List of Top 10 Best Metal Detector Wand

Bestseller No. 1
Garrett 1165190 Super scanner V Metal Detector
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind
  • Comfort and Performance come hand in hand with Rothco
  • Made Of High Quality Materials
SaleBestseller No. 2
SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer IP68 Waterproof Handheld Pin Pointer Wand with Belt Holster Treasure Hunting Tool Accessories, Buzzer Vibration Sound (Three Mode)
  • 360 Degree Detective Probe and Optional Three Mode: SUNPOW pinpointer metal detector 360° probe design expands the detection area and reduces target loss. Three Mode - Vibration Mode(Silent), Audio Mode, Vibration And Audio Mode conversion, suitable for quiet, noisy, seabed and other different environments.
  • Full Waterproof Design: In any weather, heavy rain, even in the lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans, you can sink the pinpointer metal detector waterproof into water to find the treasures hidden under the water. Other leading pinpointer metal detector waterproof can not be completely immersed in water.
  • Deep Detection of Various Metal: Handheld metal detector wand can target the object rapidly and accurately(up to 4.5 inches )! It can detect including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and their products.It can help you achieve small-scale precise positioning that large metal detectors can't do.
  • One Button Operation, Lightweight Portable Dign: Single-button operation for Power(Long Press) and Mode Conversion(Click once). All you need to do is pressing the button and starting hunting! The length and weight of the metal detector pinpointer are only 10.5 inches and 5.3 ounces respectively.It’s a perfect gift for various people like kids, men, and seniors as Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Holiday present etc.
  • You Will Get: 1x Pinpointer, 1x 9V Battery, 1x Belt Holster, 1x Carrying Bag, 1x Retractable Hanging Wire,1x User Manual. Any problems or questions, contact us any time, we will help you solve in time.
Bestseller No. 3
Garrett SuperScanner Metal Detector
  • Price For: Each Standards: National Institute of Justice Standard 0602.02 Thickness (In.): 1-2/3 Audio Alarm: Selectable Material: ABS With Rubber Grip Item: Handheld Metal Detector Scan Depth (In.): 10 Exterior Width (In.): 3-1/4 Battery Life: 100 Hours Exterior Length (In.): 16-1/2 Operating Frequency (Hz): 93k Max. Operating Temp.: -35 F to 158 F
  • Indicator: LED/Audio/Silent Vibrate Battery: 9 Volt Weight (Lbs.): 1-1/8 Type: Hand-Held Country of Origin (subject to change): United States
Bestseller No. 4
RANSERNERS Super Scanner Metal Detector Wand,Security Scanner Wand, Metal Scanner,Safety Bars, Portable Adjustable Sound & Vibration Alerts, Detects Weapons Knivers Screw (High Sensitivity, Black)
  • ✔ HIGH SENSITIVITY: RANSENERS metal detector wand can detect even small hidden metal objects, there’s a distinctive audio tone and vibration to remind you, which is very suitable for checking metal objects.
  • ✔ AUDIO/VIBRATION TWO MODES: Sound & vibration mode, suitable for all occasions. Depends on the needs, vibration function should be used in noisy situation or in places where the operator does not wish for the sound to be heard in his surrounding area.
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY: Press the low sensitivity switch during detection, detector will only respond to bigger metal objects such as knife, hand gun etc and will not respond to small metals such as ring, key, coin, pin etc. Do not release the low sensitivity switch until you complete low sensitivity detection.
  • ✔ POWER OPERATED: Powered by one 9V battery standard (Not included) or rechargeable battery (Not included). With one external charging port, the battery charger is not included. Please avoid charging it when you have no rechargeable battery, otherwise it can't work normally. And please turn off the detector when charging it.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE HANDLE & WIDELY USE: Portable metal detector wand, lightweight design and comfortable handle grip make it easy for long time use. It comes with a belt clip, make it portable and convenient. Good for security, indoor/outdoor events, such as airport, schools, train station, subway, sports events, exhibition center, anywhere you need metal detection.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hanchen Handheld Metal Detector Security Wand Metal Nail Detector Scanner Metal Detector for Lumber Woodworking Adults Kids Adjustable Sensitivity 3 Alarm Modes Rechargeable Battery
  • 【Battery Needed】We equip each our metal detector with a charger to charge the rechargeable battery. But due to shipping restrictions, some batches of our metal detectors include rechargeable batteries, some are not included. The battery is very common and can be bought in local store or on Amazon (Search “9V lithium rechargeable battery”). Note: Please turn off the metal detector after use and if you don't use it for a long time, please take out the battery.
  • 【High Sensitivity】The handheld metal detector wand can detect the small hidden metal objects. The concealed weapon, knives and other metal object in baggages can be detected by the security metal detector. The sensitivity can be ADJUSTED. Perfect to use for indoor and outdoor events, can be used this metal nail detector for airport, station, school and crowded public place to increase security. The handheld metal detector can also help you find coins in the garden and nails for woodworking.
  • 【3 Kinds of Alerts】The metal detector wand lets you choose between sound or vibration detection alerts. You can also insert Ф3.5mm stereo earphones to enter the earphone alarm mode. The LED light is also activated to the detection of metal. Different kinds of alarms provided of the security metal detector meets your needs on different occasions.
