List of Top 10 Best Nike Lacrosse Cleats

Bestseller No. 2
Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Mens Football Cleat Ao8277-100 Size 8.5 White/Black
  • Elastic cuff for breathability and comfort.
  • Ghost lacing system for speed lacing and zero distractions.
  • Internal chassis feels flexible and supportive.
  • External pods for traction.
Bestseller No. 3
Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Mens Football Cleat Ao8277-100 Size 9.5 White/Black
  • Elastic cuff for breathability and comfort.
  • Ghost lacing system for speed lacing and zero distractions.
  • Internal chassis feels flexible and supportive.
  • External pods for traction.
Bestseller No. 8
Nike Women's Zoom Hyperdiamond 3 Elite Softball Shoes, nkAV3043-002 Size 10
  • Forefoot material is light and tough, while perforations help create a breathable feel.
  • Nike Air in the heel and Zoom Air in the forefoot cushion your step to help you move your fastest.
  • 9 angular cleats set in a flexible, plastic plate give you traction and stability down the base paths and in the outfield.
  • Perforations help increase airflow.
  • Durable overlay reinforces high-wear areas.
Bestseller No. 9
Nike Hyperdiamond 4 Keystone (gs) Kids Softball Cleats (5 Big Kid, Photon Dust/Black-Smoke Grey, Numeric_5)
  • Lightweight Durability
  • Synthetic upper with molded details provides lightweight comfort. A rubberized screen print at the lateral side helps resist abrasion.
  • The durable rubber sole has a 12-cleat configuration for traction.
  • Breathable knit tongue
  • Full-length foam cushioning
Bestseller No. 10
Nike Men's Vapor Edge Team Football Cleats nkCZ2606 100 (9.5) White/Wolf Grey
  • Nike Vapor Edge Cleat
  • synthetic leather
  • fabric and textile upper for lightweight durability
  • Molded cleats
  • stitched-down tongue

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best nike lacrosse cleats

What is the Purpose Of A Nike Lacrosse Cleats?

Nike lacrosse cleats are designed to give players greater control while playing field lacrosse. They allow players to get into position quickly and efficiently. Players who wear these shoes gain superior traction on the ground and can perform faster moves.

How Do They Help Me Play Better Field Lacrosse?

The most important thing about lacrosse cleats is that they improve player performance. In fact, many professional teams require their athletes to wear specific types of footwear during practice sessions. For example, soccer players must wear special boots because they play on grass fields. However, lacrosse players typically wear sneakers or tennis shoes.

Are There Any Downsides To Wearing Them?

There aren’t really any downsides to wearing lacrosse cleats. Some players say that they hurt their feet after long practices, but others report no problems whatsoever. Most importantly, though, is that they increase speed and agility. So, if you’re interested in improving your game, you should definitely invest in a pair!

Is It Worth Buying New Ones Every Year?

It depends on whether you plan on playing lacrosse professionally or not. If you’re planning on going pro, you probably shouldn’t bother spending money on new ones each season. But if you’re only interested in playing recreationally, then you could certainly benefit from getting a few pairs of new lacrosse cleats every year. Just remember to keep track of which ones you already own so you don’t end up paying twice for the same shoe.

Can I Wear Other Types Of Footwear While Playing Lacrosse?

Yes, you absolutely can. Many players wear different kinds of athletic shoes while playing lacrosse. Soccer players sometimes wear running shoes, basketball players wear high tops, and football players wear cleatless shoes. All of those options are perfectly acceptable.

Do I Need Special Training Before Trying Out My Own Pair?


How To Select The Right Pair For Yourself

There are many different types of lacrosse shoes available today. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right pair depends upon several factors including player preference, playing style, weather conditions, and personal preferences. Here we discuss these issues and give tips on choosing the best lacrosse shoe for you.

Player Preferences

Players who play indoors generally wear indoor lacrosse shoes because they are designed specifically for indoor games. Players who play outdoors typically wear outdoor lacrosse shoes because they are designed for both indoor and outdoor games. Outdoor players must be able to withstand wet grass and mud while still providing good traction on dry ground. Indoor players require traction on hardwood floors and synthetic turf fields.

