List of Top 10 Best Golf Towel

Bestseller No. 1
3 Pack Golf Towel, MOSUMI Golf Towel for Golf Bags with Clip, Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel,Tri-fold Golf Towel, Blue, Black and Gray
  • 3 PACK GOLF TOWELS:3 different colors, black, gray and blue, these colors are good match to your golf bag, and you could replace the used towel with the others
  • EASY TO CLEAN UP: Microfiber waffle pattern golf towel is soft, absorbent and durable, easy to removes dirt, mud, sand and grass, keep the golf club, golf ball and your hand dry while playing golf
  • TRI-FOLD GOLF TOWEL WITH CLIP: Suitable size, neither long nor short, you could attach the towel to the golf bag or clip to your belt loop, very convenient to use and carry, saving the space of your golf bag
  • EXQUISITE GIFT:The premium golf towel could be the gift which It is beauty and elegance with exquisite crafts for your families and friends
SaleBestseller No. 2
Favritt 3 Pack Golf Towel Golf Club Cleaner Set,Microfiber Fabric Waffle Pattern Towels,Heavy Duty Carabiner Clip (3Pcs)
  • VALUE PACK COMBO- 2*Microfiber waffle weave golf towels + 1*Club Brush. 2 pack golf towels allow you always have one as a backup .Value golf club cleaner kit with litter cost.
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING: Made of high-quality Microfiber with waffle design, Favritt golf towel removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than any other cotton towels.
  • HEAVY-DURY CARABINER CLIP: Durable and hard Aluminum carabiner clip can attach the towel to your golf bag and prevents losing your towel. Super convenient and easy to use.
  • CLUB BRUSH GROOVE PICK-Golf brush cleaner is made of durable plastic handle, nylon bristles and aluminum carabiner.2 Ft retractable zip-line can be attached to the bag and easy for reach and use during the play.Best cleaning tool for golf clubs and spikes,spike for cleaning deep in grooves and golf shoes.
  • WATER ABSORBENCY: Favritt Golf Towel is made of microfiber material, which absorbs less water than cotton, easier to wash and carry,soft material can protect your hands. Your best partner in the golf field.
Bestseller No. 3
Golf Towels,3 Pack Tri-fold Golf Towel for Golf Bags with Carabiner Clip, Premium Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel for Men Women (Black/Gray/Blue)
  • CLASSIC COLORS :In this golf towels set, we provide 3 classic and not out of date Colors for you-Black(Black Edging) + Gray(Black Edging)+ Blue(Black Edging),You can choose the matching color of golf towel for golf bags, club suit and your favorite team.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Golf towels for golf bags made of high-quality microfiber waffle weave. Xgunion golf towel removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than any other cotton towels.
  • WATER ABSORBENCY: Natural light golf towel is made of premium microfiber material, which absorbs less water than cotton. golf towel is washable and colorfast. Soft material can protect your hands. It's the best partner for you in the golf field.
  • HEAVY CLIP&LOOP DESIGN: The golf towels have 3 loops and 1 hook design. Durable and hard aluminum Carabiner clip to easily hang the towel on your golf bag or waist, so you can have it handy when most needed, very convenient to hang.
  • PORTABLE&EXQUISITE GIFT: Golf towels for golf bags with suitable size is 16”x16” neither long nor short very convenient to use and carry, saving the space of your golf bag. This Set of golf towels can be a perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues who love golf and other outdoor activities.
SaleBestseller No. 4
ToVii Golf Towel Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel | Brush Tool Kit with Club Groove Cleaner | Golf Divot Tool | Golf Accessories for Men
  • VALUE 3 PACK MICROFIBER GOLF TOWEL : Great size design to clip to your golf bag or your belt loop. 3 pack golf towels allow you always have one as a backup. Take it with you to the course, clean your golf ball before putting, clean your club after swings.
  • FOLDABLE DIVOT TOOL: Foldable divot tool to avoid catch on your pocket or finger, pop down button for easy unfold of the fixer.Can be used as a Groove Cleaner to remove mud and debris from irons. Magnet ball-marker that attaches to the divot tool.
  • POWERFUL CLUB BRUSH : Extremely durable plastic handle, nylon bristles and aluminum carabiner.Retractable 2 ft. zip-line carabiner makes it easy to attach to your golf bag.Quick and efficient cleaning of irons while on the fairway, best cleaning tools for golf clubs and spikes, spike for cleaning deep in grooves and golf shoes.