  • 【Comfortable Handle】The lightweight design and comfortable handle grip of the woodworking handheld metal detector bar make it easy to use for a long time. The metal nail detector has a non-slip design and comes with a lanyard. Double protection, not easy to fall off from your hand.
  • 【Wide Applications】Suitable for a safety check and detection of metal objects, electronic products, prohibited goods, in a railway station, frontier defense, school, court and factory, airport, sports event, exhibition center and border security. We provide 365 days of free technical support.
Bestseller No. 6
Hand Held Metal Detector,V-Resourcing Portable High Sensitivity Metal Detector for Security Inspection
  • Detecting temperature range is -15 ~ 45℃
  • Light-weight and high sensitivity,with a wrist strap, easy to carry around
  • Two alternative alert ways, with a power switch to choose between acousto-optic and vibration, easy to operate.
  • Three-color indicator, green for power, yellow for under-voltage, red for alert
  • Perfect for safety check and the detection of prohibited goods, electronic products, metal etc in station, frontier defense, school, court, venue, factory
Bestseller No. 7
Metal Detector Pinpointer - Waterproof Handheld Pin Pointer Wand, High Accuracy Professional Handheld Search Treasure Pinpointing Finder Probe
  • 【Light weight, simple operation】one third of the weight of traditional metal detectors. Equipped with plastic elastic roll belt, belt sheath and handbag, easy to carry or hang on to prevent falling or losing. One button to open for children operating independently.
  • 【High sensitivity 360°detection】The metal detector allows you to grasp the metal detector horizontally to scan large areas quickly, then use precise positioning tips to narrow and precisely locate the target before excavation. The bar probe design allows you to insert a hand-held metal detector into the hole for detection.
  • 【Precise positioning & partial waterproof】 the pin pointer help you locate smaller targets accurately and quickly. In addition, the needle pointer part is waterproof, and you can even use the needle pointer to detect something in the water (please note that the LED lamp parts are non-waterproof).
  • 【Ratio audio and vibration indicator】Audio vibrator alarms and LED lights detect multiple metal-vibration and audio indicators to ensure that you do not miss any alarms in noisy environments. Built-in LED light, easy to operate at night.
  • 【Broad Applications】This metal detecting pinpointer can do various types of jobs like finding coin, gold, silver, relics, jewelry to help you easily find treasures or missing metal objects whether indoors, outdoors, in wall, sand, grass or soil, even in a extreme temperature range of -35ºF (-37ºC) to 158ºF (70ºC).
Bestseller No. 8
Garrett SuperWand Metal Detector
  • Dual alarm mode: select clear audible or silent search/vibrate alarm modes. Power switch and LEDs positioned for easy access and high visibility.
  • Ergonomically designed grip Fits comfortably in virtually any size hand.
  • Optimum sensitivity Detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects.
  • One-touch button operation 3-way switch (On, Off, Silent)
  • Elongated 8.75" (22.2 cm) scan surface for easy scanning from head to foot.
Bestseller No. 9
BULVACK Metal Detector Pinpointer, Professional Handheld Pin Pointer Wand, 360° Search Treasure Pinpointing Finder Probe with Belt Holster for Adults and Kids
  • 👍【360° Side-Scan and Pinpoint Tip Detection】 Quickly locate coins, jewelry, silverware, gold and other metal objects. 360° rapid scanning covers large area,such as indoor, outdoor, lawn, sand, soil or underwater.
  • 👍【Precise positioning & Partial Waterproof】 The pin pointer help you locate smaller targets accurately and quickly. In addition, the needle pointer part is waterproof, and you can even use the needle pointer to detect something in the water.
  • 👍【Audio& Vibration Indicator】Maximum Sensitivity for improved metal detecting according to metal type, size and depth. With audio and vibration model, the closer the louder will be.
  • 👍【One-touch operation&Portable&Lightweight】Differ from other single alert type, our detector provide audio and vibrate alerts, which make detecting more convenient and efficient. Hand held and lightweight, with carabiner and cord strap, easy to carry. Perfect for treasure hunting and airport secure checking.
  • 👍【Wide Applications】High Sensitivity Pin Pointer metal detector can detect indoors, outdoors, on sand, lawn or in soil, locate coin, silver, jewelry and gold with speed and accuracy Recommended for coin and jewelry hunting, relic hunting, gold prospecting and utility applications.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Kuman Pin pointer Water Resistant Metal Detectors with Holster Treasure Hunting Unearthing Tool Accessories Buzzer Vibration Automatic Tuning KW30
  • 360° side-scan and Pinpoint tip detection. Please kindly note that this is kuman brand, the only store name is kumanshop, the other is unauthorized product. Our pinpointer metal detector kit include the waterproof case, it is freely for you to use underwater.
  • High Sensitivity: High Sensitivity for improved detection of small targets, it can work indoors, outdoors, on sand, lawn or in soil, locate coin, silver, jewelry and gold with speed and accuracy. Three sensitivity levels with different LED indicators light, audio and vibrate alert.
  • Ratio audio and vibration indicators.
  • Size:215.5*41.5*43.52mm
  • One- One-touch operation:Quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Metal Detector

