List of Top 10 Best Taylormade Project A

Bestseller No. 1
TaylorMade Project (a) Dozen Golf Balls, White, One Size
  • tour technology. soft feel
  • 322 seamless dimple pattern
  • Dual Distance Core
  • larger and softer 2-layer core
  • Low Drag Aerodynamic Design - 70 COMPRESSION
SaleBestseller No. 2
Taylor Made Project A - Premium Near Mint Quality - 48 Golf Balls
  • The Condition of this golf ball will be similar to a ball that has been played for a few holes
  • Pg professional golf is the worlds leading Recycled and refinished golf ball supplier
  • Did you know? PG Professional Golf has processed over 550 million golf balls, removing 30 tons of plastic out of landfills!
  • Packaging may vary from the image
Bestseller No. 3
TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls, Red (One Dozen)
  • Durable and soft ionomer cover
  • Great feel and increased spin around the greens
  • Patented dimple design for straighter flight
  • UV resistant matte paint; non-fade UV inhibitor paint
Bestseller No. 4
TaylorMade GolfBallHero Project A Near Mint Recycled Golf Balls (36 Pack), Model: PRJA-NM-36
  • Near New Quality
  • Long off the tee and great around the green
  • 36 TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls
  • Top Quality - - Every Time
Bestseller No. 5
Taylor Made Project (A) AAAA Golf Balls (Pack of 12)
  • For at least half the price of new
  • Professional testing by an independent lab show there is no performance loss between a new golf ball, a Recycled golf ball, and a refinished golf ball
  • Packaging may vary from the image
Bestseller No. 6
Taylormade Project (a) Mint Recycled - 4 Dozen
  • TaylorMade has a new cast urethane cover that's specially formulated to be soft, durable, and very responsive.
  • Mid-handicappers who need more approach-shot spin
SaleBestseller No. 7
TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls, White (One Dozen), Large
  • Dual distance core: Larger and softer 2 layer core
  • 322 seamless cast urethane cover
  • Low drag aerodynamic design
  • Tour level greenside spin
Bestseller No. 8
TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls (1 Dozen)
  • REACT Core- promotes fast speed off the driver and soft feel throughout the bag
  • SpinMantle Technology- Inner layers designed to promote consistent approach shot spin
  • SOFT TECH Cover- New softer urethane cover material promotes improved greenside spin and control
Bestseller No. 9
TaylorMade 24 Project (S) Matte Mixed Color Used Golf Balls - Near Mint AAAA
  • Taylormade Project S
  • Matte finish
  • 4A quality
  • Assorted colors
Bestseller No. 10
TaylorMade Assorted Models White 36 Pack Golf Balls Mint Condition ()
  • Recycled, washed and cleaned
  • Without alerting the manufacturers Specs
  • Excellent Mint condition
  • Mix of 36 Taylormade assorted models white golf balls

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best taylormade project a

Golf ball has been around since ancient times. In fact there are many myths surrounding its origin. Some say that it was created by the gods while others claim that it was invented by humans. However no matter who came up with the idea golf balls have become a staple part of our lives today.

The main reason why golfers play golf is because they love playing golf. But sometimes they get bored during practice sessions. To avoid boredom players must be able to entertain themselves. One way to do this is to hit golf balls into different directions. For example hitting a golf ball straight towards the target makes it easier to score points. Hitting a golf ball directly into the ground causes it to bounce back and land closer to the player. So if you’re trying to improve your game you should always aim to hit the ball further away from you.

Aside from improving your game using golf balls can also benefit your health. According to research golf balls contain certain chemicals which help reduce stress levels. Also these balls provide exercise benefits. As mentioned earlier hitting a golf ball requires strength and coordination. Therefore practicing with golf balls improves muscle tone and endurance.

To learn more about golf balls visit Here you can read about the history of golf balls types of golf balls available and tips on how to select the right type of golf ball for your needs.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Taylormade Project Golf Ball

Golfers who play regularly understand the importance of choosing the right ball for their game. There are many different types of golf balls available today each designed to perform differently depending on the type of swing you employ. For example players who hit long drives will benefit most from a high-lofted ball while those who rely heavily on short irons will be best served by a low-lofted ball. In addition there are several factors to take into consideration when selecting a particular brand of ball including price durability weight spin rate and color.


As mentioned above the price of a golf ball has a direct impact on its performance. Players who are willing to pay top dollar for a premium product will receive superior results. However if you’re only interested in playing casually you can still enjoy a good round of golf using a lower priced ball. As long as you practice enough to improve your skills you shouldn’t notice a significant difference between higher end and lower end products.


