List of Top 10 Best Fight Shorts

Bestseller No. 1
Elite Sports NEW ITEM Black Jack Series Fight Shorts,Gray,Large
  • ✅ MATERIAL – The Elite Sports Black Jack MMA shorts also can be worn as No-Gi, MMA, BJJ, UFC fight shorts and other martial arts that you like. These BJJ shorts are made from lightweight high-quality microfiber fabric that will increase your range of motion and your performance by keeping you comfortable.
  • ✅ COMFORT – Elite Sports UFC fight shorts are lightweight and the ultra-soft microfiber fabric that does not resisted you at all, instead it lets you move freely. Comfortable fitting and elastic fit waistband are combined to give you the perfect fit and the fabric of our men’s MMA shorts is durable so there is nothing to worry about.
  • ✅ PUSH YOUR LIMITS - The tear-resistant microfiber fabric or these UFC shorts allows you to push your limits keeping you comfortable and free. Our grappling shorts are versatile and can be worn to train, spar, or competitions. These boxing, UFC, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, BJJ No GI shorts are perfect for different martial arts.
  • ✅ SECURE and DURABLE- The Black Jack MMA fight shorts have elastic waistband which is paired up with a drawstring closure that will keep these Jiu Jitsu shorts in place during intense training and fights. Now you can move freely with worrying about your MMA shorts falling during the match or sparring.
  • ✅ SIDE SLITS – The side slits stretch of these Jiu Jitsu shorts is so that you can move quickly with improved leg work. As there is no resistance and hindrance your movement hence your range of motion and flexibility increase. As a result of this your performance and focus on the game improves.
Bestseller No. 2
Venum Mens Pro Line Shorts, Red, Large
  • 88% Polyester / 12% Elastane
  • Ripstop" fabric: Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Velcro closure at the waist
  • Sublimated graphics
  • Screen printed logos
Bestseller No. 3
ROAR MMA Fight Shorts UFC Grappling Muay Thai BJJ Training Jiu Jitsu No Gi Wear (Small, Black)
  • Made of 100% Micro Fabric stretch Panels constructed shorts feature a large.
  • Ergonomically designed with unique texture and style, perfect for MMA.
  • Split out seams allow more kicking freedom while the black-trimmed waistband with Woven..
  • Adjustable Strap closure plus an internal drawstring to reduce shifting..
  • Multiple Flex Panels for excellent mobility. Long Term Money Back Guarantee. (Please Make Sure To Check The Size Chart Before Purchasing This Item).
Bestseller No. 4
FUJI - Baseline Grappling Shorts - Fight Shorts - Black , 34
  • Grappling Shorts: The FUJI Baseline series BJJ & grappling style board shorts are one of the most durable and comfortable grappling shorts you will find!
  • BJJ Shorts: The grappling shorts are ultra-lightweight and made from a 4-way stretch performance fabric
  • MMA Shorts: Features inside drawstring and a Velcro waistband enclosure for a secure fit
  • Black Grappling Shorts: The shorts offer 360-degree stretch flex panels and saddle gusset that allows for a full range of motion
  • Stretchable BJJ Shorts: Black grappling shorts, perfect for customizing with your club logos or sponsors. Jiu Jitsu shorts meet IBJJF regulations
Bestseller No. 5
Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Fit Workout Shorts (32 inch W, Silver)…
  • Just What You Need: Sanabul Essentials check all the boxes to get you started. Highly functional, form fitting, and a name recognized around the world
  • Fit Right In: Regular shorts stick out like a sore thumb in the gym, and don’t perform well during grappling. Our classic, uncluttered style and iconic Sanabul logo can be worn confidently on your first day, or when upgrading to a cleaner look
  • Designed to Perform: Less baggy with open seams and four way stretching gives you more range of motion and keeps fabric from getting caught in limbs
  • Built to Last: Reinforced stitching and seam protection will keep your shorts from easily tearing. Material treatment means they stay dryer and cleaner
  • Not Going Anywhere: A secure hook and loop closure system keeps these firmly on you, even after hours of hard use
Bestseller No. 6
Hayabusa Hexagon Mid-Thigh Fight Short - Black, Large
  • Hybrid Training Optimized: Uniting the fit/feel of both kickboxing and boardshorts with a wide range of motion, comfortable fit, and ultra high-strength fabric. These fight shorts are designed to feel incredible, whether you’re throwing a kick or grappling on the mats.
