List of Top 10 Best Hybrid Golf Club Sets

Bestseller No. 1
Majek Men's Golf All Hybrid Complete Partial Set, which Includes: #7, 8, 9, PW Senior Flex Right Handed New Utility “A Flex Club
  • Right Handed
  • Senior Flex Velocity Graphite Shaft
  • Standard Length: #7=38 Inches: Loft=31 Degrees, #8=37 1/2 Inches: Loft=34 degrees, #9=37 Inches: Loft=37 Degrees, PW=36 1/2 Inches Loft=40 degrees
  • Men's Black Pro Velvet Grip
Bestseller No. 2
LAZRUS GOLF Premium Hybrid Golf Clubs for Men - 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW Right Hand & Left Hand Single Club, Graphite Shafts, Regular Flex (Black Right Hand, RH Set 6,7,8,9,PW (5 pcs))
  • GOLF HYBRIDS SOLD AS SINGLES: Thousands of Lazrus Golf clubs sold worldwide! Please choose right or left hand above. All skill levels!
  • SPECS: Graphite shafts – (2 hybrid/15 degree/41 length) – (3 hybrid/18 degree/40.5 length) – (4 hybrid/21 degree/40 length) – (5 hybrid/24 degree/39.5 length) – (6 hybrid/27 degree/39 length) – (7 hybrid/32 degree/38.75 length) – (8 hybrid/36 degree/39.25 length) – (9 hybrid/40 degree/37.75 length) – (PW hybrid/45 degree/37.25 length)
  • HANDS DOWN THE BEST QUALITY: Lazrus golf hybrids are made in the same place as some of today's "top" golf clubs - For 1/4 the price!
  • PRO QUALITY WITHOUT THE PRICE: Our premium hybrids for golf were created for normal everyday golfers like you, weekend warriors or scratch golfers but without the crazy price tag. Truly amazing golf clubs that will shave strokes at an amazing price.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Absolute 100% risk free purchase. Don't LOVE it? Simply return it! A deal that cannot be beat anywhere in the golf industry!
Bestseller No. 3
Left Handed Senior Men’s Golf All iDrive Hybrid Clubs Complete Full Set, which Includes: #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW Senior Flex with Premium Men's Arthritic Golf Grip
  • Left Handed
  • Senior Flex Velocity Graphite Shaft
  • Men's Standard Length: #3=40 Inches: Loft=19 Degrees, #4=39 1/2 Inches: Loft=22 Degrees, #5=39 Inches: Loft=25 Degrees, #6=38 1/2 Inches: Loft=28 Degrees, #7=38 Inches: Loft=31 Degrees, #8=37 1/2 Inches: Loft=34 degrees, #9=37 Inches: Loft=37 Degrees, PW=36 1/2 Inches Loft=40 degrees
  • UPGRADE FOR ALL 8 HYBRIDS: Premium Men's Arthritic Golf Grip
Bestseller No. 4
Menâ€s Powerbilt Golf EX-550 Hybrid Iron Set, which Includes: #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW +SW Regular Flex Graphite Right Handed New Utility Clubs
  • Right Handed. Regular Flex Graphite Shaft
  • Men's Black Pro Velvet Grips
  • Men's Standard Length: #4=38 1/2 Inches: Loft=24 Degrees, #5=38 Inches: Loft=27 Degrees, #6=37 1/2 Inches: Loft=30 Degrees, #7=37 Inches: Loft=33.5 Degrees, #8=36 1/2 Inches: Loft=37 degrees, #9=36 Inches: Loft=41 Degrees, PW=35 1/2 Inches Loft=45 degrees, SW=35 1/4 Inches Loft=56 degrees
  • SW features traditional wedge design
  • Hollow-body construction for high MOI/added forgiveness
Bestseller No. 5
Majek Senior Men’s Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set, which Includes: #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW Senior Flex Right Handed New Utility “A” Flex Club
  • Right Handed
  • Senior Flex Velocity Graphite Shaft
  • Men's Standard Length: #4=39 1/2 Inches: Loft=22 Degrees, #5=39 Inches: Loft=25 Degrees, #6=38 1/2 Inches: Loft=28 Degrees, #7=38 Inches: Loft=31 Degrees, #8=37 1/2 Inches: Loft=34 degrees, #9=37 Inches: Loft=37 Degrees, PW=36 1/2 Inches Loft=40 degrees
  • Men's Senior Size Black Pro Velvet Grip
SaleBestseller No. 6
PowerBilt Golf EX-550 Hybrid Iron Set 4-SW Men's RH Graphite A-Flex
  • Men's 4-SW set RH
  • Graphite-shafted Senior Flex
  • Hollow-body construction for high MOI / added forgiveness
SaleBestseller No. 7
Golf Clubs Complete Set for Men 13 Piece Includes Titanium Golf Driver, 3 & #5 Fairway Woods, 4 Hybrid, 5-SW Irons, Putter and Golf Bag
  • Perfect golf club set to meet all your needs!!! Golf club 13pc set include: Titanium matrix Driver, #3 & #5 Fairway Woods, #4 Hybrid, #5-SW Irons, lightweight golf cart bag. The new designs have made this complete golf club set easier to hit and to improve ease of launch from any lie on the course, adding distance in the process. Shape and weight positioning leads to more forgiveness in the new complete golf club set.
