be hung in anywhere you want, such as ceiling and swing.
  • Easy to clean:The mossy ball ornament is very dirty-resistant and generally does not require much care. When you want to clean it, just take a dry rag or paper towel and gently pat the surface.
Bestseller No. 5
Black & Gold Iron Sphere - 7 inches - Decorative Bands Metal Sculpture - Modern Home Decor Accents - Tabletop Decorations for Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom - Centerpiece for Coffee Table, Side Tables
  • SPRUCE UP YOUR TABLETOP - Style up your home with our gold and black decor accents. This sphere decor piece breathes new life into an otherwise dull or plain surface or shelf in your living space.
  • MODERN HOME DECOR ACCESSORIES - Add a flair of modern elegance to any room with these balls for table decor. Each of our 6.82x6.82x6.25-inch decor balls makes a fine contemporary centerpiece.
  • VERSATILE HOME DECOR ACCENT ORBS - These decorative spheres for home decor can be used as coffee table decorative accents or shelf decorations. Place them in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen!
  • EXQUISITELY CRAFTED - These black accent decor pieces feature iron bands with breathtaking touches of gold. The color scheme gives these decorative balls for home decor a luxurious, high-end vibe.
  • A FINE HOUSEWARMING PRESENT - A modern contemporary home decor piece like this makes a great gift choice for housewarming parties or special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthdays.
Bestseller No. 6
CIR OASES 9pcs 3.5Inch Fall Decorative Ball Orb Rattan Ball Rattan Woven Orbs Spherical Bowl and Vase Filler for Home Party Wedding Display Decor Props
  • 1.Size :each ball's diameter measures 3~ 3.5inch,These Orbs Vase Fillers are handmade,the size of each ball may be a little different.
  • 2.Package includes: 9pcs decorative balls, moss ball,mixed brown white, assorted rattan wicker balls orb grapevine ball, Natural Woven Twig Rattan and cotton ball.(Not including the black bowl)
  • 3.Material: natural materials, high-quality rattan and natural corn husks, hemp rope, cotton, decorative balls add a more natural feeling to your decoration
  • 4.Multifunctional: These beautiful decor balls are very suitable for empty bowls, vases or baskets. It is worth noting that these balls can only be used indoors.
  • 5.Perfect as table centerpieces, vase bowl fillers, craft supplies, wedding, party and house decorations, Suitable for DIY craft project, restaurant's wall decoration.
Bestseller No. 7
3 Pieces Decorative Glass Orbs 4 Inch Glass Mosaic Sphere Balls Centerpiece Balls for Bowls Vases Dining Table Decor (Teal Blue)
  • MATERIAL: Decorative balls are made of polyfoam and strong mosaic glass.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: There are 3 pieces charming decorative glass balls.
  • PROPER SIZE: the diameter of the centerpiece decorative orb is about 4 inches.
  • LOVELY GIFT: Giftable decorative glass balls are perfect for all seasons decor, adds elegance to any interior style.
  • GREAT DECOR: Ideal for you to decorate many objects, such as tables, bowls, shelves, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and so on.
Bestseller No. 8
Deco 79 Farmhouse Jute Orbs & Vase Filler, Set of 4 4"D, Brown
  • Designed with a farmhouse style for that homey feeling
  • Crafted from resin and rope
  • These decorative orbs features a brown finish
  • Features knotted details with texture for an added dimensions on any surface space
  • Each item measures 4" x 4" in diameters and weighs 1 lbs
Bestseller No. 9
Antique Blue Metal Flower Decorative Sphere
  • Featuring a distressed blue on a unique flower design, metal sphere is perfect for filling large glass bowls, vases and more
  • Display it in your home for a simple, yet interesting touch
  • Can be used to compliment your current decor scheme or make it the focal point of the room
  • Diameter: 4 inches
Bestseller No. 10
Ka Home Black Porcelain Orbs Decorative Balls Small Ceramic Spheres for Centerpiece or Individual Use Ideal for Use in Tray Bowl or Basket Decor 3 inches Each Set of 6
  • Beautiful decorative balls make a great home decor accent, grouped or individually
  • Ideal in baskets, bowls or wooden trays for an easy stylish centerpiece
  • Smooth and glossy white porcelain orbs feature mixed black designs for added interest
  • Versatile decor accents fit traditional, Boho, global, eclectic and many other styles
  • Small ceramic spheres each measure 3 inches in diameter and come in a set of 6

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Decorative Spheres

Decorating your house with decorative spheres has become very popular these days. Spheres are available in many different materials including glass ceramic metal plastic stone and wood. Each material offers its own unique benefits and uses. For example glass spheres are perfect for adding light and sparkle to rooms while ceramic spheres are ideal for creating a warm atmosphere. Metal spheres are great for holding candles and lighting fixtures while plastic spheres are useful for storing small objects. Stone spheres are great for decorating outdoor spaces and natural stones are best suited for indoor settings. Wood spheres are versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors.

Spheres are most commonly used as decorations. However they can also be used as candle holders vases lamp bases planters flower pots and more. Some spheres are designed specifically for certain purposes. Glass spheres are excellent for displaying flowers and plants because they allow sunlight to shine through. Ceramic spheres are good for holding candles and lamps because they provide a stable base for the flame. Plastic spheres are great for storing small items because they’re easy to stack and store away. Wooden spheres are ideal for outdoor areas because they can withstand weather changes.

