List of Top 10 Best Electrical Contact Cleaner

SaleBestseller No. 1
WD-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray - Electronic & Electrical Equipment Cleaner. 11 oz. (Pack of 1) - 300554-E
  • Wd-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray - Electronic & Electrical Equipment Cleaner. 11 Oz.
  • Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray. Wd-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray Is Ideal For Removing Oil, Dirt, Flux Residue, And Condensation From Sensitive Electrical Equipment. This Quick Drying, Residue-Free Formula Is Safe On Metal And Plastic
  • Task Specific Solution. Wd-40 Specialist Offers Easy Solutions For Specific Problems. Wd-40 Specialist Line Is Designed With Industrial Strength Quality And Extreme Penetration For Your Hard To Solve Issues
  • Blast Away Debris. Blast Away Oil, Dirt, Flux Residue And Condensation From Sensitive Electronics And Electrical Equipment With Pinpoint Precision. It'S Ideal For Use On Printed Circuit Boards, Controls, Switches, Precision Instruments And Electric Panels
  • Safe To Use. This Precise And Specific Formula Is Safe To Use On Plastic, Rubber, And Metal. It Is 50-State Voc Compliant And The Smart Straw Technology Allows For The Ultimate Precision For Even The Most Sensitive Components
SaleBestseller No. 2
CRC 02130 QD Contact Cleaner – 11 wt. oz., Plastic Safe Electronics Aerosol Cleaner, Ideal for Sensitive Electronics and Electrical Equipment
  • CRC INDUSTRIES: A market leader that offers impeccably designed chemical solutions to maintain, protect and repair different marine, heavy-duty motor vehicles, industrial-grade engines, household tools and electrical equipment
  • QD Contact Cleaner: Helps to effectively eliminate dust, light oil, grease, and dirt from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. This cleaner evaporates quickly, leaving no residue behind, and is safe to use on all plastics.
  • FORMULA: QD Contact Cleaner evaporates quickly, leaving no residue behind and is safe to use on all plastics. Use where lower flashpoint cleaners are acceptable.
  • APPLICATIONS: This liquid contact cleaner is ideal for use on telephones, PCs, relays, edge connectors, tape heads, busbars, circuits, contacts, printed circuit boards, switches and breakers.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: QD Contact Cleaner is available in an 11 wt. oz. aerosol can. This product is NSF K2 Registered.
SaleBestseller No. 3
CRC 05103 QD Electronic Cleaner -11 Wt Oz
  • Quick drying, plastic safe formula leaves no residue
  • Ideal for applications where lower flashpoing materials can be tolerated
  • Helps prevent contact failure
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
SaleBestseller No. 4
Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT 5% Spray Contact Cleaner, 5 oz.
  • Cleans, protects, lubricates, and improves conductivity
  • Reduces intermittent connections, arcing, and RFI as well as wear and abrasion
  • Safe for use on all metal connectors and contacts and will not harm plastics
  • Dispensing Type: Spray
  • Volume: 5 oz
Bestseller No. 5
WD-40 - 300080 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray - Electronic & Electrical Equipment Cleaner. 11 oz. (Pack of 6)
  • WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner is ideal for removing oil, dirt, flux residue, and condensation from sensitive electrical equipment. Quick drying and residue-free
  • Cleans sensitive electric equipment. Quick drying. Safe to use on most plastics 1, rubbers and metals. 1 Test on plastic before using, and avoid adhesives, device screens, and keyboards
  • WD-40 Specialist offers easy solutions for specific problems. WD-40 Specialist line is designed with industrial strength quality for your tough jobs
  • Blast away oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment with pinpoint precision. It's ideal for use on printed circuit boards, controls, switches, precision instruments and electric panels
  • WD-40 Brand believes in creating high-quality products that will not fail in extreme conditions. Professionals rely on WD-40 Specialist to get the job done right
SaleBestseller No. 7
CAIG LABORATORIES DeoxIT D100L-2DB Brush Applicator, More Than A Contact Cleaner, 7.4mL, Pack of 1
  • Improves Conductivity without Shorting, Cleans, Deoxidizes, Lubricates and Protects, Reduces Intermittent Connections
  • Reduces Arcing & RFI, Reduces Wear & Abrasion
  • Ideal for applications in all industries; Audio/Video, Computers, Heavy Equipment, Automotive, Communications, Marine, Electrical, Energy, Photography, Security, Medical, Avionics, etc.
  • USES - ELECTRICAL: ALL Metal Connections; Batteries, Light Bulbs, Switches and Relays, Jacks and Plugs, Harnesses, Grounding Blocks, RCA jacks, XLRs, USB, HDMI, Ethernet, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Max Professional 2138 Contact Cleaner (VOC) - 11 oz.
  • Electrical grade
  • Fast drying
  • Safe on plastics
  • Circuit boards power tools batteries and electrical repair
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
SaleBestseller No. 9
CRC 05018 Lectra-Motive Electric Parts Cleaner - 19 Wt Oz.
  • non-flammable formula
  • dissolves grease, oil, dirt and wax
  • this aggressive cleaner is specifically for energized electrical equipment.
  • a unique alternative to 1,1,1 trichloroethane for degreasing applications
  • this item is not for sale in catalina island
Bestseller No. 10
BW-100 Non-Flammable Electronic Contact Cleaner Aerosol Spray - Safely Cleans Joycons, Keyboards, Computers, and More - Removes dust, Dirt and contaminants on Contact-Quick Dry | 4oz/114g | Pack of 3
  • Improves conductivity by blasting away dust and cleaning sensitive electrical equipment.
  • Prevent contact failure by regularly cleaning
  • Quick evaporation, and zero residue
  • Safe to use on rubber, metal, and most plastics. Compatibility test on small area is recommended before use
  • Extension straw attached for hard to reach areas enabling pinpoint precision

