List of Top 10 Best Foam Boards

Bestseller No. 1
UCreate Foam Board, White, 22" x 28", 5 Sheets
  • Ideal for crafts, school projects, framing, mounting, displays and exhibits
  • Smooth surface can accept a wide range of media, including paints. Made with polystyrene extruded foam laminated between 2 sheets of paper to form a lightweight but strong and rigid surface.
  • Sheets are easy to cut, warp- and dent-resistant.
Bestseller No. 2
20Pack Foam Boards, 11"x14" Foam Core Backing Board White, 1/8" Thickness Mat Boards Poster Boards Polystyrene Poster Board Signboard Perfect for Presentations, School, Office & Art Projects
  • 【20 Pack Foam Boards】Size: 11”x14”, Thick: 3MM / 1/8 Inch; White foam board made of polystyrene foam and covered with mat white paper, Durable and Acid-Free
  • 【Smooth Surface Mat Boards】Foam core has a smooth surface on each side board, as mat white paper coating over the foam, perfect for painting, mounting and DIY
  • 【Durable and Lightweight】With lightweight but rigid surface, foamcores can be easily cut into shapes with a craft knife, without leaving jagged edges
  • 【Wide Applications】Foam-core boards are widely used in DIY, arts and craft project, suitable for sign making, picture mounting and posters displaying, ideal for mounting boards and backing boards
  • 【Lifetime Guarantee】With our unbeatable LIFETIME warranty and 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, buy the Foam Boards with confidence! Click on the ""Add To Cart"" Button NOW!"
Bestseller No. 3
Abdominal Compression Board | Ab Board Post Surgery Liposuction | Taba Op Lipo Foam Belly Flattening Ab Board | lipo foams and boards
  • STURDY & SOFT AB BOARD: Our post surgical Lipo board is made of Polystyrene, Curved design to fit your belly perfectly.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our Lipo Ab board is designed to be butterfly-shpaed to control your tummy sides,can wrap around your tummy and waist to cover large area.
  • SPEED UP RECOVERY: Wearing this abdominal board inside can offer firm compression on abdomen & lumbar area to decrease inflammation gradually, prevent collection of liquids, avoid pain & accomplish full recovery. It will certainly help out in the recovery process of liposuction or tummy flattening procedure.
  • BEST MATCH: This ab board can be used together with the high waist butt lifter control shapewear, you will be able to wear your favorite outfits while also having the express flattening effect of this tummy board without anybody noticing.
  • GOOD CHOICE: This abdominal compression board exerts the pressure necessary to avoid formation of fibrosis or bruising after abdominal plastic surgery, ideal for C-Sections, Liposuction, Post Op and Tummy Tuck. One of the best Moolida ab board post surgery liposuction,abdominal board,abdominal board post surgery,flattening ab board,foam for liposuction,lipo foams and boards,post surgery abdominal board,tabla abdominal post surgery.
Bestseller No. 4
Warner 12" x 9" Paint Color Test Foam Board Panel, 10630
  • Paint on color and easily take test sheet or panel from room to room
  • Compare colors for matching carpet, furniture and accessories and view in different lighting
  • Bring to store to match accessories to your wall color at home
  • Test and toss, or save for future use
SaleBestseller No. 5
UCreate Foam Board, Black-on-Black, 20" x 30", 10 Sheets
  • Black foam board has a satin finish with a black liner and solid black core
  • 3/16" thick
  • Sheets are easy to cut
  • Ideal for crafts, framing, mounting displays, exhibits, and school projects
  • Acid Free
Bestseller No. 6
UCreate Foam Board, White, 20" x 30", 10 Sheets
  • White foam board, lightweight but strong and rigid surface
  • 3/16" thick
  • Sheets are easy to cut
  • Ideal for crafts, framing, mounting displays, exhibits, and school projects
