List of Top 10 Best Door Kick Plates

SaleBestseller No. 1
SCHLAGE 515010 Satin Stainless-Steel Commercial Kick Plate, 8" x 34" , Gray
  • For interior and exterior door applications
  • Protects the bottom of the door from scuffing
  • Fits standard doors of 1-3/4 in. Thick
  • Stainless-steel construction provides durability
  • Coordinate with other stainless steel commercial products
Bestseller No. 2
Prime-Line J 4620 Door Kick Plate, 10 inch by 34 inch, Satin Aluminum
  • Designed for use on any swinging door to help prevent scuff marks or other damage
  • 10 in. x 34 in
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Satin aluminum finish
  • Used on a 36 in. door
Bestseller No. 3
Prime-Line MP4837 Door Kick Plate, 6 x 34 inch, Satin Nickel Aluminum, (single pack)
  • Solid aluminum construction with satin nickel finish
  • Net size: 6 in. x 34 in
  • For use on 36 in. wide doors
  • Installation fasteners are included with this item
  • For further dimensional information, please see the line drawing
Bestseller No. 4
Designers Impressions Satin Nickel 8" x 30" Kick Plate: 609391
  • Finish: Satin Nickel
  • Type: Kick Plate
  • Size: 8" x 30"
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
Bestseller No. 5
Prime-Line J 4617 8 inch x 34 inch Brass, Polished, Door Kick Plate
  • These kick plates are used to protect the bottoms of swinging doors from scuff marks and other damage
  • This kick plate measures 1/32 in. x 34 in. x 8 in. with custom sizes are available through special order from manufacturer
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Solid brass construction in a bright brass finish with removable PVC protective coating
  • Installation hardware included
Bestseller No. 6
Don-Jo 90 Metal Kick Plate, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, 34" Width x 6" Height, 3/64" Thick
  • Commercial kick plate
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Made of 3/64-inches thick metal
  • Measures 34-inches width by 6-inches height
  • Limited 1-year warranty
Bestseller No. 7
Prime-Line J 4703 6 inch x 34 inch, Aluminum, Door Kick, Polished Brass Plated
  • Designed for use on any swinging door to help prevent scuff marks or other damage
  • 6 in. x 34 in
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Polished brass
  • One piece aluminum
Bestseller No. 8
GALOFAY Door Kick Plate 6"x30" 1/8 inch Thickness Acrylic Decorative Plates Protector for 32 inches Front Doors, Black
  • Acrylic Door kick Plate: Acrylic sheet has high surface hardness. The door plate made of acrylic sheet can withstand the impact of daily door kicks. It will also protect your wooden doors and paint from being damaged by pets in the house such as cat or dog scratches etc.
  • Suitable for 32" Doors: The kick plate is 30 inches in length and 6 inches wide. We recommend using it for 32" doors. The thickness of 1/8 inch gives it enough strength without looking obtrusive.
  • Both Protective and Decorative: Thanks to the excellent color display of acrylic sheets, our acrylic door plate has beautiful color and a fashionable appearance. Use it to decorate your door while protecting it. The excellent weather resistance of acrylic material meets long-term use without deformation and discoloration.
  • Quick installation to protect your door: place the door kick plate level and center on the door surface, tighten the screws through the mounting holes, and then tear off the surface protection paper to complete the installation.
  • We provide 24 hours email customer service support. We are committed to providing buyers with quality service. Any problem we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.
SaleBestseller No. 9
National Hardware Brass Kickplate for Front Doors, 6"x30" Brass Door Plate for Exterior Doors Like Front, Back, or Garage Doors where a Kick Plate Will Add Protection from Mud and Scratches, N270-306
  • Kick plate for exterior doors like garage doors, back doors, front doors, and mud rooms that fits all both modern and traditional styles
  • Use this door kickplate to protect the finish on metal or wood interior or exterior doors
  • This front door kick plate is 6 inches by 30 inches
  • Plastic cover protects the metal kick plate finish during installation and includes screws
  • Aluminum material is anodized surface for extra durability
Bestseller No. 10
CQMMA Door Kick Plate 8" x 34" Suitable for 36" Doors, 12GA (5/64 inch) Thickness Al Alloy, White
  • 12GA Metal Kick Plate: Our kick plate size of 8" x 34" is suitable for 36 inches doors. 12Ga(5/64 inch) thickness metal plate is high strength ensures high-frequency use will not deform.
  • Made of 5056 Al Alloy material: Our kick plate choose 5056 aluminum alloy material, this material has the characteristics of high tensile strength and strong corrosion resistance. Can guarantee that long-term use will not be deformed and rusted.
  • Easy to install: 3 Step fast install the kick plate. Palace the kick plate level and center, then tighten the 12 screws and peel off the surface protector to install done.
  • Multi-color for choice: We have 3 colors to choose from. You can find them on our store front page.
  • Ensuring top quality is our number one priority. FBA ensures fast shipping and free return with a full refund. Our customer service team support 7 days and 24 hours customer mail service.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Door Kick Plates