Another important factor to consider when shopping for a golf ball is its durability. Balls manufactured specifically for tournament play are typically constructed from durable materials such as polyurethane. While these balls provide excellent distance control they are generally heavier than regular golf balls which makes them harder to handle during the course of a match. Regular golf balls are typically composed of softer materials such as balata ionomer resin or blends thereof. Although these balls are easier to grip they lack the consistency needed to produce consistent shots.


In general lighter golf balls travel farther due to increased aerodynamic properties. However the tradeoff is that they are harder to control. Lighter balls are also prone to skipping because they lack sufficient mass to resist wind resistance. Conversely heavy balls sink faster but are easier to control.

Spin Rate

Players who rely primarily on mid range shots will benefit from a ball with a moderate amount of backspin. Mid range shots require a combination of speed and loft to achieve maximum distance. Backspin increases the velocity of the ball upon contact with the clubface resulting in greater carry distances. High spinning balls generate excessive drag making them difficult to control. Low spinning balls create minimal lift causing them to drop quickly once released.


Most manufacturers design their balls based on the golfer’s skill level.

Features To Look For When Buying A Taylormade Project A

The best way to get the most value for money when purchasing a golf ball is to shop around. There are many different brands available each offering its own unique features and benefits. The following list highlights some of the key factors to be considered when choosing between these products.

Brand – Each brand has its own distinct characteristics which determine the quality of the product. Some manufacturers produce high-quality balls while others manufacture low-cost balls. In general higher priced balls are manufactured using superior materials and technology. However there are exceptions to this rule.

Construction – All golf balls are constructed differently. Manufacturers differ in terms of construction methods material types and manufacturing processes.

Shape – Golf balls are generally classified into three categories based on shape; spherical dimpled and multi-piece. Spherical balls are typically soft and resilient. Dimples provide lift and increase aerodynamic properties. Multi-piece balls consist of two or more layers of differing densities.

Weight – Weight plays a major role in determining performance. Balls vary in weight depending on the type of material used. Generally heavier balls perform better due to increased momentum.

Spin Rate – Spin rate refers to the number of revolutions per second (rpm) achieved by the ball during flight. Higher spin rates allow players to impart greater control onto the ball.

Tailwind Effect – Tailwind effect occurs when air flows past the ball causing drag. Drag increases the amount of time required to achieve maximum speed.

Cavity Construction – Cavity construction determines the volume of the cavity within the ball. Larger cavities reduce the overall compression of the ball.

Cover Type – Cover type refers to the outer layer of the ball. Covers range from solid to wound. Wound covers are designed to enhance spin rate. Solid covers are typically softer and more durable.

Golf Ball Size – Golf ball size varies according to manufacturer. Most manufacturers specify the diameter of the ball in inches.

Manufacturer – Manufacturer information includes company name address phone numbers and website.

Country of Origin – Country of origin indicates where the ball was produced.

Ball Condition – Ball condition refers to the state of the ball. New balls are typically bright white in colour. Used balls are typically yellowish brown in colour.

Taylormade has been making top quality clubs since 1884. The company was founded in California and now makes its products in Scottsdale Arizona. In addition to being known for their high-quality equipment Taylormade offers many different models of drivers fairway woods hybrids irons wedges putters and specialty clubs. Their most popular driver line is called Projecta.

Projecta Drivers

The Projecta series of drivers are designed to be forgiving yet still provide excellent distance control. Each club features a unique head shape which gives each player a distinct playing experience. The Projecta Driver comes in three versions; the Projecta 3i Projecta 4i and Projecta 5i. All three versions feature a forged titanium alloy body with a black matte finish. The Projecta 3i has a slightly lower center of gravity (CG) while the Projecta 4i and Projecta 5i both have higher CGs. The Projecta 3i has a low launch angle while the Projecta 4i and Projecta 5i have medium launch angles.

Projecta Fairways

The Projecta fairway woods are available in two versions; the Projecta 2i and Projecta 3i. Both versions feature a traditional offset face design with a slight heel weight bias. The Projecta 2i has a lower CG and a flatter trajectory than the Projecta 3i. The Projecta 3i has a higher CG and a steeper trajectory than the Projecta 2i.

Projecta Hybrids

The Projecta hybrid is available in four versions; the Projecta 1i Projecta 2i Projecta 3i and Projecta 4i. The Projecta 1i and Projecta 2i have a standard offset face design with a moderate toe weight bias. The Projecta 3i and Projecta 4i have a deeper offset face design with a steep toe weight bias. The Projecta 1i has a lower CG and a flatter trajectory than the Projecta 2i. The Projecta 3i has a higher CG and a steeper trajectory than the Projecta 2i.

Projecta Irons

The Projecta iron set includes five models; the Projecta 7i Projecta 8i Projecta 9i Projecta 10i and Projecta 11i. The Projecta 7i and Projecta 8i have a standard offset face design with a moderate toe weight bias.

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