  • Virtually Indestructible Fabric: Constructed with a unique blended fabric that’s virtually indestructible. In fact, they’re so strong they withstood over 790 newtons of force in laboratory tensile strength testing. Rest assured, these shorts are built to last.
  • Comfortable Locked-in Fit: Our most secure shorts, featuring a silicone-lined waistband, single-loop drawstring, and interlocking front closure that keeps everything locked in place, no matter how hard you train.
  • Maximize Your Mobility: The mid-thigh length ensure that these shorts will never impede your movement. Its inner thigh stretch panels provide an even greater range of motion for the highest kicks and completely unrestricted flow while grappling.
  • Perfect Length & Eye-Catching Styles: Resting in the middle of your thigh, this hybrid cut is the perfect length for those looking to maximize comfort and mobility. Pick from a large range of sleek styles to make a statement at the gym or on fight night!
Bestseller No. 7
LAFROI Mens MMA Cross Training Boxing Shorts Trunks Fight Wear with Drawstring and Pocket-QJK01(Dragon,LG)
  • 【Double Secure】Velcro plus Drawstring to keep shorts secure in your waist. Designed for the user to have the full range of comfortable movements
  • 【Anti-Tear】 Tear-resistant microfiber fabric provides the strongest hold on the product, try the limit of the product and worry nothing to do any action
  • 【Multi-Use】 The Cross Training Shorts is able to perform in a variety of martial arts and sports such as NO-GI BJJ, MMA, MUAY THAI, BOXING, KRAV MAGA, KICKBOXING, & UFC. Some wore our products for water sports as well
  • 【Lightweight & Quickdry】 You won't feel burdened by the product itself as it dries fast to gradually brings the sweat out from it
  • 【Optimize the Pattern】Sublimated print prevents any sort of color, logo peeling; it's all embedded into the fabric to ensure the fastness
Bestseller No. 8
SOTF MMA Boxing Fight Shorts Mens Stretch Sports Training Shorts, Gray With Pocket, S for waist 32-33inch
  • 1.Sotf mma bjj shorts have velcro and drawstring help you better adjust waistline, boxing shorts leg split design makes it easier for you to lift legs.
  • 2.Sotf boxing shorts made of comfortable fabric, fight shorts reduce friction when you grappling, Excellent printing technology makes mma bjj shorts pattern clearer and no color fading.
  • 3.You can put phone or keys in the pocket. Sotf boxing shorts great for mma, kickboxing, bjj no gi, muay thai, sparring fight and grappling. Firm stitching makes mma bjj shorts more durable.
  • 4.Sotf boxing shorts waist: XS=30-30.3inch, S=30.3-33inch, M=33-34.6inch, L=34.6-36.2inch, XL=36.2-38.5inch, XXL=38.5-40inch. Please measure your waist circumference, make sure the mma bjj shorts are the right size.
  • 5.If you have any problems with mma bjj shorts, please contact us, We are here to make sure you receive great fight shorts and happy with this boxing shorts, Thank you for being one of our customers.
Bestseller No. 9
SUOTF MMA Shorts for Men Fight Shorts Men BJJ Boxing Trunks for Men Grappling SU0DK2 M Waist 33-34.6 inch
  • 1.SUOTF mma shorts has velcro and drawstring help you better adjust your waistline, fight shorts leg split design makes you easier to lift legs.
  • 2.Men fight shorts made of comfortable fabric and boxing shorts reduce friction when you grappling, excellent printing technology makes mma shorts pattern clearer and no color fadding.
  • 3.This mma shorts great for Running, Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, Sparring Fight and Grappling, it makes you become unique in the gym or outdoor sports training.
  • 4.Men mma shorts waist: XS=30-30.3inch, S=30.3-33inch, M=33-34.6inch, L=34.6-36.2inch, XL=36.2-38.5inch, XXL=38.5-40inch. Firm stitching makes fight shorts more durable.
  • 5.If you have any problems with mma shorts, please contact us, we are here to make sure you receive good men fight shorts and happy with your purchase, thank you for being one of our customers.
Bestseller No. 10
Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts, Black/Gold, Large
  • Dry cleaning or hand wash only
  • Hand sewn embroidery
  • Tradtional wide elastic for comfort and support
  • Side vents specifically designed to increase your mobility
  • Entirely handmade in Thailand

