List of Top 10 Best Martha Stewart Towels

Bestseller No. 1
MARTHA STEWART Quick Dry Reversible Bath Towel Collection (Set) (Pink Hibiscus)
  • Reversible
  • Quick dry
  • Stylish
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
Bestseller No. 2
Martha Stewart Collection 100% Cotton Spa Bath Towel Collection (Sea Spray)
  • Treat yourself to the ultimate in bath-time luxury with the soft ultra-absorbent cotton of the Spa bath towel collection from Martha Stewart Collection.
  • One Dimensions: 30" x 54" Spa Bath Towel
Bestseller No. 5
Martha Stewart Collection Quick Dry Reversible Bath Towel (Platinum Gray)
  • Dimensions: 27" x 52"
  • Cotton
  • One Bath Towel only
  • Quick Dry
  • Reversible
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
American Soft Linen, 100% Ringspun Cotton, 6 Piece Towel Set, Teal
  • This 6 Piece Towel Set Includes 2 Bath Towels (27 inch x 54 inch), 2 Hand Towels (16 inch x 28 inch) and 2 Washcloths (13 inch x 13 inch)
  • 100% Turkish Soft Cotton
  • Double Stitched Hem Finishing on Long Sides for Maximum Durability
Bestseller No. 8
Martha Stewart Collection Quick Dry Reversible Bath Towel (Biscay Blue)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Reversible
  • Quick Dry
  • 1 Bath Towel Only not a set
SaleBestseller No. 10
American Soft Linen, 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, Super Soft and Absorbent, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom and Kitchen Shower Towel, Malibu Peach
  • ✅ Towel Set Includes 2 Bath Towels of 27 x 54 inches, 2 Hand Towels of 16 x 28 inches and 2 Washcloths of 13 x 13 inches.
  • ✅ 100% TURKISH COTTON. Our towels are made from cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey's best quality cotton. These towels will make you feel and give you comfort as if you are in luxurius hotel, spa, gym, sauna, pool etc.
  • ✅ These Towels are STANDART 100 by OEKO-TEX Certified and Tested for Harmful Substances.
  • ✅ Towels contain long loop-pile height which makes them extra fluffy and extremely absorbent. For best use, wash separately on first use. You may see some lint on the first wash due to the towels cotaining 100% cotton but should diminish after each washing. This will not affect the look, feel, or performance of your towel set.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best martha stewart towels

Martha Stewart towels are designed to be practical and useful. Whether you’re using them to dry dishes wash clothes or soak in the tub these towels are perfect for everyday use. Made from 100% cotton terry cloth these towels are soft and absorbent. They are machine-washable and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Use Them To Dry Dishes

Drying dishes is easier with Martha Stewart towels because they are thick and absorbent. Use them to quickly remove water from pots and pans while leaving behind no streaks or spots. Simply lay the towel flat on top of the dish and let it air dry. For best results leave the towel in direct sunlight for several hours. Once dried store the towel away in a drawer or closet where it will remain fresh and ready for future use.

Wash Clothes With Ease

These towels are ideal for washing delicate fabrics. Their large size makes them easy to wring out and hang to dry. Just fold the towel into thirds and squeeze gently to get rid of excess moisture. Hang the towel outside to allow it to dry naturally. Store the towel folded inside a plastic bag to preserve its shape and avoid wrinkles.

Soak In The Tub

The Martha Stewart towels are perfect for soaking in the tub. Lay the towel flat on the floor next to the tub and fill it with hot water. Soaking in warm water relaxes muscles and relieves stress. After soaking rinse the towel thoroughly and pat dry. Then wrap the towel around your body and enjoy the soothing warmth.

Make Your Home More Stylish

Whether you’re decorating your bathroom or kitchen adding a few Martha Stewart towels to your décor will give your room a unique style. Choose a color that matches your existing décor or go bold and bright with a patterned design. Add a splash of color to your bathroom with a colorful towel set. Place a striped towel near the sink to create a fun accent piece. Or opt for a monochromatic palette and coordinate your towels with your furniture pieces.

Create An Impressive Look

Adding a few Martha Stewart towels to your bathroom creates an impressive appearance. From the moment guests enter your home they’ll notice the luxurious towels hanging in your bathroom. Guests will instantly associate your home with luxury and sophistication.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Martha Stewart Towels

Martha Stewart towels are known for being high-quality products. In fact many people believe that these towels are superior to those sold by other companies. However there are several reasons why you should be careful when choosing which towel to purchase. Here are three important factors to take into consideration when making your decision.

