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Bestseller No. 1
Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set - Metal Horseshoe Game Set for Adults + Kids - Official Weight Steel Horseshoes - Beach + Lawn Horseshoes - Family Set
  • OFFICIAL SIZE AND WEIGHT HORSESHOES: Look no further for an official size set. The Family horseshoe set includes (2) blue horseshoes and (2) silver horseshoes made of forged steel and built to last for years
  • SOLID STEEL STAKES: This set comes with (2) 20. 0" inch solid forged steel stakes that are built to stand up to years and years of ringers. Just plant 9-10" in the ground and you're ready to play.
  • HORSESHOE WEIGHT: Each official size horseshoe weighs 2. 1 pounds and is designed to be evenly weighted and balanced for consistent flight and rotation
  • CARRYING CASE: Each set comes with a carrying case included so you can quickly pack the game up and bring it on the go, or store away easily when not in use
  • GREAT OUTDOOR FUN: Perfect for the beach, backyard, an outing or your next party. It's all about the details and this horseshoe set has all you need for a day of fun with family and friends.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Champion Sports Classic Horseshoe Set: Traditional Outdoor Lawn Game includes Four Professional Solid Steel Horseshoes with Solid Steel Stakes & Carrying Case
  • TRADITIONAL HORSESHOE SET: Enjoy the classic backyard toss game with family and friends while you camp, tailgate, or bbq; Pair with games like bocce ball and corn whole for 3X the backyard or beach fun
  • SOLID STEEL HORSESHOES & STAKES: Professional quality, regulation weighted metal horseshoe set includes 4 solid steel pitching shoes and 2 durable 24 inch steel metal stakes
  • HIGHEST QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Unlike cheap plastic horseshoes, our shoes are made to last even after years of outdoor lawn games and all weather horseshoe pit play
  • CONVENIENT CARRYING CASE: Game set includes our custom nylon carrying bag for easy transport and storage of your horseshoes in the car, truck, van, or even while walking.
  • READY TO PLAY: Easy to follow instructions makes getting started for gameplay simple and fun for kids and adult beginners alike - set comes complete with everything needed to play.
Bestseller No. 3
GoSports Horseshoes Regulation Game Set - Includes 4 Horseshoes, 2 Stakes and Carrying Case
  • REGULATION HORSESHOES: Bring back old-school fun with horseshoes! Set includes 2 stakes, 4 horseshoes (2 Red, 2 Blue) and carrying case for storage and portability
  • CLASSIC LAWN GAME: GoSports is throwing it back to the classics with this regulation sized horseshoes game that’s more durable than plastic sets
  • SOCIAL EVENT FAVORITE: Hours of fun with friends and family at your next cookout, beach day, tailgate, holiday weekend and more. Include a bonus carrying case for taking your game on the go!
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Durable construction to resist breaking, rust and corrosion
Bestseller No. 4
Triumph Steel Horseshoe Set - Includes 4 Steel Horseshoes and 2 Stakes
  • AN UPGRADE TO A BELOVED CLASSIC: Take home the win with Triumph's Steel Horseshoes Set
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR GATHERINGS: Excellent game for backyard fun with your friends and family
  • FOUR CAST HORSESHOES: Eliminate your competitors with the four cast horseshoes
  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING: Ultra-durable powder-coated gold and silver hammer finish won't fade
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Horseshoes set includes two 20" stakes with silver hammer finish
SaleBestseller No. 5
Baden Champions Horseshoe Set- Tournament Quality Forged Steel Construction, Gray/Black
  • Tested and approved by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA)
  • Forged steel construction for maximum toughness and enhanced durability. Forged steel is stronger than cast iron or traditional steel construction
  • Each horseshoe is medium weight 2. 25 lbs. , steel stakes are 24” long and ¾” wide
  • Set comes in 1680 denier durable nylon bag with reinforced pockets, dedicated storage compartments for horseshoes and stakes, and Velcro handle for easy carrying
  • Conveniently store (2) black forged steel horseshoes, (2) grey forged steel horseshoes and (2) 24” steel stakes in (1) 1680 denier durable nylon bag with reinforced pockets and Velcro handle. Rules and instructions are included
SaleBestseller No. 6
Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set
  • Rubber design for all ages: These Lightweight horseshoes are easy to throw and aim compared to traditional metal horseshoes, and their soft design also makes them safe to use for kids and adults
