List of Top 10 Best Gold Mining Equipment

Bestseller No. 1
Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine - Variable Speed - Gold Mining Equipment (Desert Fox)
  • The Desert Fox spiral wheel (12.5 inch diameter) has 7 separate spirals which pick up gold 7 times with each rotation of the wheel (105 times per minute). These 7 spirals dump gold into the tube-shaft and into a hanging gold catch-cup.
  • Can run 70 pounds of concentrates in an hour -- both a separator and a concentrator in one self-contained panning machine. Screen material to 10 mesh.
  • Ideal fine gold recovery equipment for the desert - designed to conserve water and will operate on just 3 gallons.
  • Built in the USA since 1969, and includes a 5 year limited warranty direct from the manufacturer. Ships via UPS Ground to street addresses in the continental USA.
  • 20" x 14.5" wide x 20" high. Weighs 10 lbs. Action Packer Storage Container Size: 20 x 16 x 12 inches. Stowed Dimensions: 10 inches high x 14.5 inches wide x 17.5 inches long.
Bestseller No. 2
Gold Cube + Accessories - Gold Mining Equipment (Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe + Trommel)
  • This piece of Gold Mining Equipment is specially made to recover fine gold. The Trommel top unit completely spins and washes your gold-bearing dirt and gravel. Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe with Trommel includes: 1 Slick Plate, 2 Separator Trays, Stand, Pump, Hose, Hose Adapters, and 5 inch Trommel for the top.
  • The Trommel topper is self jigging to the Gold Cube. It consist of a 12 volt 5 inch diameter trommel top unit with a 16'' long barrel and a 3/16'' classifying screen. You also get an adapter plate to attach the trommel to the Gold Cube and an angle adjustment bar for adjustable pitch. The Trommel can also be taken off when you need to use the Cube by itself
  • The Trommel's hopper and barrel both have a sprayer so cleaning your material is automatic as well as also providing the proper amount of water to the Gold Cube.
  • Unique G-Force technology in Gold Cube cleans and separates the gold. The Gold Cube is made in the USA! TROMMEL SHIPS IN SEPARATE BOX FROM GOLD CUBE!
  • Gold Cube processes tons of concentrates into mere ounces-- FAST! With the Trommel top, you speed up your production. Run more dirt, get more gold! The Gold Cube can run a yard of material (classified down to 1/8 inch) in about 2 hours. You can also run half a ton of material through the Gold Cube before you have to stop for a clean up.
Bestseller No. 3
Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Gold Detector
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: The Gold Monster detector does it all for you with automatic noise cancelling, auto-ground balance and automatic sensitivity.
  • EASY-TO-USE CONTROLS: The touchpad interface provides a gold chance indicator, 3 detection modes, sensitivity options and adjustable volume controls.
  • ADAPTABLE FORM: The Gold Monster 1000 enables detecting on wide ground and in confined spaces. To fit your height, simply adjust the telescoping shaft.
  • WATERPROOF COIL: Follow the gold without worry. The Gold Monster 1000 coil is waterproof to 1 m (3 feet) and comes with a rain proof control box.
  • DISCRIMINATION: Improved ferrous/non-ferrous identification enhances searches in conductive (salty) soils for more precise detection.
Bestseller No. 4
ASR Outdoor Lightweight Backpack Gold Panning Kit with Mini Aluminum Sluice Box, 14pc
  • COMPACT SLUICE GOLD PANNING KIT: Included gold recovery tools; ASR Outdoor dual riffle pans, heavy duty sand scoop and mini sluice box, cleaning and storage equipment, plastic pipettes, glass vials and magnifying tweezers, this gold panning kit has all the equipment needed for a successful day of gold panning in the field
  • PORTABLE MINI SLUICE BOX: Measuring 12 inches, ready to use out of the box with no tools or assembly required; the mini sluice box is made from durable and weatherproof aluminum, comes with V-shaped ribbed rubber matting, making it ideal for fine gold recovery
  • MULTIPURPOSE DRAWSTRING BACKPACK: This gold panning or gold prospecting kit conveniently houses all the included gold mining equipment in a multipurpose black drawstring backpack, making this kit easily portable, organized and convenient to tote to and from your field site
  • GOLD CLEANING AND STORAGE TOOLS: In addition to the recovery equipment included in this kit, you also have a great assortment of useful tools to help you clean and store gold, gems or other found minerals; for cleaning, the pipette and snifter bottle, for storage, the glass vials, and for examination, the magnifying tweezers
  • GOLD PANNING KIT INCLUDES: This compact, lightweight, portable gold prospecting kit includes 8-inch and 10-inch dual riffle pans, prospectors sand scoop, 8lb pick-up tool, tweezers,plastic pipette, glass vials, mini sluice box, snifter bottle, a 30 holes/inch sifter and drawstring backpack
SaleBestseller No. 5
Highbanker, Gold Sluices and Power Sluice Kits - Gold Mining Equipment (6" Mini Power Sluice Kit + Mini Dream Mat)