  • [DRIVER] Additional weight placed in the heel and toe areas of the sole gives this 460cc titanium matrix driver an optimized Center of Gravity. This new perimeter weighting and the driver’s new ultra-thin face improves forgiveness dramatically on off-center hits and provides a faster and higher launch off the face.
  • [FAIRWAY WOODS #3 & #5] The oversized, low-profile stainless steel 15- and 19-degree fairway woods come in new shapes that feature a lower CG so they are easy to hit and get the ball quickly into the air from any lie on the course.
  • [HYBRIDS #4] Designed to eliminate the hard-to-hit long iron, the forgiving No. 4 24-degree hybrid features an easy-to-hit stainless steel head with a low-profile design and a deeper CG. [IRONS] #5 - SW The new larger design for the distance-based irons are more heel and toe weighted and provide a lower Center of Gravity for amplified ball flights. The stainless steel, cavity back irons a large undercut cavity to produce a larger sweet spot and increased accuracy.
  • [PUTTERS] The anser-style putter features an easy-to-use alignment aid for accurate set up and a smooth stroke that keeps putts on line. [CART BAG] Lightweight golf bag (included with mens set) with 8 way divider top, dual, carry strap, and five zippered pockets. Deluxe cart bag (included with senior set) with 7 storage pockets including 2 large garment pockets.
Bestseller No. 8
Prosimmon Golf V7 Wood Set, Driver, Fairway and Hybrid, Mens Right Hand
  • WOOD SET - Driver, 3 wood and 5 hybrid included in this great value set
  • DRIVER - 460cc oversize driver with high MOI for more forgiveness. Alloy construction. Headcover included.
  • FAIRWAY WOOD - #3 fairway wood (15°) . For the longest approaches or slightly shorter tee shots, this club has a low and forward CG to help get the ball in the air flying at the target. Headcover included
  • HYBRID - #5 hybrid 24° completes the set. Replacing your longer irons, this club is built to be easy to hit and really forgiving from a wide range of lies.
  • SPECS – Men’s right hand. Fitted with regular flex graphite shafts
Bestseller No. 9
KVV Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set Includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, 5#-P# Irons, Putter, Cart Bag, Head Covers, Right Handed
  • The KVV Women’s Complete set is designed for outstanding performance right out of the box; The set includes: Driver, 3# Fairway, 5# Hybrid, 5# - P# Irons, Putter, Cart Bag and 3 Head covers.
  • Driver: Lightweight 460cc forged driver that has a large sweet spot and provides more forgiveness to help your ball flies farther off the tee.
  • Fairway Wood: Oversized 3# fairway wood with a more aerodynamic head shape for long flying shots also provides more forgiveness for beginners.
  • Hybrid: The 5# hybrid is a great alternative to long irons, enhancing your confidence on a variety of shots (Head cover included).
  • Irons: Have high flight technology that delivers distance, forgiveness, and control from stainless steel.
Bestseller No. 10
PXG 0211 Z Full Bag Set from 6 Iron Thru Sand Wedge with Driver, Fairway, Putter and Hybrid with Graphite Shafts for Left or Right Handed Golfers (Right, Graphite, Regular)
  • FULL 10-PIECE SET -The 0211 Z Full Bag includes 1 Driver, 1 Fairway, 1 Hybrid, 6 Hybrid-Irons (6-S), 1 0211 Hellcat Putter, 4 PXG Headcovers, 1 PXG Hat, and 1 PXG Lightweight Carry Stand Bag
  • FOR BEGINNERS AND OCCASIONAL GOLFERS - With PXG 0211 Z Golf Clubs, youll look like youve been playing the game for quite a while even if you are a newbie or an occasional golfer; We baked everything we know about golf club technology into these clubs to make them extremely easy to hit, so you can launch it high, keep it in play and have more fun
  • CUSTOM BUILT - Built by hand to your unique specifications, PXG 0211 Z Golf Clubs are designed for players new to the game or the occasional golfer
  • Package Dimensions: 48 inch L x 11 inch W x 9 inch H