Quality Materials

First you must ensure that the material used to manufacture your towels is of good quality. Many manufacturers use cheap materials that cannot withstand heavy usage. For example most inexpensive towels contain polyester fibers. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that does not absorb water very well. As a result the towel becomes stiff and uncomfortable quickly. Also because polyester absorbs moisture it tends to shrink slightly over time. This makes the towel appear worn out faster than it actually is.


Second you must pay attention to the design of the towel. Most inexpensive towels are printed using low resolution printers. Because of this the designs are blurry and hard to read. Additionally the colors are dull and lack vibrancy. Finally the printing process leaves behind ink residue that attracts dirt and grime. All of these problems lead to poor appearance and durability.


Finally you must check the durability of the towel. Cheap towels are typically manufactured using lower grade fabrics. Therefore they wear out quicker than higher quality towels. Furthermore the stitching holding the fabric together is weaker. As a result the towel tears easier and wears out sooner.

Features To Look For When Buying Martha Stewart Bath Towels

Martha Stewart towels are available in many different styles and colors. The most important thing to remember when purchasing these towels is that they must be soft enough to absorb moisture while still being durable enough to withstand daily washing. Softness is very subjective; however there are certain features that can give you an idea of whether or not a towel is soft enough for your needs. Here are some key factors to look for when shopping for Martha Stewart towels.

The first factor to consider when choosing a Martha Stewart towel is its size. Most towels sold today are designed to fit standard-sized bathrooms. However if you’re planning on using your bathroom for multiple purposes showering bathing etc.) you may want to invest in a large towel. Large towels provide ample room for two people to bathe together which makes them ideal for couples who enjoy sharing baths. In addition large towels allow you to cover a greater amount of floor space making it easier to dry wet floors.

Fabric Type

Another important consideration when selecting a Martha Stewart towel is fabric type. There are three main types of fabrics commonly found in Martha Stewart towels: microfiber terry cloth and cotton. Microfiber towels are extremely popular because they are highly absorbent yet gentle on skin. They are also machine washable which makes them easy to maintain. Terry cloth towels are typically thicker than microfiber towels and are perfect for soaking up spills. Cotton towels are generally thickest and strongest providing excellent durability. All three types of fabrics are suitable for everyday use although each has its own advantages.


Finally color is another important aspect to consider when choosing a Martha Stewart towel. Many towels are offered in several different colors including white tan gray black blue red pink purple green yellow orange brown and cream. While color choices vary widely it’s best to stick with neutral tones such as whites grays tans and creams. Neutral colors are versatile and go with almost anything.

Different Types of Martha Stewart Towels

There are many different types of Martha Stewart towels available today. The most common type of towel is the standard white cotton towel. However there are several variations of these towels including ones with stripes polka dots floral prints etc. There are also specialty towels designed specifically for certain activities such as cooking gardening etc. Some of these specialty towels include kitchen towels dish towels hand towels bath towels washcloths etc. Each of these towels has its own unique design and function. For example a kitchen towel is typically smaller and thinner than a regular bath towel. Hand towels are generally small and square shaped while dish towels are large and rectangular. Bath towels are usually thick and absorbent while washcloths are thin and soft. All of these towels are very useful and versatile. Whether you’re using them for personal hygiene or household chores each of these towels offers a specific purpose.

Types of Martha Stewart Towels

The following list includes some of the most popular types of Martha Stewart towels available today.

White Cotton Towels – White cotton towels are probably the most commonly seen type of towel. They are inexpensive and easy to care for. They are perfect for everyday use around the house. They are also good for wiping down counters and tables.

Cotton Beach Towels – Cotton beach towels are ideal for outdoor use. They are lightweight and durable. They are also machine washable making them convenient for travel. They are also great for drying dishes and washing windows.

Bath Towels – Bath towels are best suited for bathing and showering. They are extremely absorbent and provide excellent comfort during hot showers. They are also great for drying hands and feet after taking a bath.

Hand Towels – Hand towels are great for general cleaning purposes. They are especially helpful for mopping floors and dusting furniture. They are also handy for wiping away spills and messes.

Kitchen Towels – Kitchen towels are ideal for cleaning countertops and sinks. They are also great for wiping down stove tops and oven doors. They are also useful for drying dishes and wiping down appliances.

Dish Towels – Dish towels are great for cleaning dishes and pots and pans. They are also useful for wiping down counters and cutting boards.

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