  • This 6 inch Power Sluice Setup Kit featuring Mini Dream Matting includes: 32"L x 6"W x 3 inch deep sluice AND 8" x 6" x 6" header box AND 8.5" x 24" sluice stand AND flare AND 12 volt 1200 gph pump AND 5 feet of 1.25" hose AND alligator clips.
  • The bed of the sluice contains 16 inches of the NEW Mini Dream Mat! The Vortex Dream Mat is the first sluice mat ever to be scientifically engineered and designed using advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. The mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells classify, separate, capture and hold gold naturally.
  • Dream Mats vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery ever created. These mini cells are engineered to capture the finest of gold without needing huge amounts of water to maintain good exchange. This mini cell system is designed for classified feeds — 8 mesh is a good screen size, but you can screen lower if desired.
  • Made in the USA from strong .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum, which is light weight - plus, aluminum makes it easier to use a magnet to remove the black sand build up.
  • Ideal highbanker / power sluice for gold prospecting, sampling, sluicing, fine gold recovery, and gold mining in sandy areas. Bigger gold is really heavy and Dream Mat captures and holds the bigger gold in its vortex holding cells, just like it does with fine gold. Color of matting may vary from photo shown.
Bestseller No. 6
Sluice Fox Complete Gold Mining Kit | Folding Aluminum Sluice Box | Gold Panning
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Sluice Fox Outdoor Folding Sluice Box folds down compact for easy storage includes a lightweight carrying strap or easily fits inside a five-gallon bucket. Accessories kit includes a free backpack string tote for easy carrying
  • HIGH-YIELD GOLD RECOVERY: Zinc-plated steel Hungarian style riffles are built in throughout the box. Placer gold flake and small gold nuggets get trapped in the included miners moss.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE: 20-piece kit includes basically all of the tools needed to start your hobby gold mining operation. Just bring a bucket and an old shovel!
  • ASSORTMENT: Includes 3 gold pans, 1 folding sluice box, 2 small sifting pans, gold separating magnet, snuffer bottle, gold vials, paydirt scoop, rock pick hammer, magnifier tweezers set and one mini rock crevice pick set
  • Our Gold Panning Kits are Assembled in California, USA by Sluice Fox team of experienced prospectors. Parts sourced globally.
Bestseller No. 7
VEVOR Folding Aluminum Alloy Sluice Box, Compact 50" Sluice Boxes for Gold, Lightweight Gold Sluice Equipment, Portable Sluice Boxes w/Miner's Moss, River, Creek, Gold Panning, Prospecting, Dredging
  • Easy to Carry: Our folding sluice box is 50" Length x 9" Width x 2.6" Height. Lightweight aluminum box construction and the tie design make it easy to carry.
  • Labor-Saving Design: Everything can be packed up in your backpack, ready to deploy. All you need to do is make sure your sluice box is level in the field. The sluice box will be locked rigidly in the stream when it opens, so it can't be swept away in currents.
  • High-Quality Aluminum Alloy: The compact 50" sluice box for gold recovery is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It is highly durable and rust-proof, so it will surely withstand the harshest surroundings.
  • Productive Gold Collecting: The riffles are built-in to create water turbulence in the sediment channel. In addition, they will trap gold flake and small gold flour in the pre-installed woven vinyl miner's moss.
  • Extra Pocket Scale: This Pocket Scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of 200g and readabilities of 0.01g to provide you with an accurate and precise weighing session during your gold panning.
Bestseller No. 8
Blue Bowl Concentrator Kit with Pump, Leg Levelers, Vial - Gold Mining Equipment
  • Concentrator kit includes the blue bowl, 3 plastic leg levelers, 1/4 ounce plastic vial, 750 gph 12V pump, 3' of 3/4" hose, battery clips, and instructions
  • The blue bowl gold concentrator is completely portable and will quickly remove your fine gold from your concentrates. It is designed to work forever, with no moving parts to wear out or break
  • Pre-screen your concentrates to at least 30-mesh using a classifier before adding to your blue bowl
  • To recover micro-fines, prescreen the concentrates using a 50 or 100 mesh classifier
  • Panning fine gold concentrates by hand is difficult and tedious. The blue bowl can recover gold as fine as talcum powder
SaleBestseller No. 9
Gold Rush Nugget Bucket - Gold Panning and Prospecting Kit (Yellow)
  • As seen on ABC's Shark Tank. Deal made with Robert Herjavec.
  • Recommended by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) for all ages.
  • Everything Stacks Neatly Inside this 7 pound kit
  • The only gold panning kit that offers a patented "fluid bed concentrator"
  • Just scoop in dirt, pour in water, and let gravity do all the work to find gold!