  • Indoor or outdoor play: Designed with lightweight rubber playing mats and horseshoes, this horseshoe game is suitable for indoor or outdoor use as it will not damage floors or walls during games and is sure to stay in place
  • Bright, vibrant colors: This horseshoe set comes with bright red and blue horseshoes along with vibrant yellow pegs, improving visibility for outdoor play and making it easier for players to see their target when throwing the horseshoes
  • Everything you need to play: With 4 horseshoes, 2 rubber mats with center pegs, and 2 red plastic dowels, this horseshoe set comes with everything needed to start a game in your backyard, on the playground, or in the gym
  • Quick, easy set up: Made to be easy and convenient to set up and tear-down, this horseshoe game is simple enough for anyone, including kids, to put together on their own right out of the box
Bestseller No. 7
St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set
  • FREE ACCESSORIES AND SHIPPING - The complete set includes the official rulebook and a black plastic tote for carrying the set on top of the 60-day manufacturer warranty. Order from Dazadi and youll also get FREE shipping.
  • PITCH LIKE THE PROS - This world class horseshoe design has longer tips to grab the stake and a ringer breaker to rotate the shoe. Whats more, it has a finger positioner so you can hold it like the pros.
  • RUGGED AND DURABLE - 4 forged steel American horseshoes (Blue and Gray) and 2 solid steel 24-inch stakes are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
  • WORLD CLASS DESIGN - Made in the USA and designed by a World Champion Horseshoe pitcher, this horseshoes unique shape places it a cut above the rest.
Bestseller No. 8
SpeedArmis Horseshoes Set, Universal Size Lawn Horseshoes Outdoor Games for Parties Beach Backyard - Includes 4 Horseshoes & 2 Steel Stakes & Durable Carrying Bag
  • 【CLASSIC RECREATIONAL HORSESHOE SET】SpeedArmis horse shoes set is great for outdoor, open space is more fun, enjoy the classic backyard toss game with family and friends for the beach, parties, picnic, camp, tailgate, backyard, and even on a rainy day. Each horseshoe measures 6.7in long and 7.3in high. Each steel stakes is 23in long and 0.63in wide.
  • 【SOLID FORGED STEEL MATERIAL】The horseshoes lawn game is made of solid forged steel, 4 horseshoes about 6.6kg, heavy-weight steel horse shoes for good old-fashioned fun! Compared to the rubber or plastic horseshoes game sets, ours is more durable for a long time. Besides solid construction and polished surface resist breaking, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • 【PERFECT FOR ALL AGES】This lawn horseshoes game set is easy to learn and play by anyone. Simple enough for anyone, including teenagers, adults, the old. Provide your family and friends with hours of fun at your next cookout, beach day, tailgate, holiday weekend and more.
  • 【EASY TO SET UP & PROTABLE】The horseshoes regulation game set is easy to set up within several seconds as well as easy to learn th game rule. With a handy nylon carrying bag for transport and storage, it is available to keep everything in one carry case, easy to take out for family reunion, picnic, backyard, camping, trips game and more.
  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDED & PERFECT GIFT】SpeedArmis horseshoes outside game set includes everything you need to start a Indoor&Outdoor horse game activity, including 4 horse shoes( 2 sliver, 2 blue), and 2 steel stakes to drive deep into the ground,1 durable nylon carry bag and the playing instruction. The Premium Horse Shoes Game with fashion Grey Blue-Grey Silver outlook makes it the appropriate gift for birthday, graduation, festival or daily award.
Bestseller No. 9
Franklin Sports Horseshoe Set - Steel Horseshoes and Stakes - Official Size and Weight - Perfect for Yard and Beach - Advanced
  • ALL IN ONE: The Advanced Horseshoe set comes complete with 4 forged steel horseshoes and 2 steel forged scoring stakes so you have everything you need to play
  • DURABLE: The forged steel construction of the horseshoes and stakes ensure premium playability year after year
  • PORTABLE: This set comes with its own portable carrying case so it is easy to take with you to the beach, the backyard, or anywhere else
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: The steel construction of this set makes sure it is ready to play in all weather conditions so you can get the game going rain or shine
  • OFFICIAL WEIGHT: Each horseshoe weighs 2.4 pounds in accordance with official size and weight standards
SaleBestseller No. 10
Pro Horseshoe Set - Powder Coated Steel with Carry Case by Trademark Innovations
  • Enjoy some old-fashioned horseshoes with this quality and well-priced set
  • Set includes two stakes to drive into the ground and two sets of well-weighted horseshoes
  • Manufactured by Trademark Innovations