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Fight Shorts

Fight shorts are designed to be worn during training sessions and fights. They provide support for the groin region and reduce chafing. Fight shorts are available in different styles and materials including cotton lycra spandex nylon polyester and others. Some fight shorts are designed specifically for MMA fighters while others are suitable for boxers and kickboxers.

The main function of fight shorts is to provide comfort and support for the fighter’s groin region. In addition these shorts allow the fighter to perform his best during training and fighting. During training the fighter wears fight shorts to avoid injury due to excessive wear and tear on the muscles and ligaments around the groin. Also wearing fight shorts reduces the risk of developing ingrown hairs and rashes caused by prolonged contact between skin and underwear.

Types of Fight Shorts

There are many types of fight shorts available in the market today. However there are two major categories of fight shorts: compression shorts and non-compression shorts. Compression shorts are tight fitting garments which compress the body parts underneath. Non-compression shorts are loose fitting garments which do not restrict movement. Both types of fight shorts are comfortable and easy to put on.


Both types of fight shorts are comfortable and easy to put on. However compression shorts are tighter fitting garments which compress the body parts underneath. This type of fight short offers greater support and stability. Non-compression fight shorts are looser fitting garments which do not restrict movement. These fight shorts are ideal for those who wish to train and spar lightly.

Benefits of Using Fight Shorts

Using fight shorts has several benefits. First using fight shorts prevents injuries to the groin region. Second fight shorts improve performance during training and fighting. Third fight shorts increase blood circulation and promote muscle growth. Fourth fight shorts reduce the risk of developing ingrown hair and rash. Fifth fight shorts are lightweight and breathable. Sixth fight shorts are affordable and durable. Seventh fight shorts are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. Eighth fight shorts are machine washable. Ninth fight shorts are eco friendly. Tenth fight shorts are hypoallergenic.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Fighting Shorts

There are many different types of fighting shorts available today. Some are designed specifically for Muay Thai while others are meant for Boxing. There are also those which are designed for both sports. However there are certain features which must be considered when choosing a pair of fighting shorts. Here are some important factors to take into consideration when shopping for these garments.

Fabric Type

One of the most important aspects of selecting a pair of fighting shorts is the fabric type. While cotton is generally regarded as being the best choice for fighting shorts synthetic fabrics are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and comfort. Synthetic materials provide excellent support and breathability. Cotton tends to absorb moisture making it uncomfortable during training sessions. In addition cotton wears quickly and needs frequent washing. As a result synthetic fabrics are now widely accepted among fighters because they last longer and require fewer washes.


Another factor to consider when choosing a pair of fighting shorts is fit. Most manufacturers design their products to accommodate specific body measurements. For example if you’re tall you may wish to select a pair of shorts that has been cut to allow room for growth. Similarly if you’re short you may wish to select a pair of shorts that fits snugly around your waist. Another option is to get custom-made shorts. Custom-made shorts are typically manufactured according to individual requirements. Therefore you can ensure that the garment fits perfectly.


Finally another aspect to consider when choosing a pair of fighting shorts is durability. Many manufacturers produce durable yet comfortable fighting shorts. Durable material ensures that the garment lasts longer and remains comfortable throughout the course of a workout session. However if you plan on wearing your shorts outside of the gym you may wish to opt for lighter weight fabrics. Lightweight fabrics are easier to wash and dry. Also lightweight fabrics are more likely to withstand the elements.

Fight shorts are designed to be worn during training sessions and fights. The main function of these shorts is to provide comfort while working out. There are many different types of shorts available today each with its own unique features. Here are some of the most important features to look for when purchasing fight shorts.

Washable – Most fight shorts are washable which makes them easy to maintain. However there are some brands that claim to be “dry-clean only”. Make sure you read the label carefully before washing your shorts.

Moisture wicking – Moisture wicking fabrics allow sweat to evaporate quickly thus reducing discomfort. Some fighters wear moisture wicking material inside their shorts to reduce chafing caused by sweating.

Elastic waistband – Elastic waistbands are comfortable because they fit snugly around your body. They’re also very useful for stretching tight muscles. Many fighters prefer elastic waists because they are easier to put on and take off.

Pockets – Pockets are convenient for storing small objects such as keys money etc. In addition pockets can be used to store personal items such as cell phones wallets etc. While fighting you may need to access your phone or wallet frequently. Therefore it’s best to carry everything in a pocket.

Mesh lining – Mesh linings are breathable and lightweight. They are ideal for hot weather conditions. Also mesh linings are perfect for those who train outside. They allow air to circulate freely and prevent overheating.

Lycra – Lycra is a synthetic fiber that has been used extensively in athletic clothing since the 1970s. It offers excellent stretch properties and durability. Because lycra is highly durable it does not fray or tear easily. As a result it lasts longer than cotton.

Tapered legs – Tapered legs are narrow at the top and wider towards the bottom. This design prevents the shorts from riding up when bending over. It also reduces bulkiness and improves mobility.

Breathable fabric – Breathability refers to the ability of a garment to let perspiration escape. Breathable materials allow sweat vapor to pass through the fabric rather than being trapped within the fibers. This results in dryness and heat exhaustion. Thus wearing breathable fabrics is essential for athletes who exercise outdoors.

Waterproof – Waterproof fabrics repel water and dirt. This is especially helpful for outdoor activities where you may get wet. Waterproof fabrics are also beneficial for those who live near bodies of water.

Machine Washable – Machine washable fabrics are easy to care for and require little maintenance. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Just remember to handwash machine washable fabrics.

Different Types of Fighting Shorts

There are many different styles of fighting shorts available today. The most popular style of fighting short is the Muay Thai Boxing Short. There are several variations of these shorts including the traditional white ones worn by boxers the black ones worn by kickboxers and the blue ones worn by fighters who train in Thailand. All three styles of shorts provide excellent support for the fighter while providing maximum comfort during training.

Traditional White Boxer Shorts

The traditional boxer shorts are very comfortable and easy to wear. They are designed to be loose fitting and allow freedom of movement. Traditional boxer shorts are typically made of cotton and polyester blend material. They are lightweight and breathable which makes them ideal for hot weather conditions. However because they are so light weight they are not suitable for heavy bag workouts.

Black Kickboxing Shorts

Kickboxing shorts are designed specifically for kickboxing. They are tighter fitting than traditional boxer shorts and are made of heavier materials. Because of the tight fit they are good for sparring sessions where there is no room for error. Black kickboxing shorts are generally made of nylon and lycra fabric blends.

Blue Training Shorts

These shorts are designed for those who practice Muay Thai in Thailand. Blue training shorts are extremely durable and are made of thick cotton and Lycra fabrics. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily training and are perfect for long term wear.

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