List of Top 10 Best Simpson Bandit Helmet

Bestseller No. 4
SIMPSON 28315XL2 Black X-Large Outlaw Bandit
  • Snell M approved and DOT Rated
  • Best for Motorcycle
  • Chin air ram duct for improved air circulation, reduced lift counter measures
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements
  • Excellent Fit and Finish - only from Simpson
Bestseller No. 8
SIMPSON 28315L8 Matte Black Large Outlaw Bandit
  • SNELL Medium approved and DOT rated
  • Best for motorcycle
  • Chin air Ram duct for improved air circulation, reduced Lift counter measures
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements
  • Excellent fit and finish - only from Simpson

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Simpson Bandit Helmet

The Simpson Bandit Helmet was designed by Harley Davidson and has been around since the early 1900’s. The original design was created to be worn during World War II. However due to its popularity the helmet became available to civilians. Today there are many different styles of the helmet including the classic style the hard shell and the soft shell. There are also several colors to choose from including black blue red yellow green orange white silver grey and pink.

Helmet Safety Features

There are two main types of safety features found on most modern day helmets. First there are the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam liners which provide impact absorption and shock reduction. Second there are the internal airbags which cushion the head from impacts. Both of these features are important because they reduce injuries caused by accidents. In fact according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) helmets are proven to reduce the risk of death by 50% among motorcyclists who wear them.

How To Choose A Good Quality Helmet

Choosing a good quality helmet is very important. Many times consumers get caught up in the excitement of purchasing a new helmet and end up choosing a cheap option. Choosing a high-quality helmet is essential because it will last longer and perform better.

Look for a helmet that fits properly. Make sure the chin strap is tight enough to hold the helmet securely onto your head. Also check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

Check the fitment of the helmet. Look for a snug fitment between the helmet and your head.

Make sure the ventilation holes are large enough to allow adequate airflow.

Consider the color options offered by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer multiple colors while others only offer one.

Do not skimp on the accessories. Most helmets include visors face shields ear plugs and goggles.

Simpson bandit helmets are designed to be comfortable while providing excellent safety features. There are many different types of bandit helmets available today. Some are specifically designed for motorcyclists while others are intended for general wear. Regardless of which type you decide to get there are several factors that you must take into consideration when choosing a bandit helmet.

Safety Features

Bandit helmets provide excellent safety features. For example most bandit helmets include a chin strap that secures the helmet to the head. In addition these helmets typically include a brow bar that extends across the forehead and protects the eyes from flying objects. Other safety features include impact-absorbing padding around the face shield and ear cups.


Another important factor to consider when selecting a bandit helmet is comfort. Many riders complain that traditional hard hats cause headaches because they press too tightly against the skull. However bandit helmets are designed to fit comfortably on the head. Most bandit helmets allow room for movement and ventilation.


Finally another important aspect of choosing a bandit helmet is style. While many riders prefer traditional hard hats there are plenty of options available today. For instance you can select a bandit helmet with a visor flip-up sun visors or a mesh front panel.

There are many different styles of bandit helmets available today. Before making your final decision here are some tips to help you choose the best bandit helmet for your needs.

The Simpson Bandit is a popular choice among motorcyclists because of its lightweight design and comfort features. The Bandit has been around since the early 1980’s and continues to be manufactured today. The Bandit was designed by Steve Simpson who wanted to create a comfortable helmet that could withstand the rigors of riding. He created the Bandit using his own patented technology which makes the Bandit lighter than most other helmets available. The Bandit comes in two different styles; the standard Bandit and the Bandit II. Both models are equipped with EPS foam padding and a removable visor. The Bandit II is slightly heavier than the regular Bandit due to the addition of additional EPS foam padding. The Bandit II also includes a chin strap retention clip and a rear vent window.

Comfort Features

One of the main reasons why many riders choose the Bandit is because of its comfort features. The Bandit uses a unique ventilation system called “ventilation ports”. The vents allow air to flow freely into the helmet while preventing moisture build-up inside the helmet. Another reason why the Bandit is considered a comfortable helmet is because of its adjustable fit. The Bandit has three adjustment points located on both sides of the headrest. This allows the rider to adjust the helmet according to their individual needs. The Bandit also offers a variety of interior colors including black red blue green yellow orange white grey and silver. There are also several exterior color options including black red blue green yellow orange white grey and silver.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing a helmet is durability. Many helmets are constructed with plastic shells that can crack or break over time. The Bandit is built with a durable ABS shell that is extremely strong and resistant to cracking. The Bandit also utilizes a dual layer liner that protects the wearer from impact forces. The Bandit is also equipped with a reinforced brow bar and cheek pads that provide added support and stability during high speed impacts. The Bandit also has a polycarbonate lens that is scratch resistant and UV protective.

The Simpson Bandit helmet has been around since the early 1980’s. The original design was created by the famous actor who played the character Homer Simpson. The helmet was designed to be worn while riding motorcycles. However today there are many different styles available for those who ride bikes. There are several different kinds of helmets available including the classic style the hard shell and the softshell. Each type offers its own benefits and drawbacks.

Classic Style Helmet

This is probably the most popular style of helmet because it is very comfortable and easy to wear. It is also lightweight and durable. Classic style helmets are typically made of plastic and foam. Some models include visors which provide additional safety features. Most classic style helmets are sold in black color only.

Hard Shell Helmet

These helmets are generally heavier than the classic style. Hard shells are made of metal and are stronger than the classic style. They are also more protective. Many hard shell helmets are equipped with face shields. Face shields are important because they allow you to see where you’re going and avoid accidents.

SoftShell Helmet

Softshell helmets are lighter weight than hard shells. Softshells are made of polycarbonate material and are flexible. Because of this flexibility these helmets are easier to put on and take off. Softshells are also cheaper than hard shells.

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