List of Top 10 Best Fire Ant Killer

SaleBestseller No. 1
Spectracide Fire Ant Shield Mound Destroyer Granules, 3.5-Pound
  • MOUND DESTROYER: Use outdoors directly on fire ant mounds – starts to kill in minutes.
  • KILLS THE QUEEN AND COLONY: Kills the fire ant queen and colony in 24 hours – limits the formation of new mounds in treated areas.
  • DEEP-REACHING FORMULA: Made with exclusive Accelerator II technology to speed the release of active ingredient into the mound.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply in morning or evening hours when fire ants are closer to the surface.
Bestseller No. 2
BioAdvanced 24 Hour Lawn Insect & Fire Ant Killer, 32-Ounce, Ready-to-Spray
  • INSECT KILLER: Kills 500+ insects including fire ants, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs and mole crickets
  • FAST ACTING: Kills listed insects in 24 hours
  • USE ON: Lawns, ground covers and around homes
  • EASY APPLICATION: Ready-to-Spray bottle is easy to use and will not harm your lawn
  • RAINPROOF PROTECTION: Rainproof in 1 hour
SaleBestseller No. 3
Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer1 (Twin Pack)
  • Kills the queen and destroys the mound
  • No watering-in required
  • Treats up to 162 mounds (twin pack 324 mounds total)
  • Use Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer as part of Ortho 2-Step Fire Ant Method
  • Guaranteed to kill or your money back
SaleBestseller No. 4
Amdro Fire Ant Yard Treatment Bait, 5 Pound
  • One application kills fire ants for the entire season
  • Kills the queen and the entire colony
  • Kills visible and hidden fire ant mounds
  • Prevents new mounds from forming
  • Apply across entire yard with a rotary broadcast spreader or handheld granular spreader
SaleBestseller No. 5
Spectracide HG-96471 Fire Ant Shield Mound Destroyer Granules 7 Pounds, Kills T, 7 lb
  • MOUND DESTROYER: Use outdoors directly on fire ant mounds – starts to kill in minutes.
  • KILLS THE QUEEN AND COLONY: Kills the fire ant queen and colony in 24 hours – limits the formation of new mounds in treated areas.
  • DEEP-REACHING FORMULA: Made with exclusive Accelerator II technology to speed the release of active ingredient into the mound.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply in morning or evening hours when fire ants are closer to the surface.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Guaranteed results or your money back – see product label for details.
Bestseller No. 6
Extinguish Fire Ant Killer 25 LB Bag
  • Controls and eliminates colonies without colony relocation
  • Approved for use where cattle and horses graze with no worries about withdrawal periods
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Starts killing ants immediately after ingestion
  • Can be used as a broadcast application or used to treat individual mounds
SaleBestseller No. 7
Syngenta - A20380A - Advion Fire Ant Bait - Insecticide - 2lb
  • Advion fire ant bait effective and fast acting. Combined with an alluring formulation, Advion ensures control of imported fire ants in 24-72 hours for fast colony control.
  • Broadcast or mound treatment
  • Recreation areas as well as institutional or private service areas
  • Other noncrop/nongrazed areas
  • Effective on all life stages
SaleBestseller No. 8
Spectracide One Shot Fire Ant Killer, Fire Ant Bait, Controls Fire Ants for 3 Months, 1.5 lb
  • ONE-SHOT FIRE ANT KILLER: One application controls fire ants for 3 months.
  • GRANULAR BAIT: The active ingredient kills worker ants slowly so the have time to take the bait back to the colony – apply in early morning or late evening when ants are actively foraging.
  • NO WATERING NECESSARY: Use outdoors on fire ant mounds and as a broadcast treatment in your lawn.
  • KILLS THE QUEEN AND COLONY: Kills the fire ant queen and colony in as little as 48 hours – limits the formation of new mounds in treated areas.
  • CONVENIENT CANISTER: Sprinkle 4 Tablespoons (four shakes) of bait around each fire ant mound.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait-4.5 lb 55555354
  • Hydramethylnon 0.365%, Methoprene 0.250%
  • Extinguish Fire Ant Bait is for use on residential property, commercial property, container or nursery stock, farms, commercial turf, pastures, and rangelands.
  • For a mound treatment of Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait distribute 2 to 5 level tablespoons around the mound. Do not disturb the mound. For a broadcast application of Extinguish Plus for fire ants and harvester ants apply at a rate of 3 ounces per 5,000 square feet or 1.5 pounds per acre. For a broadcast application of Extinguish Plus for big-headed and argentine ants apply at a rate of 2 to 4 ounces per 5,000 square feet or 1 to 2 pounds per acre
Bestseller No. 10
BioAdvanced 24 Hour Lawn Insect & Fire Ant Killer, 10 lb.
  • INSECT KILLER: Kills all types of listed lawn invading pests
  • KILLS FIRE ANTS: Kills fire ants and prevents new mound formation all season long
  • TREATS 12,500 SQUARE FEET: See results in minutes
  • SEASON LONG CONTROL: Starts to work immediately and keeps working all season long

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best Fire Ant Killer

How to choose the best Fire Ant Killer

What is the Purpose Of A Fire Ant Killer?

Fire ant killers are small devices designed to kill fire ants. There are many different types available, including those that spray insecticide directly onto the nest, ones that contain toxic bait, and others that emit ultrasonic waves.

How Do Fire Ant Killers Work?

The most common type of fire ant killer uses a chemical called piperonyl butoxide (PBO). PBO kills fire ants because it disrupts the insects’ nervous systems. Once inside the colony, the chemicals cause the ants to become disoriented and unable to function normally. As a result, the ants die within hours.