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How to choose the
best horseshoe set

What is the Purpose Of A Horseshoe Set?

Horseshoes are shoes designed specifically for horses. Horse shoe sets include two pairs of shoes, which are attached together using straps. One pair of shoes has a metal plate called a toe piece while the second pair does not. Both pairs of shoes must be worn simultaneously to ensure proper fit.

How Do Horses Wear Their Shoes?

The horse’s hoof grows continuously throughout its lifetime. As the hoof grows, nails grow along with it. Eventually, these nails become too long and begin to rub against each other causing pain. To avoid this problem, horseshoers trim the nails periodically. However, because the nail growth rate varies among different breeds of horses, horseshoers cannot always predict exactly when the nails will reach maximum length. Therefore, horseshoe manufacturers recommend that owners check the size of the nails regularly.

Why Are There Two Types of Horseshoes?

There are many types of horseshoes available today. Some horseshoes are designed to accommodate specific needs. For example, there are horseshoes designed for racing purposes, horseshoes designed for riding lessons, and horseshoes designed for trail riding. In addition, horseshoes vary according to the type of terrain where the horse spends most of his/her time. For instance, horseshoes designed for flat ground are generally thicker than those designed for mountainous areas.

Types of Horseshoes

There are three main categories of horseshoes: nailed, shod, and spiked. Nailed horseshoes are fastened directly onto the hooves using screws. Shod horseshoes are held in place by a strap around the foot. Spiked horseshoes consist of spikes protruding from the bottom of the shoe. All three types of horseshoes are suitable for both flat and rocky terrain.

Nailed Horseshoes

Nailed horseshoes are the oldest style of horseshoes. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Because they require no special tools, they are ideal for beginners who lack experience installing horseshoes. Nailed horseshoes are typically constructed of steel wire mesh covered with leather. The wire mesh protects the hoof from sharp objects and rough terrain. Leather covers the top half of the shoe to keep dirt away from the hoof.

Horse shoes are essential tools for horse owners who wish to keep their horses healthy and happy. Horse shoe sets consist of two parts – the horseshoes themselves and the nails which hold these horseshoes onto the hoof. There are many different types of horseshoes available today, each designed specifically for certain purposes. Some horseshoes are designed to be worn only during specific times of the year while others are intended to be used throughout the entire year.

Types of Horseshoes Available Today

There are three main categories of horseshoes available today. First there are those horseshoes known as “flat” or “round”. Flat horseshoes are generally considered to be the most durable type of horseshoe because they fit tightly around the foot of the horse. Round horseshoes are slightly larger than flat ones and allow room between the toe and heel of the horse. Both round and flat horseshoes are typically constructed using steel or aluminum materials. Steel horseshoes are stronger than aluminum ones and last longer. Aluminum horseshoes are lighter weight and easier to install. However, they wear faster than steel ones. Finally, there are horseshoes called “toe nailers”, which are essentially large spikes attached directly to the front part of the horseshoe. Toe nailer horseshoes are primarily used for training young horses and preventing injury to the feet of mature horses.

How Do Horses Wear Their Shoes?

