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What Is The Purpose Of A Running Shoe Like
Nike Lunarglide?

The Lunarglide was designed to be a
lightweight cushioned responsive cushioning system that offers superior
comfort and support while providing excellent traction. Its unique design
combines a soft midsole unit with a durable upper material to provide maximum
shock absorption and durability. The Lunarglide has been engineered to
deliver optimal performance and stability during high-intensity

How Does It

Lunarglides are constructed using a combination of
materials including synthetic leather mesh and suede. The Lunarglide uses a
multi-density foam midsole which is wrapped around a durable nylon shank. The
Lunarglide is available in two different models; the Lunarglide 2 and the
Lunarglide 3. Both shoes are equipped with a removable sock liner and a
molded heel cup.

Benefits of Using Lunarglides

– The Lunarglide weighs only 6 ounces per pair compared to most traditional
running shoes weighing between 8 and 10 ounces.

– The Lunarglide features a plush midsole that absorbs impact forces and
disperses them evenly throughout the footbed. This reduces stress on the
joints and muscles.

Stability – The Lunarglide is built
with a rigid forefoot frame and a flexible rearfoot collar. This gives the
Lunarglide its exceptional stability and

Traction – The Lunarglide comes equipped
with a durable rubber outsole that delivers outstanding grip and

Where Can I Get Them?

Lunarglide 2 & 3 are currently sold exclusively online at However
these shoes are expected to hit retail stores later this

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Nike
Lunarglide Running Shoe

Running shoes are essential equipment
for runners who wish to improve their performance. However choosing the right
pair of running shoes can be difficult because there are many different types
available. In fact there are hundreds of brands and models of running shoes
available today. So which ones are best? How do you decide which type of
running shoe is right for you? Here are five important factors to consider
when selecting a good running shoe.

How To Choose The
Right Pair Of Running Shoes For You

To begin with weight is
very important when choosing a running shoe. Most runners agree that lighter
shoes provide greater comfort and support. But heavier shoes are generally
considered superior for distance runs. Weight is measured in ounces (oz).
Some popular lightweight running shoes weigh between 8-10 oz while most heavy
duty running shoes weigh around 12 oz.

Next comfort is
another key factor to consider when choosing a running shoe. Comfort refers
to the level of cushioning provided by the shoe. Cushioning is especially
important for long distance runs where foot fatigue becomes a problem. Many
runners report feeling soreness in their feet after several miles of running.
Therefore choosing a comfortable shoe is vital to preventing

Another important consideration is stability.
Stability refers to the ability of the shoe to absorb shock during impact.
Runners who participate in high intensity workouts such as sprints speedwork
hill repeats etc. require a stable shoe that absorbs shock

Finally the sole material plays an important role
in determining whether a particular shoe is suitable for your needs. There
are two main categories of materials used in making soles – synthetic and
natural. Synthetic materials include polyurethane ethylene vinyl acetate and
neoprene. Natural materials include leather suede nubuck mesh and canvas.
Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example synthetic
materials are typically cheaper than natural

Features To Look For When Buying A Nike
Lunaglide Running Shoe

The Nike Lunaglide is a lightweight
running shoe designed specifically for runners who suffer from plantar fasciitis.
The Lunaglide features a flexible midsole which reduces pressure points while
providing cushioning and support. The Lunaglide has been designed to provide
maximum comfort and stability during long distance

Lightweight Design

This running
shoe weighs only 7 ounces making it ideal for those who struggle with weight
issues. The Lunaglide is constructed using a mesh upper which makes it
breathable and comfortable. The Lunaglide is available in two different
colors; black and white.


The Lunaglide uses a soft foam called ethylene
vinyl acetate (EVA) which gives the shoe its flexibility. EVA foams are known
for being very durable and shock absorbent. The Lunaglide also contains a gel
insert which absorbs impact forces and cushions the

Cushioned Insole

The Lunaglide
comes with a removable insole which is made from memory foam. Memory foam is
highly resilient and offers excellent shock absorption properties. The insole
is removable and washable which makes it easy to maintain. The Lunaglide also
includes a heel cup which protects the Achilles tendon and prevents

Tongue Strap

The Lunaglide comes
with a tongue strap which is adjustable and detachable. The tongue strap
ensures that the shoes stay securely fastened around the wearer’s

Nike has been making shoes since 1972 and has become
known for its high quality athletic footwear. The company was founded by Bill
Bowerman who wanted to create a shoe that could be worn during exercise. He
created the Nike Air Max 1 which became very popular among runners. In 1984
he introduced the Nike Free Run which was designed to provide support and
comfort while still being lightweight. Since then Nike has continued to
develop innovative products including the Nike LunarGlide 2 which is a hybrid
between a traditional running shoe and a cross trainer.


The Nike LunarGlide 2 is a combination of a running
shoe and a cross trainer. It features a flexible midsole cushioning unit that
absorbs shock and protects the foot from impact. The upper material is
breathable and durable. There are two different models available the standard
version and the plus version. Both versions include a removable foam insert
that can be replaced with a gel insert. The inserts allow you to customize
the fit of the shoe according to your needs.


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