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Gold Mining

What is the Purpose Of Gold Mining

Gold mining equipment is designed to extract
gold from its ore form. There are many different types of equipment available
depending on the type of mine being worked. Some mines require large amounts
of water while others require very little. Other factors include the hardness
of the rock and the amount of gold present in the ore. Each piece of
equipment has been specifically designed to meet these

How Does Gold Mining Equipment

The process begins with crushing the ore into smaller
pieces. Once crushed the ore is placed into a machine called a concentrator
where the gold particles are separated from the rest of the material. After
separation the concentrate is sent to another machine called a leach plant.
Here chemicals are added to dissolve the gold from the concentrate. The
solution containing the dissolved gold is then pumped to a series of tanks
where the gold settles to the bottom. Finally the gold is removed from the
tank and sold.

Why Do We Need Gold Mining

There are several reasons why we need gold
mining equipment. First there is a shortage of gold around the globe. As
demand increases prices rise. Second gold mining equipment is needed because
it is a dangerous occupation. Workers must be trained to operate heavy
machinery safely. Third gold mining equipment is necessary because it is a
lucrative business. In fact the largest gold producer in the world is China.
Fourth gold mining equipment is important because it creates jobs. Many
countries rely heavily on the sale of gold to generate revenue. Fifth gold
mining equipment is essential because it is environmentally friendly. Because
most gold deposits are located deep underground the only way to get to the
gold is through drilling. Drilling requires a lot of energy which causes
environmental problems.

Where Can I Find Gold Mining

Most gold mining equipment is manufactured in
Asia. However there are companies that specialize in manufacturing gold
mining equipment in North America. For example the company that manufactures
the Caterpillar D9 bulldozer is based in Illinois.

Importance of Purchasing a Quality Gold Mining

Gold mining is a very lucrative business. However
there are many factors that go into making a successful mine. One of these
factors is the type of equipment that you use. There are different types of
equipment available today. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In
order to be successful in this industry you must invest in the right kind of
equipment. Here are some tips on choosing the best equipment for your

Know Your Market Needs

Before you
start investing in equipment you must first determine whether you are going
to sell locally or internationally. Local sales are easy because you only
have to deal with local customers. International sales require a lot of
planning and research. For example you must learn which countries produce the
most gold. Once you know where the gold comes from you can decide which
equipment is needed to extract the gold. You can either import the equipment
or build it locally.

Research the

Once you know where the gold comes from you can
begin researching the industry. Learn everything you can about the process of
extracting gold. Find out what kinds of equipment are being used and why. You
can also ask experts who have experience in the field. This way you can get a
good idea of what equipment works best for your particular

Consider Cost

important factor to take into consideration is cost. Before you buy anything
you must figure out how much money you can afford to spend. Do not forget to
include the price of maintenance and repairs. Make sure that you budget
enough money to cover these costs. If you cannot afford to pay for repairs
you could end up losing money.