Benefits of Using Fire Ant Killers

Using a fire ant killer has several benefits. First, it prevents the spread of fire ants into homes and businesses. Second, it eliminates the problem quickly. Third, using a fire ant killer reduces the risk of being bitten by fire ants. Fourth, it does not harm humans or pets. Fifth, it is safe around children and animals. Sixth, it is easy to apply. Seventh, it is inexpensive. Eighth, it is environmentally friendly. Ninth, it is effective. Tenth, it is non-toxic. Eleventh, it is natural. Twelfth, it is eco-friendly. Finally, it is simple to use.

Where Can I Purchase Fire Ant Killers?

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Fire Ant Killer

Fire ants are very common pests found throughout North America. Their bite causes severe irritation and pain. In addition to being painful, fire ant bites can cause allergic reactions. To avoid these problems, homeowners must be aware of where fire ants live and take steps to eliminate them.

Where Do Fire Ants Live?

Fire ants are most commonly seen around homes and yards. However, they can also be found outdoors near water sources. Because of this, many homeowners believe that eliminating fire ants requires only spraying insecticides outside. Unfortunately, this method does nothing to kill the colony inside the house. Instead, it merely kills individual ants which quickly reproduce and repopulate the nest.

How Can Homeowners Eliminate Fire Ant Colonies From Homes?

Homeowners who wish to rid themselves of fire ant colonies must understand the biology behind the insects’ behavior. First, fire ants are social creatures. Each colony has a queen and several workers. Workers perform essential functions including building nests, feeding larvae, defending the colony, and reproducing. Without workers, there could be no colony.

Eliminating Fire Ant Nests

To eradicate fire ant colonies, homeowners must remove the entire nest. Removing the nest involves digging up soil containing the colony and destroying it. Once removed, the nest cannot re-establish itself. While removing the nest is difficult, it is necessary because once the nest is destroyed, the colony dies.

Preventing Reinfestation

Once the nest is eliminated, homeowners must ensure that the site remains free of fire ant eggs and pupae. Eggs hatch into larvae within two weeks. Larvae feed on organic matter and develop into adults in three months. Pupae remain dormant during wintertime. During springtime, adult fire ants emerge and begin establishing new colonies.

Purchasing a Quality Fire Ant Killer

Before purchasing a product intended to control fire ants, consumers should research its effectiveness. Many products contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets. Some products require mixing multiple ingredients together. Others fail to completely destroy the colony. Finally, some products are ineffective due to improper application methods.

Choosing a Product With High Ratings

Consumer Reports offers ratings for consumer goods based on scientific testing. Products rated highly include those that effectively exterminate fire ants while causing minimal harm to human health and property. Consumer Reports rates each product

How To Kill Fire Ants With Natural Products

The most effective way to kill fire ants is using natural products. There are many different types of ant killers available today. Some are chemical based while others are organic. Organic insecticides are safer for humans and pets because they contain no chemicals. However, there are still risks involved with these products.

Natural Insecticide For Killing Fire Ants

There are several ways to get rid of fire ants naturally. One method involves spraying the ground around where the nest is located. Spraying the ground kills the queen ant and her eggs. Another option is to spray the soil near the nests with water mixed with soap. Soap dissolves the dirt surrounding the nest which causes the ants to drown. Lastly, you can apply diatomaceous earth (DE) directly onto the mound. DE is a powdery substance found in nature. It has been known to be very effective in killing ants.

Ant Bait Traps

Another alternative to killing fire ants is to set traps baited with food. Food attracts insects including ants. Once the trap is placed, the bait is removed and replaced with another piece of food. After a few days, the ants will return to feed on the bait. Then, the trap is moved away from the colony.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a common ingredient in commercial pest control products. It is safe for human consumption and pet animals. Boric acid is highly toxic to ants. In fact, borax is considered to be the strongest poison for ants. Borax is sold commercially as a liquid form. It comes in small bottles containing 10% borax solution.

Powdered Sugar

Sugar is another product commonly used to kill ants. Powdered sugar contains glucose which is a carbohydrate source for ants. Glucose is absorbed into the body of the ants causing them to die.

Liquid Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is another popular ant killer. Liquid formaldehyde is

Fire ant killer reviews

Ants are very annoying insects which cause problems in our homes. We cannot live without ants because they eat food we prepare and destroy crops. In order to get rid of these pests, there are different methods available. Some of those methods include using chemical products while others involve natural remedies. Here are some effective ways to kill fire ants.

Natural Remedies For Killing Fire Ants

Baking soda – Baking soda has been found to be useful in killing ants. Mix baking soda with water and spray it around where the ants reside. Wait for few minutes and repeat the process again. Repeat this method twice daily.

Garlic – Garlic kills ants naturally. Crush garlic cloves and mix it with sugar. Sprinkle this mixture around the infested areas. Let it sit overnight and remove next morning.

Citrus peels – Citrus peels contain citral which acts as insecticide. Soak citrus peels in vinegar for 24 hours and keep it away from sunlight. Use this solution once in two weeks.

Salt – Salt is another way to control ants. Place salt near the nests and wait for ants to die. Do this regularly.

Chemical Products To Kill Fire Ants

Pesticide sprays – Pesticides are chemicals which are sprayed around the house. Spray pesticides around the baseboards, walls, cracks etc. Make sure to read instructions carefully before spraying.

Liquid soap – Liquid soap contains surfactants which act as insecticides. Apply liquid soap directly onto the nest. Keep doing this till the ants disappear.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) – DE is a powdery substance which comes from diatom shells. Put DE into the soil around the nests. Leave it undisturbed for several days and check whether the ants are dead or alive.

How To Prevent Fire Ant Invasion

Remove sources of food – Remove all foods from outside the house. Store them inside the kitchen cupboard. Don’t leave anything lying around.

Clean up spills immediately – Spills attract

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