List of Top 10 Best Mizuno Mp 20 Mmc

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Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best mizuno mp 20 mmc

The iron club has been around since the early days of golf. In fact the earliest known reference to the iron was found in 15th century Scotland. However the modern iron was developed in 1892 by James Braidwood Taylor. He created his own design which he called “the Braid”. His design consisted of a head made of cast steel and a shaft made of hickory. The head was attached to the shaft using a hosel. The hosel allowed the head to be rotated during play. The original irons weighed between 3-4 pounds each. Today most irons weigh between 4-6 ounces.

An iron club works because of its weight distribution. Most of the mass of the club is located near the bottom of the clubhead. This creates a large moment arm. As a result the clubface travels farther than a putter face. Because of this the ball flies further. Also the center of gravity (CG) is lower than a putter. This makes the CG closer to the ground making the club easier to swing.

Benefits of Using An Iron Club

Using an iron club gives you greater control over the ball. With a putter you must rely on muscle memory to get the right amount of backspin. But with an iron you can adjust the spin rate depending on where you hit the ball. For example if you miss left of the target you can increase the speed of the clubface. This increases the backspin causing the ball to fly higher. Conversely if you miss right of the target you can decrease the speed of the clubface. This decreases the backspin causing the ball to drop faster.

Types of Irons

There are three types of irons available today. Each type offers different benefits.

Blade – Blade irons are designed to give you maximum distance. Blades are typically heavier than fairway woods and hybrids.

Fairway Woods – Fairway woods are designed to provide accuracy and forgiveness.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Mizuno MP20 MC

I am always amazed at the number of times I see someone who has purchased a cheap set of irons and then complains about poor performance. In fact many players think that because they bought a cheaper set of irons they cannot expect good results. However there are several factors which determine whether a player gets good results or not. One factor is the type of club head design that is being used. Another important factor is the quality of the shaft material that is being used. Yet another factor is the grip weight that is being used. All these three factors play a major role in determining the overall performance of the set of irons that a golfer uses.

Club Head Design

There are two types of designs available in the market today – cavity back and perimeter weighted. Cavity backs are designed to provide maximum forgiveness while perimeter weights are designed to give a higher launch angle. Both designs have pros and cons. For example cavity backs are easier to hit straight shots whereas perimeter weights allow for greater spin rates.

Shaft Material

Golfers must be aware that different materials produce different levels of flex. Flexibility is very important since it determines how easy it is to swing the club. Golfers must ensure that the shaft material that they select is flexible enough to withstand the rigors of playing golf. Some popular choices include graphite carbon fiber titanium and stainless steel.


Another important aspect of selecting a set of irons is ensuring that the right amount of weight is applied to the clubhead. Too little weight and the ball will fly too far; too much weight and the ball will go nowhere near where you intended. Most manufacturers apply a specific amount of weight to each club.

Grip Weight

Finally the last thing that most golfers forget to check is the grip weight. Grip weight refers to the amount of pressure that is applied to the handle of the club. Different grips require varying amounts of pressure to hold onto the club.

Features To Look For When Buying Mizuno MP20 MC

The Mizuno MP20 MC is a mid-range irons designed specifically for men who play around 20 yards. The club has been designed to be easy to hit and control while still providing good distance. With its unique design the MP20 MC offers players a solid feel and excellent forgiveness.

Club Head Design

This is where most of the features of the Mizuno MP20 MC lie. The head shape is slightly rounded which makes it easier to swing and gives the player a comfortable feeling. The face width is wide enough to give the player a stable stance during his shot. The sole plate is thin and light weight which reduces the overall weight of the club making it easier to swing.

Shaft Construction

The shaft of the Mizuno MP20 MC is constructed using carbon fiber which increases strength and durability. The grip is soft and flexible which improves comfort and aids in gripping. The hosel is reinforced with stainless steel which prevents twisting and ensures stability.


The Mizuno MP20 MC is forgiving due to its large sweet spot. Players can get maximum power and accuracy from the ball thanks to the low center of gravity. The clubhead speed is high which results in increased launch conditions.


Players can expect a firm yet responsive feel from the Mizuno MP20 MC. The club feels very balanced and does not wobble when swung. The clubface is square which promotes consistent contact between the ball and the face.


The scorecard of the Mizuno MP20 MC is simple and straightforward. There are two numbers printed on each side of the club. One number represents the total yardage and the second shows the actual distance travelled.

Different Types of Mizuno MP20 MC

The Mizuno MP20 MC is a mid-range irons designed specifically for men who play between the range of 4 and 7 degrees. The club has a slightly higher launch angle than most players’ hybrids and fairway woods. The club features a forged face insert which gives the player greater forgiveness and control. The club head weight is 460 grams and comes standard with a graphite shaft. The club weighs 5.5 ounces and measures 43 inches long.


Wt/Lb – 5.

Shaft Length – 34.

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