Look for Reputable

There are several manufacturers of gold
mining equipment. Some companies specialize in certain areas while others
manufacture equipment for multiple purposes. Look for reputable
manufacturers. Ask around to see which company offers the best products.
Check online reviews to see what other customers think of the manufacturer.
You can also check customer feedback sites to see what previous clients
thought of the product.

Get Professional

Finally seek professional advice. Talk to professionals
who have experience in the industry. Get recommendations from friends and
family members who have worked in the industry. You can also talk to
suppliers and distributors.

Features To Look For When
Buying A Gold Mine

Gold mines are very different from each
other. Some are small operations while others are large-scale operations.
There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a gold mine.
Here are some features to look for when buying a gold mine.

– Location is important because most gold mines are located far away from
civilization. So you must be able to get there safely. Make sure you check
the road conditions and weather patterns before making a trip to the location.

– Accessibility is another factor to consider when buying a gold mine. Most
gold mines require access via water transportation. Water transportation is
necessary because most gold mines are located deep underground.

– Size is another factor to consider when buying a gold mine. Smaller gold
mines are generally cheaper than larger ones. However smaller gold mines are
harder to operate.

Cost – Cost is another factor to
consider when buying a gold mine. Prices vary depending on the type of gold

Quality – Quality is yet another factor to consider
when buying a gold mine. Make sure you check the quality of the equipment and
machinery used in the operation.

Safety – Safety is another
factor to consider when buying a gold mine. Make sure you check the safety
measures taken by the company operating the

Reputation – Reputation is another factor to consider
when buying a gold mine. Check online reviews and testimonials to see how
satisfied customers are with the company.

Experience –
Experience is another factor to consider when buying a gold mine. Ask the
seller about his experience in the industry.

Equipment –
Equipment is another factor to consider when buying a gold mine. Make sure
you ask the seller about the types of equipment he

Technology – Technology is another factor to consider
when buying a gold mine. Make sure you ask the seller about the technology
used in the operation.

Risk Management – Risk management is
another factor to consider when buying a gold mine. Make sure you ask the
seller about risk management strategies.

Stability – Financial stability is another factor to consider when buying a
gold mine. Make sure you ask the seller about financial

Different Types of Gold Mining

Gold mining is a very dangerous business. There
are many different kinds of equipment needed to extract gold from its ore.
Some of these include crushers grinders sorters and amalgamation machines.
Each machine has specific uses and functions. For example a crusher breaks
apart large rocks into smaller pieces which can be processed further. Sorting
machines sort the crushed rock based on color density and size. Amalgamators
combine small particles together to form a single piece of gold. Finally
there are conveyors which transport the gold from the mine to the processing
plant. All of these machines are essential to extracting gold from its


The most common type of
crusher is called a jaw crusher. Jaw crushers crush material by forcing it
between two jaws. As the jaws close the material gets squeezed and broken
into smaller pieces. Jaw crushers are typically found in mines where the ore
contains hard materials. Harder materials require harder crushing action. Soft
materials can be crushed with softer crushing


Another kind of
crusher is called a ball mill. Ball mills are used to break up ore into fine
powder. Ball mills consist of a rotating drum inside a stationary housing.
Inside the drum balls are dropped onto the ore. As the drum rotates the balls
fall down and hit the ore. The impact causes the ore to get pulverized into
tiny particles. Grinding is done by dropping the balls onto the


There are several different
types of sorter. One of the most popular ones is called a panning machine.
Panning machines are used to separate gold from sand and gravel. Sand and
gravel are mixed with water and placed in a pan. The mixture sits in the pan
while the heavier gold sinks to the bottom. After a few minutes the gold
settles to the bottom of the pan. The lighter sand and gravel stays above the
gold. The gold is then scooped out of the pan and put into another container.


amalgamator combines small particles together to create a single piece of
gold. An amalgamater consists of three main parts: a hopper a mixing chamber
and a trommel. In the hopper the ore is dumped into the mixing

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