Door kicks are designed to provide additional support for doors. They’re typically installed between 1/2″ – 3/4″ thick and are available in many different styles and finishes. Door kicks are commonly found in commercial applications where heavy traffic is common. In residential settings door kicks are most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens.

The primary reason why people install door kicks is because they provide added strength and stability to the door frame. Installing door kicks increases the structural integrity of the doorframe. Doors that lack proper support can be damaged by excessive force applied to the door. For example slamming a door too hard could cause the hinges to break or the lock mechanism to fail. Door kicks are also useful for preventing squeaking sounds caused by loose floorboards.

How To Install A Door Kick

Installing a door kick requires drilling holes into the wall studs. Once these holes are drilled screws must be inserted into the walls. Then the door kick is attached to the wall using lag bolts. Lag bolts are threaded metal rods that attach directly to the wall studs. Finally the door kick is secured to the door frame using mounting hardware.

Types Of Door Kicks Available

There are two types of door kicks available; solid and hollow. Solid door kicks are constructed entirely of steel. Hollow door kicks consist of a core material (usually aluminum) surrounded by a decorative outer shell. Both types of door kicks are available in several different thicknesses.

Door kicks are primarily used in commercial environments where there is high foot traffic. However homeowners can benefit from installing door kicks in their homes as well. Door kicks are especially helpful in areas where there is frequent movement of furniture. For instance door kicks are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Door kicks are essential components of any door frame. They provide stability and support for doors and frames. Without these supports doors could be damaged during opening and closing. In addition door kicks allow for easy access into rooms. Doors with no kick plate require a person to bend over to open the door which makes entering and exiting difficult. Door kicks are available in many different styles and materials including metal plastic and composite. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Metal door kicks are strong and durable while plastic ones are lightweight and inexpensive. Composite door kicks are a combination of both metal and plastic making them stronger than either alone. However they are heavier and more costly than either type of kick plate.

Metal Door Kicks Are Stronger Than Plastic Ones

Metal door kicks are typically constructed using steel and aluminum. Steel is very sturdy and durable while aluminum is lighter weight and cheaper. Both types of door kicks are suitable for most applications. Aluminum door kicks are generally preferred because they are easier to install and remove. Steel door kicks are sturdier and last longer. While installing a steel door kick you must drill holes in the wall where screws will go. Then you attach the screw to the back side of the door kick. Once installed you tighten the screw to secure the door kick in place. To remove the door kick loosen the screw and pull the door kick away from the wall.

Plastic Door Kicks Are Lightweight And Cheaper

While metal door kicks are heavy and bulky plastic door kicks are light weight and cheap. Most manufacturers sell plastic door kicks in sets of two. One set includes a top piece and bottom piece. The pieces fit together to form a complete door kick. Because they are lightweight plastic door kicks are ideal for small spaces. For example they are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. Another advantage of plastic door kicks is that they are recyclable. After installation you can throw them away rather than taking them apart and disposing of each individual part.