  • Acid Free
Bestseller No. 7
20Pack Foam Core Board, 11"x15" White Foam Board, 3/16" / 5MM Thick Mat Foam Board Center, Backing Boards for Mounting Photographs and Artwork, 3-D Modeling, Signage, Poster Making
  • 3/16INCH THICK FOAMCORE BOARDS——Package include 20pack White Foam Board 11” x 15”, Perfect for craft project, school, office, presentations, framing, mounting, architectural models, displays and exhibits
  • SMOOTH SURFACE FOR PAINTING AND MOUNTING——The foam sheet has three layers; The polystyrene foam core is covered with 2 sheets of matte Plastic from the back and front, Warp Resistant and Dent Resistant
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STRONG BACKING BORADS——The polystyrene foam sheet can be easily to cut into shape with craft knife, clean edges and meets your different specification
  • MULTI-FUNCTION THICK MAT——The 5mm thick foam core are widely used as background for art work, kids’ school art project, picture mounting, sign making, signage framing and mounting
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE——We are willing to take responsibility for our products, if you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact us
Bestseller No. 8
Abdominal Board 360 Lipo Foam Ab Board Post Surgery Liposuction Waist Belly Wrap Board for Lipo Recovery (One Size fit waist 24"-33.8", Black)
  • LIPO BOARD: 【ONE SIZE Fits waistline 24.8"-33.9", PLUS SIZE Fits waistline 32.7"-45" 】The 360° abdominal board lipo foam is the best alternative when you need extra support on your waist & back, after an aesthetic procedure. Our post surgery abdominal board gives stability, comfort and relief. Our 360 lipo board wrap will help you to prevent fluid retention and make you feel comfortable again, in a fast and simple way.
  • PROVIDE SUPPORT AND COMPRESSION: After surgery, this lipo foams and boards can provide you 360° support and compression. This liposuction board will also enhance the molding effect your postoperative girdle body shape, controlling your belly and those undesired love handles while preventing fluid retention, skin folds, and irritation. One of the best Gepoetry ab board post surgery liposuction, abdominal board, abdominal board post surgery, flattening ab board, foam for liposuction.
  • 360 POSTOPERATIVE SUPPORT: The abdominal board is the best alternative when you need extra support on your midsection after an aesthetic procedure. Our lipo foam board is different with other products. Just one, all you need can be wrapped in the same time, achieving 360 around support. Abdominal board is a must-have in your postoperative recovery. It is an important postoperative aid to create a soft barrier over your sensitive skin, which will help you speed-up recovery process.
  • ADJUSTABLE LIPO FOAM BOARD: 360 Abdominal compression board can be adjusted according to your own need. Our foam boards for lipo recovery can be fixed on your waist and will not move as easily as others. This post surgery ab board will correct your posture a little by providing greatly support and compression. Also, its liposuction board will enhance the molding effect your postoperative girdle body shape, use with bodysuit or shapewear can shape the hourglass figure faster.
  • AN UNDERCOVER TUMMY DEVICE: This post surgery board is ergonomic, it’s an invisible tabla abdominal post surgery board under the compression garments and won't attract anyone’s attention.The lipo foam belly band is only used after your postoperative wound has healed, not immediately after the operation (about one month after surgery). The best ab board post surgery liposuction, abdominal board after liposuction, lipo board flattening abdominal, foam boards for lipo recovery.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best Foam Boards

