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Bestseller No. 1
BREKX Galvanized Metal Ice and Drink Bucket, Leak-Proof Beverage Tub for Parties, 25-Quart (Galvanized Ash Gray)
  • VERSATILITY: Whether you're a professional caterer working a wedding or a party host hoping to throw a killer backyard cookout, this ice bucket is the perfect buy. This decorative bucket will look great in any indoor or outdoor venue.
  • KEEP DRINKS COLD: Keep all of your favorite beverages chilled in this metal cooler. From beer to wine and champagne to soda, this ice bin can hold it all. Thanks to its leak-proof design, drinks will stay cool all night long so the party can carry on
  • LONG-LASTING: Unlike tin or aluminum buckets, this chiller is built with strong, durable materials. Ditch the flimsy tubs and buy the metal tub you can rely on.
  • TOP QUALITY: Thanks to its high-quality construction, this drink trough is leak- and sweat-proof, so you don't have to worry about having a big spill or refilling the ice. It's also rust-proof, so it can hold ice and water and even survive a storm. Just dry after each wash. We are proud to use lead-free materials.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Behrens 1210 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Utility Pail, 10-Quart, Silver
  • Built with the highest quality material, this utility pail is durable, made to last, and comes in both galvanized and hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Designed with a classic finish that provides functionality for any use or a zinc coating which provides watertight seal and textured rustic finish
  • This utility pail is made for home, garden, or farm and ideal for icing beverages, cleanup, storage, wet or dry carry, décor and more
  • Sealed seams provide waterproof properties for wet or dry contents, rust and rodent resistant, and an offset bottom to keep the pail off the ground
  • Our galvanized steel options are proudly Made in the USA, with hot dipping produced globally, this beverage bucket and utility pail is a better alternative to plastic, manufactured with 100% sustainable materials.
Bestseller No. 3
Galvanized Metal Buckets with Handles for Decoration (5 in, 12 Pack)
  • Rustic Home Decor: For decoration only; do not add water; achieve a charming, vintage buckets with this rustic metal watering pitcher; its stylish construction makes it a beautiful piece to display in and outside your home
  • The Perfect Gift: These galvanized metal buckets are perfect decorative gift for just about any occasion, including holidays, birthdays, weddings, housewarming, and home decor
  • High Quality: These vintage-themed buckets are constructed from galvanized steel for durability; it comes in the perfect look to display artificial flowers and plants on tabletops, garden landscapes, or backyard
  • Authentic Look: This tabletop decor can is an ideal accent piece to hold fake flowers and plants; also ideal for farmhouse style decor
  • Dimensions: Each small bucket measures 5 x 5 x 4.7 inches
Bestseller No. 4
American Metalcraft PTUB87 Natural Galvanized Steel Pail with Handle, 1.16-Gallon, 8" Diameter, Silver
  • Made Of Durable Galvanized Steel For Years Of Everyday Use In Homes And Restaurants
  • Perfect For Beverages, Sandwiches, Or Condiments And Adds Charm To Any Tabletop
  • Eye-Catching, Classic Look That'S Great For Catered Events Or Parties
  • Lightweight Design For Easy Cleaning And Storage
Bestseller No. 5
5-Quart Galvanized Pail Beer Bucket 9x9x7 inches (Pack of 3)
  • GALVANIZED IRON BEER BUCKET VOLUME: 5-Quart, Holds Six 12 oz. Beer Bootle and several Ice Cube at a time. patio
  • THE MATERIAL OF THE TIN BUCKETS: Made of High-quality Galvanized Steel, Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • FUNCIONAL GALVANIZED BUCKET: You can use it in any occasions, like Party, Barbecues, Picnic and Camping.
  • RUSTIC AND CLASSIC STYLE GALVANIZED PAIL: blank bucket with no logo, Each bucket features a sturdy handle for carrying and transport.
Bestseller No. 6
Behrens 1214 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Utility Pail, 14-Quart
  • Built with the highest quality material, this utility pail is durable, made to last, and comes in both galvanized and hot dipped steel
  • Designed with a classic finish that provides functionality for any use or a zinc coating which provides watertight seal and textured rustic finish
  • This utility pail is made for home, garden, or farm and ideal for icing beverages, cleanup, storage, wet or dry carry, décor and more
  • Sealed for wet or dry contents, rust resistant, and an offset bottom to keep the pail off the ground
  • Our galvanized steel options are proudly Made in the USA, with hot dipping produced globally, this beverage bucket and utility pail is a better alternative to plastic, manufactured with 100% sustainable materials.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Goldenvalueable 12 Metal Buckets 5 Inch Galvanized Pail for Wedding Decorations, Centerpieces for Party, Garden Planters
  • Size: 5" tall by 4 1/2" diameter
  • Package of 12 buckets and 12 stickers (5 cm X 3 cm)
  • DIY decorations items - decorate or paint these cute small pails
  • Great for theme parties, favors, name cards, plants and holidays
  • DID NOT HOLD WATER. Not waterproof and do not use for liquid or making candles.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Panacea 086202 8" Washtub Planter, Aged Galvanized Finish, 6/cs
  • Add Rustic Charm To Your Home, Balcony, Or Garden!
  • Has A Hole In The Bottom For Adequate Drainage
  • Electrostatic Powder Coat For Added Rust Resistance
  • Embossed Rustic Farmhouse Logo Gives It A Subtle Upscale Look
  • Power Source Type: Manual
Bestseller No. 9
Tablecraft Galvanized Oval Beverage Tub, 5.5 Gallons
  • Serve your guests' favorite drinks in style
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Dimensions: 22.75 x 14.5 x 9.5"
  • Galvanized Steel
Bestseller No. 10
Juvale Galvanized Metal Buckets for Home Decoration (5 Inches, 6 Pack)
  • Mini Galvanized Buckets: Use this set of small tin buckets for party favors or centerpieces for an upcoming birthday, wedding reception, or holiday party; for decoration only; do not add water
  • Multi-Purpose: Create custom succulent planters for your garden, or use the silver buckets with handles to store and organize small trinkets and craft supplies around the house in classrooms
  • Reliable Quality: Our small tin buckets are made from a high-quality galvanized metal that won’t easily rust; each tin pail has a reinforced handle for convenient and lightweight carrying
  • The Perfect Size: The metal buckets with handles stands 4.57 x 3 x 5 inches tall; perfectly sized to hold candy and small toys
  • What’s Included: Includes 6 small galvanized buckets