As mentioned above, horseshoes are designed to fit snugly around the hooves of the horse. As a result, the horseshoe must remain tight enough to stay securely fastened to the hoof. Over time, however, the pressure exerted upon the hoof causes the material of the horseshoe to stretch and eventually break away from the hoof. Once the horseshoe has been removed, the horse loses its ability to walk properly. In addition, the horse becomes susceptible to injuries caused by sharp objects such as rocks and sticks. Therefore, it is important to replace the horseshoe regularly.

It is very important to maintain proper care of your horse’s shoes. Regular inspection of the shoes is necessary to ensure that they are still secure and intact. If the horseshoe begins to loosen, it needs to be replaced immediately. Failure

Horse shoes are essential tools for horse owners who wish to keep their horses healthy and happy. Horse shoe sets consist of two parts; the horseshoe itself and the toe piece which fits into the front part of the hoof. There are many different types of horseshoes available today including steel, aluminum, plastic and composite materials. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we take a closer look at each type of horseshoe and give our recommendations based on these features.

Steel Horseshoes

The most common type of horseshoe found in tack shops across America is the steel horseshoe. Steel horseshoes are very durable and long lasting. However, they are heavy and difficult to fit properly onto the hooves of horses. In addition, steel horseshoes are prone to rusting and corroding making them unsuitable for outdoor riding where water exposure is likely.

Aluminum Horseshoes

Another popular choice among horse owners is the lightweight aluminum horseshoe. Aluminum horseshoes are easy to install and remove. They are light weight and relatively inexpensive compared to steel horseshoes. However, aluminum horseshoes are not recommended for indoor riding due to their tendency to crack and break.

Plastic Horseshoes

Finally, there are plastic horseshoes. Plastic horseshoes are lighter than steel and aluminum horseshoes. They are also easier to bend and shape around the hoof. Some manufacturers claim that plastic horseshoes last longer than steel and aluminum versions. However, plastic horseshoes are still susceptible to cracking and breaking.

Composite Horseshoes

There are now several companies producing composite horseshoes. Composite horseshoes are made using fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP). FRPs are strong yet flexible and resistant to corrosion. Composite horseshoes are generally considered superior to both steel and aluminum versions.

In order to ensure proper fitting of the horseshoe, the toe piece must be fitted correctly. The toe piece consists of three main components; the heel cup, the sole plate and the shank. The heel cup is designed to hold the horsesh

Horse shoes are essential tools for horse owners who wish to keep their horses healthy and happy. Horse shoe sets include two different kinds of horseshoes – metal and plastic. Metal horseshoes are generally preferred because they are lighter weight and easier to fit onto a hoof. Plastic horseshoes are cheaper and last longer, however, they are heavier and harder to put on.

Metal Horseshoes

The most common type of metal horseshoe is called a “round” horseshoe. Round horseshoes are designed to be placed around the entire foot of the horse. Round horseshoes are available in several styles including flat, half round, full round, and quarter round. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a flat horseshoe does not cover the frog (the part of the hoof between the toe and heel) which could lead to problems with laminitis. Flat horseshoes are best suited for light riding activities where there is little chance of injury. Half round horseshoes are slightly larger than a standard round horshoe and are ideal for heavy riders. Full round horseshoes are large enough to completely encircle the hoof and are suitable for both light and heavy riding. Quarter round horseshoes are smaller than a regular round horshoe and are only appropriate for small breeds of horses.

Plastic Horseshoes

Plastic horseshoes are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they are prone to cracking and breaking. Because plastic horseshoes are cheap, many horse owners opt to replace broken ones rather than repair them. Some plastic horseshoes are molded into a specific shape while others are shaped using heat and pressure. Heat and pressure molding creates a stronger horseshoe that lasts longer.

How To Install Them

To properly fit a horseshoe, measure the width of each leg of the horse’s hoof. Then cut the horseshoe according to these measurements. Place the horseshoe on top of the hoof and press firmly. Remove the horseshoe and check to see whether it fits correctly. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until the correct size is found. Once the horseshoe is fitted, trim away excess material. Use a file to remove sharp edges and rough spots. Finally, apply nail polish to the bottom of the horseshoe to seal

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