  • MULTICOLORS CHOICES: 3 colors golf towel matches your bag, club and favorite team.Microfiber material absorbs less water than cotton, easier to wash and carry.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE : 3*jumbo size professional, microfiber waffle weave golf towels + 1*Foldable Divot Tool + 1*Club Brush.
Bestseller No. 5
Fpxnb 2 Pack Tri-fold Golf Towel Set, Microfiber Fabric Waffle Pattern Towels, Heavy Duty Carabiner Clip (2 Pcs, 2 Colors)
  • 2 STYLISH COLORS: In this set, we provide 2 Colors for you - Black + Gray (Black Edging) / Red (Black Edging)+ Pink (Black Edging) / Black (Black Edging) + Navy Blue (Black Edging)
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING: Made of high-quality Microfiber with waffle design, Fpxnb Tri-fold Golf Towel removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than any other cotton towels
  • HEAVY-DURY CARABINER CLIP: Durable and hard Aluminum Carabiner Clip can attach the towel to your golf bag and prevents losing your towel. Super Convenient and easy to use
  • WATER ABSORBENCY: Fpxnb Golf Towel is made of Microfiber Material, which absorbs less water than cotton, easier to wash and carry. Your best partner in the golf field
  • GREAT GIFT & CUSTOMER SUPPORT- This Set can be a great gift for your friends that love golf sports. You are also supported by our great after-sale support
Bestseller No. 6
Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel | Premium Microfiber Fabric | Waffle Pattern | Heavy Duty Carabiner Clip (Black )
  • COLORS: More color selections that match your bag, club set and your favorite team: PINK, BLUE, BLACK/DARK NAVY, RED, BROWN, ORANGE, DARK GREEN.
  • CLEANING: Microfiber with waffle design removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than cotton towels.
  • HEAVY DURY CLIP: Aluminum clip/carabiner that conveniently attaches to your golf bag and prevents loose clip and lost towels.
  • SIZE: Tri-fold of 16”x21” using less space on the bag and easy for carrying.
  • WATER ABSORBENCY: Microfiber Material absorbs less water than cotton, easier to wash and carry.
Bestseller No. 7
TaylorMade Microfiber Cart Towel (Gray), 15" x 24"
  • Soft and absorbent waffle-weave construction
  • Nylon webbing bag loop
  • TaylorMade Embroidery
  • Dimensions: 15" x 24"
  • 85% polyester, 15% Polyamide
Bestseller No. 9
Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel (16" X 16") with Carabiner Clip, Waffle Pattern Golf Towel Hook and Loop Fastener - The Convenient Golf Cleaning Towel Black/Grey/Red
  • Convenient Golf Towel: each Handy Picks waffle pattern microfiber golf towel is sized at 16" x 16", it is designed to be handy and to fit in your pocket. Take it with you to the course, clean your golf ball before putting, clean your club after swings, clean your eyewear with no streaks.
  • Superb cleaning ability: light-weighted microfiber but amazingly absorbent, the waffle pattern towel gets to the dimples on the golf ball and into the grooves of your club, it cleans your sunglasses with no streaks left. The microfiber towel is easy to clean, its fast drying feature helps you stay away from unpleasant odor.
  • Built-in carabiner: the carabiner allows you to clip the towel to somewhere within your reach on the course, clip it to your golf bag, your belt or your golf cart so that you can take advantage of this super absorbent microfiber towel and keep your gear clean at any time.
  • Practical hook and loop fastener: each towel came wrapped by a 10" long hook and loop fastener, it helps you to keep your towels organized when not in use.
  • Package list: in this pack, you get 3 super absorbent waffle pattern microfiber towels, 3 metal carabiners, 3 hook and loop straps. Enjoy your whole new golf experience with Handy Picks and Order Now!
Bestseller No. 10
E9 Golf Caddy Towel - Large 22" x 44" Caddie Style Golf Towel Design - Play What The Tour Players Play. Simple, Clean Design - White and Black Color Options Available (White - Black Stripes)
  • Large 22" x 44" design, in both black and white base colors with quintessential stripe design
  • Great Value: Don't overpay for a Titleist or Taylor Made Players Towel when you can sport an E9 golf towel by Wincraft
  • Ribbed texture with Vintage stripe design. Super soft cotton construction and easy to wash and use.
  • These golf towels are incredibly versatile, whether used to clean out those dirty grooves, wipe the sweat from your brow, or clean up a muddy shoe from trying to hit a miracle recovery from the penalty area.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best golf towel