How to choose the best Foam Boards

What is the Purpose Of A Foam Board?

Foam boards are useful tools for many different purposes. For example, foam board is commonly used for making signs, posters, and decorations. In addition, foam board is very versatile because it comes in several colors and thicknesses. There are two main types of foam board; standard foam board and posterboard. Standard foam board has a density between 0.5-1.0 pounds per cubic foot while posterboard has a higher density of 1.2-4.8 pounds per cubic foot.

Useful Tools To Make Decorations With Foam Board

The most common uses for foam board include creating signs, posters, and decorations. However, there are many other ways to use foam board. Here are some ideas for using foam board:

Create a sign for your door or window.

Decorate your walls with pictures and artwork.

Display photos, art, or memorabilia.

Cover furniture with fabric.

Cut into pieces and create custom frames.

Build models and toys.

Sculpt figures and animals.

Draw designs onto paper.

Write messages on cards.

Paint murals.

Play games.

Set up a photo booth.

Hang plants.

Put together puzzles.

Assemble small projects.

Add texture to objects.

Stick pins on clothes.

Attach notes to clothing.

Hold pens.

Place stickers on shoes.

Tape labels to boxes.

Label bags.

Mark packages.

Apply decals to cars.

Design wall hangings.

Wrap gifts.

Print greeting cards.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Foam Board

Foam boards are essential tools for many businesses today. Whether you run a small business or large corporation, foam board has become a staple product in most offices around the globe. In fact, there are now several different types of foam boards available to suit almost anyone’s needs. So why does everyone seem to be using foam boards these days? Here are three reasons why you should invest in a high-quality foam board.

1) Easy To Use

One reason why companies are choosing to use foam boards is because they are easy to use. Most foam boards are designed to fit into standard size printers. Therefore, once you print onto the board, you can cut it out and stick it anywhere you wish. Another benefit of using foam boards is that they are very durable. Unlike paper, which tends to tear apart quickly, foam boards last longer and require little maintenance. As long as you keep them dry, they will remain usable for years.

2) Versatile

Another advantage of using foam boards is that they are versatile. For example, you could create posters, signs, flyers, brochures, presentations, etc., using foam boards. Because they are lightweight, you can carry them wherever you go. Additionally, they are extremely portable. All you need is a pair of scissors and a glue gun to put together a presentation. Finally, foam boards are inexpensive compared to other materials. With a few simple supplies, you can produce hundreds of pieces of advertising material for next to nothing!

3) Durable

Finally, another important factor to consider when selecting a foam board is its durability. Many foam boards are manufactured using recycled plastic bottles. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also incredibly strong. Some models even include UV resistant properties. However, regardless of whether you select a recyclable or nonrecycled version, you can rest assured knowing that your foam board will stand up to heavy usage. After all, who wants to throw away perfectly good cardboard?

Foam boards are commonly used in offices and schools because they’re easy to transport and store. However, there are many different types of foam board available today. Some are designed specifically for educational purposes while others are meant for commercial applications. Here are some features to keep in mind when shopping for a foam board.

    Durability: Durable foam boards last longer than standard paperboard. They’ll hold up to heavy loads and rough handling.

      Resilience: Resilient foam boards bounce back quickly after being hit or dropped. They’re ideal for indoor sports activities where players must be able to rebound quickly.

        Weight: Heavyweight foam boards weigh more than lighter ones. Lighter boards are easier to carry around and ship.

          Cost: Cheap foam boards aren’t always good quality. Make sure you get a high-quality product that meets industry standards.

            Color: Colorful foam boards attract attention and increase visibility. Whiteboards are popular among teachers who teach classes full of students.

              Size: Large foam boards are perfect for large classrooms and conference rooms. Smaller boards are useful for smaller spaces.

                Shape: Rectangular boards are most common. Round boards are sometimes used in industrial settings.

                  Finish: Smooth finishes are best for outdoor uses. Rough finishes are recommended indoors.

                    Shelf Life: Shelf life refers to the amount of time a foam board remains usable once opened

                    Foam board is a versatile material which has many uses. There are different kinds of foam boards available depending upon its application. Here we discuss the most common ones.

                    Types of Foam Boards

                    Cellular PVC – Cellular PVC foam board is manufactured using vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). VCM is a plasticizer which gives cellular PVC foam board flexibility and durability. Cellular PVC foam board is commonly used in construction projects where insulation is required. Due to its excellent thermal insulating property, it is widely used in refrigeration systems, air conditioning units etc. In addition, it is suitable for outdoor applications since it does not absorb moisture.

                    Powder Coated Steel – Powder coated steel foam board is a type of metal foam board which consists of two layers of steel sheet bonded together with powder coating. It offers superior corrosion resistance and heat retention compared to ordinary foamed metals. It is mainly used in industrial applications including food processing plants, breweries, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, hospitals, medical equipment manufacturing companies etc.

                    Corrugated Plastic – Corrugated plastic foam board is another kind of corrugated cardboard which is produced using thermoplastic resin. It is lightweight and durable. It is mostly used in packing materials, cartons, boxes, pallets etc. It is recyclable and eco friendly.

                    Wood Fiberboard – Wood fiberboard is a composite product consisting of cellulose fibers bound into a matrix of thermosetting resins. It is highly resistant to chemicals and solvents. It is used in interior finishing products, furniture, floorings, wall panels, cabinets, doors, countertops, ceiling tiles etc.

                    Benefits of Using Foam Boards

                    It is very economical and affordable. It is relatively cheaper than glass fibreboards, particle board, plywood

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