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best Galvanized Bucket

How to choose the best Galvanized Bucket

Galvanizing buckets has been around since the early 1900’s. In fact, there was a period where most metal products were galvanized. However, today we see many different types of galvanization processes being applied to steel and iron products. There are two main reasons why galvanizing is done – corrosion resistance and durability. Corrosion resistance refers to the ability of a material to resist rusting. Durability relates to the strength of the product. Both these properties are important in industries such as construction, agriculture, mining etc. For example, in the agricultural industry, farmers use galvanized buckets because they are resistant to rust and therefore last longer. Similarly, in the construction industry, builders use galvanized buckets because they are durable and strong enough to withstand heavy loads. Therefore, whether you are using a galvanized bucket for commercial purposes or personal ones, it is always advisable to ensure that the quality of the product meets your needs.

How does galvanising affect the performance of a bucket?

The process of galvanisation involves applying zinc (Zn) onto the base metals which include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and bronze. Zinc is added to the base materials during the manufacturing stage. Once the zinc coating is applied, the resulting product becomes known as ‘galvanezied’. As mentioned earlier, both corrosion resistance and durability are key factors in determining the suitability of a particular type of galvanised bucket. To understand how each property affects the overall performance of a bucket, let us take a closer look at the following points:

    Corrosion Resistance – The primary function of a galvanised bucket is to keep its contents safe from contamination due to exposure to moisture. Hence, the integrity of the bucket must be maintained throughout its lifetime. This requires regular maintenance and care. Regular washing ensures that dirt particles are removed from the bucket. Furthermore, the bucket should be cleaned regularly to remove any buildups of grease and oil. Any cracks or holes present in the bucket should be repaired immediately. Finally, the bucket should be stored away from direct sunlight to avoid excessive heat buildup inside the bucket. All these steps contribute towards maintaining the integrity of the bucket.

    Durability – Another major factor affecting the longevity of a galvanised bucket is the thickness of the zinc layer. Generally speaking

    The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Galvanized Bucket

    Galvanizing buckets has become very popular among homeowners who wish to keep their garden tools safe during winter months. However, many people still think that galvanised buckets are only suitable for outdoor storage. In fact, there are several benefits associated with using galvanised buckets indoors too. Here we discuss why these buckets are important for indoor gardening.