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best electrical contact cleaner

An electrical contact cleaner is a product designed to remove corrosion from electrical contacts. Corrosion occurs when metal parts become oxidised due to exposure to air moisture and heat. As oxidation increases the conductivity of the metal decreases which causes short circuits and eventually failure of the circuit. In order to restore the original performance of the component the corroded part must be removed and cleaned using an appropriate chemical solution.

Electrical contact cleaners contain chemicals that react with the oxide layer on the metal surface. Once the oxide has been dissolved the metal underneath becomes exposed and ready for re-soldering. There are many different types of electrical contact cleaners available; however most contain either acid or alkaline solutions. Acid based cleaners dissolve oxides by reacting with the oxygen atoms present within the oxide layer. Alkaline based cleaners dissolve oxides by dissolving the metal itself. Both types of cleaners require thorough rinsing to ensure complete removal of the corrosive agent.

The type of chemical solution used depends upon the material being treated. Most metals respond best to acidic solutions while others respond best to alkaline solutions. Some materials such as copper and brass cannot be cleaned effectively with either type of solution. Therefore these components require special treatment.

It is important to note that although electrical contact cleaners are safe to use they are not suitable for use around children or pets. Children and animals are particularly sensitive to acids and alkalies. Additionally electrical contact cleaners are flammable and therefore should only be handled safely.

There are several websites dedicated to providing information regarding the correct usage of electrical contact cleaners. One example is Here you will find detailed instructions on how to use electrical contact cleaners correctly.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Electrical Contact Cleaner

Electrical contacts are very important parts of our lives. We rely heavily upon electricity to power everything around us. From computers to appliances lights televisions cell phones and many others these devices require electrical contacts to function properly. Without proper electrical contacts we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the conveniences of modern technology. However there are times when electrical contacts get damaged due to improper maintenance. In order to ensure that your electrical contacts remain functional you must invest in a high-quality electrical contact cleaner. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality electrical contact cleaner.

1) Improves Reliability

One of the most common problems associated with electrical contacts is corrosion. Corrosion occurs when metal comes into direct contact with water. Over time this causes the metal to oxidize which makes the electrical connection weak and unreliable. To avoid corrosion you should regularly apply a good quality electrical contact cleaner to your electrical contacts. An effective electrical contact cleaner will remove dirt and grime from your electrical contacts while preventing future oxidation. With regular application you can expect your electrical connections to last longer and perform better.