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best hybrid golf club sets

Golfers who play both traditional and modern equipment enjoy the benefits of each type of club. For example drivers provide distance while irons allow for accuracy. Hybrids combine these two types of clubs into one package. In addition to providing versatility hybrids are designed to be easier to swing and control than traditional woods.

Hybrid Clubs Are Versatile

The most common hybrid designs include three-piece sets four-piece sets five-piece sets six-piece sets seven-piece sets eight-piece sets nine-piece sets ten-piece sets eleven-piece sets twelve-piece sets thirteen-piece sets fourteen-piece sets fifteen-piece sets sixteen-piece sets seventeen-piece sets Each design has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Benefit From Both Types Of Clubs

Traditional woods are typically heavier and stiffer than hybrids. As a result they’re harder to hit and require more effort to swing. However because they’re lighter and softer they’re easier to swing and control. Because of this players who switch between traditional and modern equipment benefit from using both types of clubs.

Easier To Swing

Because hybrids are lighter and softer than traditional woods they’re easier to swing. Players who struggle to get a solid grip on a heavy stick can now take advantage of the light weight and softness of a hybrid. Additionally since hybrids are easier to swing they’re easier to control.

More Accurate Shots

Since hybrids are lighter and softer than traditional woods they’re easier to swing and control. As a result players can achieve greater distances with fewer swings. Since hybrids are easier to swing they’re easier to control. Therefore players can aim for targets farther away with fewer shots.

Golfers who play both traditional and modern equipment alike must be aware of the differences between these two types of clubs. Traditional sets consist of woods irons and putters while hybrids are designed to provide players with a combination of distance and control. In order to get the most out of each type of club it is important to understand which features are best suited for each type of golfer. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a high-quality hybrid golf club set.

1) Better Accuracy

Hybrids are typically built around a metal shaft rather than graphite. Metal shafts are lighter and stronger than graphite ones making them ideal for long drives. Graphite shafts are generally preferred by those who wish to hit shorter shots because they allow for greater forgiveness. However there are many advantages to using a hybrid including increased accuracy and improved ball speed. Because of the unique design of hybrids they are able to produce higher launch angles and spin rates than traditional models. As a result you will see fewer hook and slice errors.