    Prevents Rust From Forming Inside Bins

    Rust forms inside metal bins due to moisture. As soon as water enters into the bucket, rust begins to form. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure that the interior of the bin remains dry. To avoid rust formation, it is advisable to store the tool inside a galvanised bucket.

    Provides Protection For Tools During Winter Months

    During winters, most people put away their gardening equipment outside. But, storing them outdoors exposes them to harsh weather conditions which could cause damage to the tools. So, it is best to store them inside where they remain warm and dry.

    Saves Money Over Time

    It costs money to repair damaged tools. Moreover, replacing old tools with new ones is costly. Hence, it is wise to invest in good-quality galvanised buckets rather than spending extra cash repairing broken tools.

    Improves Productivity

    As mentioned above, storing tools inside a galvanised bucket improves productivity. Since the tools stay warm and dry, they perform efficiently throughout the entire season.

    Enhances Safety

    Since the tools stored inside the galvanised bucket are kept warm and dry, they are safer to handle. Thus, it reduces the risk of accidents occurring while handling the tools.

    Increases Storage Space

    Unlike plastic containers, galvanised buckets allow you to stack multiple tools inside them. This increases the amount of storage space available.

    Easily Maintained

    Galvanised buckets require minimal maintenance. All you need to do is wash them regularly to remove dirt and grime.

    Easy Accessibility

    Another benefit of using galvanised buckets is that they are easy to access. Unlike plastic containers, you can open them quickly and conveniently.

    Galvanised buckets are versatile enough to be used for different purposes. Whether you plan to use them for storing small

    The galvanized buckets are available in different sizes and designs. There are many types of galvanized buckets which include; plastic buckets, stainless steel buckets, fiberglass buckets, etc. All these buckets are designed according to the needs of the users. Some of the most common uses of galvanized buckets are listed here:

    Bucket storage – For storing water, chemicals, paints, oils, fertilizers, etc.

    Storage containers – Used for storing foodstuffs, grains, seeds, nuts, spices, etc.

    Paint cans – Used for holding paint, varnish, oil, etc.

    Cleaning supplies – Used for storing cleaners, brushes, mops, brooms, dusters, etc.

    Tool boxes – Used for storing tools, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

    Hose bibs – Used for storing hoses, garden hose, sprinkler pipes, etc.

    Garden pots – Used for storing plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.

    Shelves – Used for storing books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

    Garbage bins – Used for storing garbage, trash, recyclables, etc.

    Drainage systems – Used for collecting rainwater, storm drains, sewer lines, etc.

    Water tanks – Used for storing drinking water, irrigation water, swimming pools, etc.

    Fountains – Used for providing fresh water supply to homes, offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

    Birdbaths – Used for providing birdbath areas for birds, ducks, geese, etc.

    Playground equipment – Used for storing playground equipments, swings, slides, etc.

    Pool accessories – Used for storing pool accessories, diving boards, ladders, etc.

    Tennis courts – Used for storing tennis nets, rackets, balls, etc.

    Swimming pools – Used for storing swimming pools, spa tubs, hot tubs, etc.

    Wading pools – Used for storing wading pools, fish ponds, etc.

    Outdoor furniture – Used for storing outdoor tables, chairs, benches, umbrellas, etc.


    Galvanized buckets are commonly used for storing water and chemicals. There are many different kinds of galvanized bucket available today. Some are designed specifically for industrial purposes while others are intended for household uses. Here we discuss the most common types of galvanized buckets available today.

    Bucket For Industrial Use

    These buckets are typically manufactured using heavy gauge steel which gives them strength and durability. They are ideal for storage of large amounts of liquid. Most of these buckets are equipped with handles making them easy to carry around. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with these buckets. One disadvantage is that they cannot be cleaned properly because of the presence of rust. Another drawback is that they require regular maintenance due to corrosion.

    Bucket For Household Use

    This type of bucket is generally smaller in size compared to its counterpart. They are mainly used for domestic purposes. They are very light weight and portable. They are mostly used for holding liquids such as milk, juice etc. These buckets are also known as kitchen sinks. Kitchen sink buckets are available in two main varieties namely plastic and stainless steel. Plastic ones are cheaper and easier to maintain. Stainless steel ones are heavier and last longer. Both types of buckets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

    Other Uses

    There are several other applications where galvanized buckets are widely used. They include:

    Storage of paint cans

    Storing tools

    Cleaning supplies

    Handyman equipment

    Paint mixing containers

    Garden hoses

    Water tanks

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