What is the Purpose Of A Metal Detector

Metal detectors are devices that detect metallic
objects hidden within soil sand gravel etc. They are commonly used by
treasure hunters who search for buried gold silver copper lead iron zinc tin
nickel and other valuable metals. There are many different types of metal
detectors available today. Some are handheld while others are mounted on
vehicles. Handheld detectors are typically battery operated and portable.
Mounted detectors are stationary and require power cords to

How Do Detectors Work?

principle behind detecting is based on the fact that certain materials conduct
electricity differently than others. For example most metals (gold silver
copper) conduct electricity very poorly compared to non-metallic elements
(such as plastic). As a result these metals cause a change in electrical
current which can be detected by a sensitive receiver. In addition there are
several ways to detect metals including magnetic induction eddy currents and
x-ray detection.

Types of Metal

There are two main categories of metal detectors:
hand-held and vehicle-mounted. Hand-held metal detectors are small
lightweight and easy to transport. Vehicle-mounted metal detectors are large
heavy and difficult to carry around. Both types of detectors are designed to
locate metal objects buried deep underground. However each type has its own
advantages and disadvantages.

Hand-Held Metal

Hand-held metal detectors are generally smaller
and lighter than vehicle-mounted models. They are also cheaper and easier to
store. Hand-held metal detectors are ideal for hobbyists who wish to explore
areas where no vehicle access is possible. Hand-held detectors are also
useful for locating lost jewelry and

Vehicle-Mounted Metal Detectors

metal detectors are larger and heavier than hand-held detectors. They are
also more powerful and capable of detecting deeper targets. Because of their
size and weight vehicle-mounted detectors must be permanently installed into
the ground. They are best suited for professional treasure hunting

Advantages of Using a Metal

Using a metal detector is a fun way to learn about
geology and history. It is also a good way to teach children about nature and

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Metal
Detector Wand

Metal detectors are useful tools for
detecting hidden treasures. However there are many different types of wands available
today. Some are designed specifically for hunting while others are meant for
general treasure hunting. There are several factors to take into
consideration when choosing a metal detector wand. Here are three important
considerations to think about when selecting a metal detector