Most spheres are sold individually in stores or online. You can also find spheres in sets which include several types of spheres. For instance there are sets of ceramic glass and metal spheres. There are also sets of spheres that contain multiple colors.

Yes! Most spheres are dishwasher safe. In fact most spheres are manufactured using food-grade plastics. So you can put them right into the dishwasher along with dishes and silverware. Once they’ve been cleaned you can leave them outside to dry naturally.

Some spheres have special features that make them stand apart from others. For example some spheres are coated with non-toxic glazes that give them a beautiful finish. Others are designed to hold water or air bubbles inside.

Decorating your house with decorative spheres has become very popular these days. There are many different types of spheres available today. Some are made of glass while others are made of plastic. Each sphere type offers its own unique benefits. For example glass spheres are known to be durable and long lasting. However they are quite heavy and bulky. Plastic spheres are light weight and easy to handle. But they are prone to breakage. So which type of spheres should you get? Here are some tips to help you decide.


Glass spheres are generally heavier than plastic ones. Glass spheres are typically made of lead free crystal glass. Lead free crystals are lighter and stronger than regular glass. Because of this glass spheres are easier to carry around. Also because of their heaviness glass spheres are best suited for indoor decoration. While glass spheres are ideal for indoor decor they are not suitable for outdoor decorations. In fact glass spheres cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. Therefore if you plan to display your spheres outdoors you must opt for plastic spheres.

Size Matters

Spheres come in different sizes. Smaller spheres are perfect for small spaces. Larger spheres are good for large rooms. Generally speaking smaller spheres are cheaper than larger ones. Large spheres are usually sold in sets. Sets contain several spheres of varying sizes. Sets allow you to create interesting patterns and designs. However sets are usually pricier than individual spheres.


Some spheres are made of ceramic material. Ceramic spheres are extremely durable. They are resistant to heat and cold. As a result ceramics spheres are ideal for outdoor displays. However ceramic spheres are also very fragile. They are prone to breaking. Hence if you intend to display your spheres outside you must only buy ceramic spheres.


Most spheres are white in color. White spheres are inexpensive and easy to maintain. However white spheres lack depth. To give your room a deeper appearance you can paint your spheres black. Black spheres are ideal for creating dramatic effects.

Features To Look For When Buying A Decorative Sphere

Decorating your house with decorative spheres has become very popular these days. Spheres are available in many different materials including glass ceramic metal plastic stone etc. The most common material used today is glass because it is easy to shape into almost anything. Glass spheres are available in many different colors and designs. Some are plain while others have intricate patterns etched onto them. There are also colored glass spheres which are perfect for adding color to your decor.

Glass vs Ceramic

The main difference between glass and ceramics is that glass is breakable whereas ceramics are non-breakable. However both types of spheres are durable enough to withstand normal household usage. Glass spheres are generally cheaper than ceramic ones. But if you’re planning on using your spheres frequently then ceramic spheres are probably a better choice. Because glass spheres are lighter than ceramic ones they are easier to handle. Also glass spheres are more likely to crack than ceramic ones. So if you plan on storing your spheres inside a cupboard then ceramic spheres are the best option.

Size Matters

Spheres come in different sizes depending on the type of decoration you wish to create. Smaller spheres are ideal for creating small decorations such as flower pots vases candle holders etc. Larger spheres are suitable for making large decorations such as tablescapes wall hangings etc. In general smaller spheres are easier to manipulate and position. Large spheres require greater skill and patience to be placed correctly.

Color Matters

Colors play a major role in determining the overall appearance of your spheres. Colors range from black white gray brown red blue green yellow orange purple pink silver gold copper bronze Most spheres are available in multiple colors. Black spheres are commonly used for candles candlesticks lamps etc. White spheres are typically used for vases bowls plates etc. Gray spheres are good for creating neutral backgrounds. Brown spheres are useful for creating rustic settings. Red spheres are excellent for creating romantic settings.

Different Types of Decorative Spheres

Decorating your house with different kinds of decorative spheres has become very popular these days. There are many ways to decorate your house using spheres. The most common way to decorate your house with spheres is to hang them on the wall. But there are many other ways to decorate your house with spheres. Some of those include hanging them on the ceiling putting them inside vases and placing them on top of tables.

Types of Decorative Spheres

There are several different types of decorative spheres available today. Those include glass spheres ceramic spheres plastic spheres metal spheres and stone spheres. Each type of sphere has its own unique features and benefits. For example glass spheres are known for being lightweight and durable. Ceramic spheres are known for being strong and sturdy. Plastic spheres are known for being light weight and easy to handle. Metal spheres are known for being heavy-duty and long lasting. Stone spheres are known for being beautiful and elegant.

Glass Spheres

Glass spheres are among the most commonly used spheres because they are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Glass spheres are mostly used to create indoor lighting effects. However glass spheres are also used to create outdoor lighting effects. In addition glass spheres are used to create sculptures and art pieces.

Ceramic Spheres

Ceramic spheres are another kind of sphere that is widely used in decoration. Unlike glass spheres ceramic spheres are heavier and sturdier. Because of this ceramic spheres are mainly used outdoors. They are also used to create outdoor lighting effects.

Plastic Spheres

Plastic spheres are lightweight and easy to carry around. They are also cheap and affordable. As a result plastic spheres are widely used in decorations. They are especially useful for creating indoor lighting effects.

Metal Spheres

Metal spheres are generally large and bulky. They are also quite heavy. As a result they are best suited for making outdoor lighting effects. They are also used to create sculptures and art pieces.

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