Playing Style

Lacrosse is played using either a stick (also called a “crosse”) or a ball. Stick players rely primarily on hand speed and accuracy to score goals. Ball players depend mainly on strength and power to get past defenders and into scoring position. Both styles of play require excellent footwork and agility. In addition, stick players must learn to control the crosse during contact situations. Ball players must master the art of catching and throwing the ball.

Weather Conditions

In cold climates, players must wear warm footwear. Cold temperatures cause feet to swell which reduces mobility and increases fatigue. Warmth also improves performance. In hot environments, players must avoid excessive sweating. Sweat causes discomfort and slows reaction times. Proper hydration is essential to staying healthy and performing optimally.

Personal Preference

Some players enjoy wearing certain colors. Others dislike specific designs. Some players prefer lace-up lacrosse shoes while others prefer slip-on models. Finally, some players prefer lacrosse shoes with laces versus those without.

Tips On Buying The Best Lacrosse Shoe

Here are some general guidelines to follow when selecting the perfect lacrosse shoe for you.

Select a size larger

The Nike lacrosse shoes are designed specifically for the sport of lacrosse. There are many different types of lacrosse shoes available today. Some of these include the men’s lacrosse shoe, women’s lacrosse shoe, youth lacrosse shoe, goalie lacrosse shoe, and field lacrosse shoe. Each type has its own unique features which allow players to perform at their best during games.

Men’s Lacrosse Shoes

These shoes are worn by male athletes who play lacrosse. Men’s lacrosse shoes are typically made of leather uppers and synthetic materials. Most men’s lacrosse shoes are constructed using mesh material along the sides and top of the footbed. Mesh material offers breathability while providing support and stability. Many men’s lacrosse shoes also incorporate padded tongues and collarbones to enhance comfort levels.

Women’s Lacrosse Shoes

This style of lacrosse shoe was originally developed for female athletes. Women’s lacrosse shoes are generally lighter weight compared to men’s lacrosse shoes. However, most women’s lacrosse shoes still contain mesh material along the sides and top of the foot bed. In addition, most women’s lacrosse shoes are constructed using leather uppers. Leather uppers provide additional durability and strength.

Youth Lacrosse Shoes

These shoes are primarily intended for children ages 8 years old and younger. Youth lacrosse shoes are lightweight and flexible. Most youth lacrosse shoes are made of canvas uppers and synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are durable and easy to maintain. Canvas uppers are water resistant and breathable.

Goalie Lacrosse Shoes

These shoes are worn by goalies who wear protective gear including shin guards, elbow pads, headgear, etc. Goalie lacrosse shoes are designed to be extremely light weight. Most goalie lacrosse shoes are constructed using nylon uppers. Nylon uppers are very strong and durable.

Field Lacrosse Shoes

These shoes are worn by athletes who participate in outdoor sports such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, cricket, rugby, hockey, and others. Field lacrosse shoes are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Most field lacrosse shoes are constructed using leather uppers. Leather uppers

Nike lacrosse shoes are designed specifically for the sport of lacrosse. There are many different styles available including goalie gloves, stick guards, shin guards, elbow pads, shoulder pads, chest protectors, helmets, mouthguards, knee braces, socks, and wrist wraps.

There are three main categories of lacrosse equipment: protective gear, training tools, and performance products. Protective gear includes shin guards, elbow pads, headgear, face masks, and mouthpieces. Training tools include sticks, balls, nets, and goalposts. Performance products include footwear, apparel, and accessories.

Protective Gear

Shin Guards – Protects knees and ankles during contact with opponents’ legs.

Elbow Pads – Provide extra protection for elbows while catching and shooting the ball.

Headgear – Keeps players’ heads safe from injury.

Face Masks – Prevent facial injuries caused by hard hits.

Mouthpieces – Help keep teeth healthy.

Training Tools

Sticks – Used to catch, pass, shoot, and control the ball.

Balls – Made of leather, synthetic materials, foam, or cork.

Netting – Allows players to practice passing and receiving passes.

Goal Posts – Allow players to practice scoring goals.

Performance Products

Footwear – Provides traction and stability.

Apparel – Helps maintain body temperature.

Accessories – Include hats, sunglasses, earplugs, etc.


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