2) Increased Distance

Many golfers believe that hybrids are only good for short distances. While this is true hybrids are actually very effective drivers. Many manufacturers claim that hybrids are capable of hitting 300 yards. Some even go as far as saying that they can reach 350 yards! Hybrids are especially useful for those who struggle with putting. Since hybrids are designed to give you more power behind the ball they are perfect for driving greenside bunker shots. Additionally since they are designed to maximize distance they are excellent for mid range shots. Finally hybrids are extremely versatile and can be used effectively for approach shots chip shots and lob shots.

3) Improved Control

While hybrids are primarily known for being powerful they are also incredibly forgiving. Most hybrids are equipped with oversized heads that increase face flexibility. This makes them easier to swing and gives you more options when striking the ball. Furthermore hybrids are designed to minimize torque meaning that they are easy to learn and require little practice to master. With proper technique you can achieve amazing results with a hybrid.

Golfers who play both traditional and modern equipment alike must be aware of the features available in each type of club.

Your swing style – Are you a player who likes to hit the ball long distances or short ones? Do you prefer to strike the ball high or low? Knowing these preferences will allow you to select the appropriate club for your game.

The distance you typically travel – How far do you normally drive the ball? Is there a specific part of the course where you struggle most? Knowing the distance you typically cover will give you insight into the ideal length of shaft for your needs.

Your playing conditions – Weather conditions wind speed humidity etc. can affect the performance of certain types of clubs. Knowing the weather conditions you’re likely to encounter during your round will help you decide whether to bring along a particular piece of equipment.

Your budget – While many players enjoy purchasing premium-quality equipment others opt for cheaper options because they cannot afford to pay top dollar for everything they own. Knowing your budget will help you narrow down your choices and ensure you get the best value for money.

Types of Clubs Available

There are three main categories of golf clubs: woods irons and hybrids. Woods are designed to provide maximum distance while providing solid control. Irons are designed to maximize accuracy and forgiveness. Hybrids are designed to combine the benefits of woods and irons. Each category has its pros and cons.

Woods – Woods are generally heavier than irons and are designed to deliver maximum distance. Their large sweet spot makes them easier to control and gives them greater forgiveness. However woods lack the ability to impart spin onto the ball. As a result they require more effort to launch the ball. Wood drivers are typically longer than iron sets and are designed to fit inside a standard sized bag.

Different Types of Hybrid Utility Clubs

Hybrid utility sets are designed to be versatile enough to play both traditional golf and tennis. The set consists of two different types of clubs; woods and irons. Woods are typically long-distance drivers while irons are shorter distance clubs. Hybrids are designed to provide players with the best of both worlds. Players can switch between these two styles depending on the situation. For example if the player has a short iron shot he could hit his driver and vice versa. In addition hybrids allow players to change the length of the club based on the type of shot needed. For instance if the player needs a mid-iron shot he could switch to a 3-wood.

Types of Hybrid Golf Clubs

There are three main types of hybrids available today. Each type offers its own unique benefits.

The fairway metal – Fairway metals are designed to give players a solid swing path and increase ball speed. Typically these clubs are slightly heavier than regular hybrids and have a higher lofted head. They are ideal for shots around 100 yards away.

The lob wedge – Lob wedges are designed to create a high launch angle and produce a low trajectory. These clubs are generally lighter than fairway metals and have lower lofts. They are perfect for shots around 150 yards away.

The sand wedge – Sand wedges are designed to generate spin and control. They are typically very light and have a smaller sweet spot. These clubs are ideal for shots around 175 yards away.

Benefits of Using Hybrid Golf Clubs

Using hybrids gives players many advantages. First they’re easier to learn because they require fewer swings per hole. Second they improve accuracy due to increased forgiveness. Third hybrids are good for beginners because they are easy to master. Finally hybrids are useful for advanced players who need to adjust their game plan according to the conditions. For example if the weather turns bad players can switch to a fairway metal and still get the same results.

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