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What Is The Purpose Of An
Ioni Cosmetics?

Ioni cosmetics are a line of skin care
products created by Dr. Steven Chang. He developed these products based on
his own research into the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on human
health. His goal was to create a product that could be used daily to reduce
exposure to EMR while still providing effective results. In addition he
wanted to develop a product that was safe enough for everyday

How Does Ioni Work?

The ioni
cosmetic line contains two types of products; face masks and body lotions.
Both contain ingredients that absorb harmful EMR and neutralize its negative
effects. The face mask works by absorbing the EMR directly onto the skin.
Once absorbed the EMR becomes trapped within the molecules of the mask. As
long as the mask remains on the skin the trapped EMR cannot escape back into
the air. The body lotion works differently. Instead of trapping the EMR
inside the molecule it absorbs the EMR into the oil base of the lotion. Then
once applied to the skin the lotion spreads throughout the entire layer of
skin. Because the lotion has no solid particles it does not trap the EMR.
Therefore the EMR can freely pass through the skin and enter the

Benefits of Using Ioni

There are many benefits to using ioni cosmetics.
First because the products are non-toxic there are no side effects associated
with using them. Second because the products are designed to absorb the EMR
they provide a protective shield around the user. Third since the products
are formulated specifically for each individual person they are able to target
specific areas of concern. For example someone who suffers from dry skin may
benefit from using a moisturizing body lotion. Finally the products are
affordable and easy to obtain. All you need is a few minutes to apply the
product and you’re ready to go!

Where Can I Purchase Ioni

Importance of Purchasing a Quality Ioni Cosmetics?

cosmetics has been around since the early 1900’s. In fact the company was
founded in Germany in 1892. Today the company continues to be headquartered
in Germany and produces its products there. However the company now sells its
products worldwide. The company offers a wide range of skin care products
including moisturizers cleansers tonics serums eye creams lip balms body
lotions and many others. All of these products are designed to provide
consumers with healthy-looking skin.

Benefits of Using
Ioni Products

There are several benefits associated with
using ioni products. First most of the ingredients found in ioni products are
natural. Second ioni products contain no artificial colors fragrances
preservatives parabens mineral oil petroleum jelly lanolin alcohol glycerine
propylene glycol sodium lauryl sulfate or synthetic

Features To Look For When Buying An Ioni

Ioni cosmetics has been around since 2004 and has
become very popular among women who love makeup. The company was founded by
two sisters Lina and Nadia Khatib. Their goal was to create products that
would be safe and effective while being affordable. Today the brand offers a
wide range of products including lipsticks eye shadows blushes bronzers
foundations concealer mascara eyeliner pencils nail polish and many others.
All of these products are available online and

The Brand Is Safe

One thing
that sets Ioni apart from other brands is its safety record. Many cosmetic
companies claim that their products are free of harmful chemicals but there
are no guarantees. In fact most of the ingredients found in cosmetics are
known carcinogens. Some of the common ones include formaldehyde phthalates
parabens triclosan and propylene glycol. However Ioni does not contain any of
those ingredients. Instead it uses natural ingredients such as shea butter
jojoba oil vitamin E and aloe vera.

It Has Good Customer

Another reason why Ioni is considered a good choice
is because of customer service. They also provide excellent support via
social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Customers can ask
questions regarding product information and order

Affordable Prices

Many people
think that only high-end brands sell quality products at low prices. But that
isn’t always true. There are plenty of cheap brands that offer high-quality
products. One example is Ioni cosmetics. Although the price tag is higher
than average the quality of the products makes up for the additional

Wide Range of Products

There are
several reasons why Ioni is able to offer a large variety of products. First
the company focuses on creating unique formulas that suit different skin
types. Second the company strives to develop innovative products that meet
consumer needs.

Different Types Of Cosmetic

Cosmetics are very important part of our lives. We
cannot live without makeup. There are many different kinds of cosmetics
available in the market today. Some are meant only for women while others are
designed for men too. The most common type of cosmetics include foundation
eye shadow mascara lip gloss blush lipstick etc. All these cosmetics are
available in different colors and shades. Each color has its own meaning. For
example red signifies love pink represents friendship blue stands for loyalty
yellow symbolises happiness green denotes money and black indicates power. So
there are lots of meanings associated with each

Types of Cosmetics

There are two
main categories of cosmetics namely; liquid and powder based. Liquid based
cosmetics are water-based whereas powder based ones are oil-based. Both of
them are applied using brushes. Powder based cosmetics are generally
preferred because they give a flawless finish. However liquid based cosmetics
are easier to apply and last longer.


is probably the most popular kind of cosmetics among both men and women.
Foundation is basically a base layer which covers the skin. It gives a
natural glow to the face and makes it appear smoother. Most foundations
contain mineral oils waxes silica talc and pigments. Mineral oils provide
moisture to the skin and reduce wrinkles. Talcum powders absorb excess oil
and sweat and prevents shine. Silica particles fill in pores and remove dead
cells. Pigment colours enhance the colour of the skin.


It is a form of makeup which enhances the beauty of

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