Size Matters

There are two main
categories of metal detector wands. One category is the handheld type which
includes the standard metal detector wand. Another category is the fixed-mount
wand. Fixed mount wands are typically mounted on a tripod or pole. Both types
of wands are suitable for detecting metals buried underground. However each
has its own advantages and disadvantages. Handheld metal detector wands are
portable and easy to carry around. However they are limited in terms of
detection range. In contrast fixed-mount wands are stationary and allow users
to detect objects further away. However these wands are heavy and bulky.
Therefore it is best to select a wand based on your

Detection Range

Another factor to
consider is detection range. Most metal detector wands have a maximum
detection range of approximately 20 feet. For example if you are trying to
locate coins buried beneath a tree stump you will be able to detect only
those coins within a radius of 20 feet. If you plan to search for coins
buried deeper than 20 feet you will need a longer wand. Longer wands are
heavier and bulkier. Therefore you must decide whether you want a long wand
or a short wand depending on where you intend to


Finally price is another
important factor to consider. Wands vary greatly in price. Generally speaking
the higher the price the greater the quality. However you should always check
reviews online to ensure that you are making a good investment. Good quality
metal detector wands are durable and reliable. Therefore you shouldn’t have
problems finding a high quality metal detector wand at a reasonable

Features To Look For When Buying A Metal Detector

Metal detectors are useful tools that allow us to
locate valuable metals buried deep underground. Wands are the most common
type of metal detector. There are many different types of wands available
today each designed to detect specific materials. Some wands are handheld
while others are mounted on tripods or vehicles. Each wand has its own unique
features and benefits. Here are some of the main features to look for when
choosing a metal detector wand.


length of the wand determines how far away objects must be located. Longer
wands are best suited for detecting large areas. Short wands are ideal for
locating small objects. Most wands are adjustable allowing users to adjust
the sensitivity of the wand to suit their needs. Sensitivity refers to how
sensitive the wand is to detecting metal. Higher sensitivities require less
power to operate. Lower sensitivities require more power to operate. Be aware
that higher sensitivities are more likely to cause false

Power Source

Wand batteries last
longer when charged regularly. Batteries are rechargeable which means they
can be recharged multiple times. Rechargeable batteries are typically smaller
and lighter than non-rechargeable batteries. Non-rechargeable batteries are
heavier and take longer to charge.


Detectors range from short distance (1 meter) to long
distance (10 meters). Detectors with shorter detection ranges are good for
finding coins jewelry and other small objects. Larger detectors are best for
detecting larger objects such as gold nuggets silver bars and other precious


Some wands weigh between
1 pound and 10 pounds. Heavy wands are best for detecting heavy objects such
as gold nuggets and silver bars. Lightweight wands are best for detecting light
objects such as rings bracelets and


Most wands operate
at either high frequency (HF) medium frequency (MF) or low frequency (LF). HF
wands are best for detecting large objects such as gold nuggets and silver
bars. MF wands are best for detecting small objects such as coins and
jewelry. LF wands are best for detecting small objects such as rings
bracelets and earrings.

Different Types of
Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are devices that detect metallic
objects buried underground. There are many different kinds of metal detectors
available today. Some are handheld while others are stationary. Handheld
metal detectors are portable and easy to operate. Stationary metal detectors
are large and heavy and require a lot of power to run. Both types of
detectors are useful tools for detecting hidden

Handheld Metal Detector

most common type of metal detector is the handheld metal detector. Handheld
metal detectors are small and light weight. They are designed to be operated
by hand. Most handheld metal detectors have a display screen which shows the
depth of the object being detected. Handheld metal detectors are very popular
because they are inexpensive and easy to use. However they are limited in
range and cannot detect objects deeper than 3 feet

Stationary Metal

Stationary metal detectors are large and heavy.
They are designed to be mounted on a tripod or stand. Stationary metal
detectors are ideal for finding coins jewelry gold nuggets etc. They are also
good for detecting objects buried in hard-to-reach places. Stationary metal
detectors are generally more powerful than handheld metal

Wand Metal Detector

Wands are
another kind of metal detector. Wands are long poles with a magnet attached
to the end. Wand metal detectors are best suited for detecting coins and
jewelry. They are also good for detecting objects buried in hard-to-reach

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