Golf towels are designed to be used during play. They’re typically made of cotton and absorbent material. They’re available in different colors and patterns. Some are machine washable while others require hand washing. There are many types of golf towels including beach towels bath towels kitchen towels and sport towels. Each type has its own unique features and benefits.

The most important benefit of using a golf towel is that it absorbs sweat and moisture. Sweat is a natural byproduct of playing sports. However perspiration can cause discomfort and lead to dehydration. Using a golf towel will allow you to stay comfortable and hydrated throughout your round.

Yes! Golf towels are good for your skin because they provide a barrier between your body and the elements. During play your hands and feet become exposed to the sun and wind. Sunburn is common among amateur players who neglect proper sunscreen application. Wearing a golf towel will shield your skin from harmful rays. Additionally wearing a golf towel will reduce chaffing caused by rubbing against clothing.

Yes! Golf towels are ideal for washing hands after playing. Simply wet the towel and rub your hands together. Then rinse thoroughly. Make sure to dry your hands completely before putting on gloves or applying lotion.

No! Golf towels aren’t meant to be used as laundry detergent. Instead they’re intended to be used as a protective layer between your clothes and the outside elements. While they’re effective at absorbing sweat and moisture they’re not very effective at removing dirt.

It depends on where you live. Most golf courses prohibit the use of umbrellas due to safety concerns.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Golf Towel

Golfers love to play golf because it gives them a chance to relax and unwind. However there are many different types of golf equipment available today which makes choosing the right type of golf towel essential. There are two main types of golf towels; synthetic and natural. Synthetic golf towels are generally cheaper than natural ones however they lack durability and absorbency. Natural golf towels are typically thicker and heavier than synthetic ones making them ideal for those who enjoy playing golf outdoors.

Synthetic vs Natural Golf Towels

Natural golf towels are generally thicker and heavier than synthetics. They are designed to be durable and long lasting. Synthetic golf towels are thinner and lighter weight than natural ones. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around. Both types of golf towels provide excellent absorption properties although natural golf towels are slightly superior to synthetics.

How To Choose Between Them

There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding between these two types of golf towels. First you must decide whether you plan to use your golf towel inside or outside. For example if you’re going to use your golf towel indoors you should opt for a synthetic towel. If you plan to use your golf towel outdoors you should go for a natural one. Second you should consider the amount of moisture you expect to encounter while using your golf towel. If you plan to use your golf towel in humid conditions you should get a thick and heavy-duty towel. Third you should think about the material your golf towel is made from. Some golf towels are made from polyester nylon cotton rayon etc. whereas others are made from 100% cotton. Finally you should consider the price of your golf towel. Generally speaking the higher the price tag the better the quality of the product.