2) Prevents Damage

Another problem that can occur with electrical contacts is short circuits. Short circuits happen when two pieces of metal touch each other causing sparks. Sparks cause damage to both the electrical contact and the surrounding components. Regularly applying a quality electrical contact cleaner will reduce the chances of short circuiting. As long as you maintain a healthy amount of oil between the electrical contacts you shouldn’t experience any issues.

3) Keeps Your Equipment Safe

Finally another reason why you should invest in a quality electrical contact cleaner is because it protects your equipment from fire hazards. Fire hazards can arise anytime you have exposed wires. Wires that are exposed to heat can become hot enough to start fires. Therefore it is imperative that you take precautions to prevent fire hazards. One way to do this is to cover your exposed wiring with a protective covering. Another method is to install a quality electrical contact cleaner on your electrical contacts.

Features To Look For When Buying An Electrical Contact Cleaner

Electrical contacts are found in many places around the house. From light switches to outlets these small metal pieces are responsible for turning electricity into usable power. Unfortunately these tiny parts get dirty very quickly and require regular maintenance. The best way to maintain your electrical contacts is to regularly clean them using an electrical contact cleaner. Here are some features to look for when choosing an electrical contact cleaner.

Size Matters

The most important thing to remember when purchasing an electrical contact cleaner is its size. Most cleaners sold today are designed to be placed directly onto the part being cleaned. However there are times where you may need to remove the contact completely. In those cases you’ll need a large enough cleaner to cover the entire piece. Also make sure the cleaner has a handle so you can carry it around while working. Some cleaners are too big to fit inside a toolbox or backpack.

Easy-To-Use Design

Another key factor to consider when selecting an electrical contact cleaner is ease of use. Many cleaners available today are difficult to operate because they’re either overly complicated or lack instructions. Make sure the cleaner comes with easy-to-follow directions and includes pictures showing exactly how to apply the product. Additionally check to see if the cleaner requires batteries or does not include them. Batteries are needed to activate the cleaner and provide the necessary heat required to melt away dirt and grime.

Comes With Multiple Applications

Most cleaners sold today only come with one application. While this works fine for smaller areas it isn’t ideal for cleaning larger objects. If you plan on cleaning multiple locations throughout your home you’ll need a cleaner that offers several applications. This ensures you always have the right amount of cleaner on hand for each task.

Does Not Contain Chemicals

Many cleaners contain chemicals which could potentially harm your family or pets. Always read labels carefully and avoid products containing ammonia bleach alcohol acetone or petroleum distillates. These ingredients can cause skin irritation respiratory problems eye irritations headaches nausea vomiting dizziness and fatigue.

Different Types Of Electrical Contact Cleaner

Electrical contacts are found in many places around us. From computers to phones these tiny devices allow electricity to flow between two different parts of our lives. In order to ensure that these connections remain strong they must be cleaned regularly. The best way to clean electrical contacts is using a specialized product designed specifically for the task. There are several different types of cleaners available each suited to specific needs.

Contact cleaner – Used to remove dirt and grime from electrical contacts. Most contact cleaners contain abrasive materials which scrape away the buildup of dust and grease. Some contact cleaners include chemicals to break down organic matter while others rely solely on mechanical action to get rid of contaminants.

Contact polish – Used to restore the original shine to metal contacts. Polishes are typically applied directly to the contact itself rather than being sprayed onto the entire circuit board. Many polishes contain waxes and oils which provide lubrication and reduce oxidation.

Contact deoxidizer – Used to neutralize oxides formed during normal operation. Oxide formation occurs naturally due to exposure to air and moisture. However excessive oxide build-up can cause corrosion and short circuits within electronic components. Deoxidizers are commonly added to contact cleaners because they effectively eliminate the problem.

How To Use An Electrician’s Tool Kit

An electrician’s tool kit contains everything needed to perform routine maintenance on household appliances. While most tools are sold separately there are certain tools that are included in kits. For example a multi-meter comes standard with most kits. Other tools that are included in kits include screwdrivers pliers wire cutters and crimpers. Kits are useful for those who wish to maintain their own equipment but lack the necessary skills to complete repairs themselves.

Types Of Wires

Wiring is essential to modern technology. Whether you’re building a house installing a security alarm or wiring a light switch wires are integral to everyday living. Wires come in numerous forms including copper aluminum and fiber optic cable. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

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