The door kickplate is a simple yet effective way to secure your front door. The main function of a door kickplate is to provide security while preventing intruders from entering your house. There are many different types of door kicks available today ranging from cheap plastic ones to high-end metal ones. Here are some features to look for when choosing a door kick plate.

Quality – Quality matters most especially when purchasing a door kick plate. Make sure that the door kick plate you’re going to get has been tested and approved by experts. Check its durability and strength. Also check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty on the product.

Material – Choose a material that is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Metal doors require a stronger kick plate compared to glass doors which only need a light push. Plastic door kicks are cheaper but they aren’t recommended because they break easily.

Size – Size is another important factor to take into consideration. Most door kicks are designed to fit standard sized doors. However there are some models that are adjustable and can be adjusted according to the width of your door. Adjustable door kicks are ideal for homes where the door opening is wider than usual.

Installation – Installation is very easy. All you need to do is screw the door kick plate onto the wall using screws provided by the manufacturer. Some door kicks include mounting brackets that allow you to mount the door kick directly to the door itself.

Price – Price is always a major concern when shopping for anything. But when it comes to door kicks price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. After all quality does matter. So shop around and compare prices before making a final decision.

Installing a door kick plate is pretty straightforward. First measure the distance between the top edge of the door frame and the bottom edge of the door jamb. Then mark the position of the hole in the center of the door kick plate. Next drill two holes in the door kick plate (one near each end). Screw the door kick plate into the door frame using the supplied screws.

Different Types of Door Kick Plates

There are many different types of door kicks available today. Some are designed specifically for doors while others are meant for walls. The most common type of door kick plate is the standard door kick plate which comes in two styles; flat and curved. Flat door kicks are typically found in homes where there is no wall behind the door. Curved door kicks are commonly seen in commercial buildings because they provide added security and safety. There are several advantages to using door kicks including providing additional support for heavy doors preventing accidental opening of the door and adding style to the room.

Flat Door Kicks

The most common type of door kick is the flat door kick. Flat door kicks are generally made of plastic and metal. They are easy to install and remove. Most flat door kicks include a hole in the center of the plate that allows air flow into the room. However these holes can be blocked by dust and dirt making it difficult to see inside the room. To avoid this problem you can cover the hole with tape or put a piece of paper over it. Another option is to get a door kick that has a window cutout. This way you can still view the room through the window but block the light from entering the room.

Curved Door Kicks

Another popular type of door kick is the curved door kick. Curved door kicks are ideal for commercial applications. They are very durable and can withstand high traffic areas. Curved door kicks are usually made of steel and aluminum. They are installed by drilling holes in the wall and installing screws. Once the screws are tightened the door kick is attached to the wall. Because they are curved they fit snugly around the door frame. This makes them extremely secure and prevents the door from being opened accidentally.

Door Kick Plate Installation Tips

Installing door kicks is simple. First determine whether you’re going to install the door kick on the outside or inside of the door. Next measure the width of the door and mark the location of the door kick. Drill holes for the screws and attach the door kick to the wall. Finally screw the hinges onto the door kick.


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  • 10 Cu Ft Refrigerator
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  • 10 Gauge Extension Cord
  • 10 Inch Planter
  • 10 Lb Weighted Blanket
  • 100 Ft Extension Cord
  • 100 Inch TV Stand
  • 100 Watt Led Bulb
  • 10000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 108” Curtains
  • 10×10 Pergola
  • 10×10 Pop Up Canopy
  • 10×10 Sheds
  • 10×14 Area Rugs
  • 11 Inch Cube Storage Bin
  • 110v Hot Tub
  • 12 Cup Coffee Maker
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  • 16x20x1 Air Filter
  • 16x25x1 Air Filter
  • 16x25x1 Furnace Filter
  • 18 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

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