Cheap golf towels are readily available online. Many websites sell cheap golf towels at discounted prices. However you should always check the reviews of each website before ordering anything. Reviews allow you to see exactly what kind of products customers receive.

Golf towels are essential accessories for anyone who loves playing golf. Whether you’re hitting balls on the range or taking part in tournaments these towels provide comfort and style while protecting your clothes. Here are some features to look for when choosing a golf towel.

Size Matters

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a golf towel is its size. The best golf towels are large enough to cover your entire body during play. However they shouldn’t be too big either. Too big a towel could get caught in the wheels of your cart or become tangled around your feet. Also if you plan on using your towel as a blanket make sure it has plenty of room to fold into a compact shape.


Another key factor to consider when shopping for a golf towel is whether or not it can withstand repeated washing. Most golf towels are machine washable although some require handwashing. Hand-washable towels are ideal because they allow you to remove dirt and sweat without ruining the fabric. Machine-washable towels are easier to care for and maintain making them the perfect choice for those who love to hit the links.


Some golf towels are waterproof which makes them ideal for outdoor activities. Waterproof golf towels are designed to repel water preventing moisture from soaking through the material. While many waterproof golf towels are breathable others aren’t. Breathability is important because it prevents perspiration buildup inside the towel. Perspiration can cause discomfort and chafing especially when wearing long sleeve shirts.


While there are no rules regarding the type of fabric used in golf towels cotton is generally considered the best option. Cotton is soft durable and easy to care for. Some manufacturers claim their products are hypoallergenic however this isn’t always true. Hypoallergenic fabrics are typically treated with chemicals to reduce allergies but these treatments can leave residue behind. In addition some synthetic materials contain harsh chemicals that can irritate skin.

Tear ResistantDifferent Types of Golf Towels

Golf towels are available in different types and designs. There are many different kinds of golf towels which include; beach towel bath towel hand towel kitchen towel shower towel sport towel travel towel etc. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. The most common ones are listed here.

Beach Towel

The beach towel is very popular among golfers because it is lightweight and easy to carry around. Beach towels are designed to be folded into small packages and stored away in a bag. Beach towels are ideal for those who play golf during summer months. They are light weight and comfortable to wear while playing golf. However beach towels are not suitable for winter weather conditions since they cannot withstand cold temperatures.

Bath Towel

Bath towels are generally thicker than beach towels. Bath towels are perfect for those who enjoy taking baths. They are soft and absorbent making them ideal for soaking in hot water. Bath towels are commonly used by athletes and sportsmen. They are also useful for traveling and camping purposes.

Hand Towel

Hand towels are thin and compact. Hand towels are best suited for washing hands and face. They are also good for drying wet hair and removing perspiration from the skin. Hand towels are typically used by women and children.

Shower Towel

Shower towels are thick and durable. Shower towels are designed to withstand high temperature and moisture levels. They are ideal for bathing and swimming. Shower towels are also ideal for travelling and camping.

Sport Towel

Sport towels are designed to provide comfort and warmth. Sport towels are ideal for outdoor activities including hiking fishing hunting skiing snowboarding surfing boating and cycling. Sport towels are also ideal for sporting events such as football baseball basketball hockey soccer tennis volleyball rugby cricket boxing wrestling martial arts etc.

Travel Towel

Travel towels are designed to be portable and convenient.


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  • 2 Ball Putter
  • 2 Hybrid
  • 2 Wood Golf Club
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  • 4 Person Golf Cart
  • 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • 46 Degree Wedge
  • 48 Degree Wedge
  • 5 Hybrid
  • 5 Iron
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  • 5 Wood Golf Club
  • 50 Degree Wedge
  • 52 Degree Wedge
  • 54 Degree Wedge
  • 56 Degree Wedge
  • 58 Degree Wedge
  • 6 Iron
  • 6 Passenger Golf Cart
  • 60 Degree Wedge
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  • 64 Degree Wedge
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  • 7 Wood
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