List of Top 10 Best Tumi Mens Wallet

Bestseller No. 1
Tumi Alpha Multi Window Card Case Black One Size
  • Exterior Features: ID window
  • Interior Features: ID window, 4 card pockets, 2 slip pockets
  • Dimensions: 4.4" x 0.38" x 3.1", Weight: 0.1 lbs
Bestseller No. 2
Tumi Alpha Slim Single Billfold Black One Size
  • Interior Features: Single Billfold, 6 card pockets, 2 slip pockets, hidden card pocket in bill compartment
  • Dimensions: 3" x 0.63" x 4.4"; Weight: 0.11 lbs
Bestseller No. 3
Tumi Nassau Double Billfold Black Textured One Size
  • Interior Features: ID window, double bill compartment, 4 card pockets, 2 slip pockets
  • Material: Textured Leather
  • Dimensions: 3.38" x 4.5" x 0.63", Weight: 0.12 lbs
Bestseller No. 4
Tumi Men's Nassau SLG Slim Card Case, Grey Texture, One Size
  • Leather: Pebbled cowhide
  • Length: 4.25in / 10.5cm
  • Height: 3in / 7.5cm
  • Card slots at exterior
  • Lined
Bestseller No. 5
Tumi Alpha Slim Card Case Navy Camo/Black One Size
  • Exterior Features: ID window, 3 card pockets
  • Interior Features: Slip pocket
  • Dimensions: 2.75" x 0.2" x 4.13", Weight: 0.06 lbs
Bestseller No. 6
Tumi Nassau Slim Single Billfold Black Textured One Size
  • Leather
  • Single bill compartment
  • 4 card pockets
  • 2 slip pockets
Bestseller No. 7
TUMI - Delta Slim Double Billfold Wallet with RFID ID Lock for Men - Black
  • EXTERIOR FEATURES: Gift box included
  • INTERIOR FEATURES: Tumi ID lock protective lining
  • MATERIAL: Leather
  • DIMENSIONS: Dimensions in inches: 4" x 5"; Weight in pounds: 0.15 lbs
Bestseller No. 8
TUMI - Delta Global Center Flip Passcase Wallet with RFID ID Lock for Men - Black
  • EXTERIOR FEATURES: Gift box included
  • INTERIOR FEATURES: Tumi ID lock protective lining
  • MATERIAL: Leather
  • DIMENSIONS: Dimensions in inches: 4" x 5"; Weight in pounds: 0.2 lbs
Bestseller No. 9
Tumi Nassau Global Double Billfold Black Textured One Size
  • Interior Features: Two bill compartments, ID window, 5 card pockets, 4 slip pockets
  • Material: Textured Leather
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 4.75" x 0.75", Weight: 0.16 lbs
Bestseller No. 10
TUMI - Delta Slim Card Case Wallet with RFID ID Lock for Men - Black
  • EXTERIOR FEATURES: Gift box included
  • INTERIOR FEATURES: Tumi ID lock protective lining
  • MATERIAL: Leather
  • DIMENSIONS: Dimensions in inches: 3" x 4"; Weight in pounds: 0.15 lbs

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the
best tumi mens wallet

What is the Purpose Of A Tumi Mens Wallet?

The tumi men’s wallet has been around since the early 1900’s. Originally designed for travelers who needed to carry cash, cards, and receipts while traveling, these wallets quickly became popular among business professionals. Today, there are many different types of tumi wallets available including leather, canvas, nylon, and plastic. Each type offers its own benefits depending on which style best suits your needs.

Leather Wallets

One of the most common styles of tumi wallets today is the leather variety. Leather wallets are durable and long lasting. They are typically constructed using genuine cowhide leather and include multiple pockets for storing credit cards, bills, and coins. Some models also include slots for ID cards and driver licenses.

Canvas Wallets

Another popular choice for tumi wallets is the canvas variety. Canvas wallets are lightweight and easy to travel with. Many models include compartments for holding paper currency and small accessories. Other features include zippered coin pouches and card holders.

Nylon Wallets

Tumi nylon wallets are another option for those seeking a sleek design. Nylon wallets are ideal for carrying smaller amounts of money and personal documents. Models vary greatly in size and shape making them perfect for individuals who enjoy customization.

Plastic Wallets

Finally, there are several varieties of tumi wallets available in plastic. Plastic wallets are inexpensive and convenient. However, they lack durability and are prone to cracking and breaking. Most plastic wallets only hold a few dollars worth of cash and are therefore ill-suited for heavy users.

How To Select A Tumi Men’s Wallet

There are numerous factors to take into consideration when selecting a tumi wallet. First, decide whether you plan to carry large sums of cash or keep your valuables close at hand. Next, determine where you intend to store your wallet. Will you be taking it along with you everywhere or leaving it behind? Finally, think about the amount of room you require inside your wallet. Do you need extra storage for larger amounts of cash or important paperwork? Once you’ve answered these questions, select a tumi wallet based on your preferences.

Tumi men’s wallets are essential accessories for anyone who wants to carry his personal belongings safely and securely. There are many types of wallets available in the market today; however, only few of these products meet the standards required by most individuals. In order to ensure that you get the best product possible, here are some tips which will guide you towards choosing the right type of wallet.1) Material – Before making a final decision regarding the material of the wallet, check whether it has been manufactured using leather or synthetic materials. Leather is considered to be the safest option because it does not absorb moisture and therefore remains dry throughout its lifetime. Synthetic materials are generally cheaper than leather ones, but they lack durability and longevity. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for leather whenever possible.2) Size – Most of us already own a standard size wallet, but there are certain occasions where we require a larger sized wallet. For example, if you plan to travel frequently, you must invest in a large-sized wallet. However, if you are planning to carry cash and credit cards, you should go for a smaller sized wallet. Remember, the bigger the wallet, the bulkier it becomes. Hence, it is always recommended to keep the weight of the wallet within reasonable limits.3) Design – While selecting a design, it is important to remember that the style of the wallet should match the personality of the individual carrying it. For instance, if you are someone who likes minimalistic designs, you should avoid flashy patterns and colors. Similarly, if you are fond of bold prints, you should select a patterned wallet rather than plain colored ones. Moreover, if you are going to wear suits regularly, you should definitely opt for a suitably designed wallet.4) Durability – Apart from being lightweight, durable is another major factor which determines the overall performance of a wallet. As mentioned earlier, leather is known to last longer compared to synthetic materials. Thus, if you intend to carry around heavy loads, it is advised to go for a leather wallet. Furthermore, if you are planning to carry around bulky objects, you should opt for a sturdy wallet. Otherwise, you could end up damaging the contents inside the wallet.5) Features – Another thing to take into consideration while shopping for a wallet is the features offered by the same. Some of the common features include zippers, pockets, card slots, etc. Zipper wallets are very popular among travelers due to their convenience. Additionally, they allow easy access to the contents stored inside the wallet. Pockets are useful for storing small items such as keys, coins, business cards, etc

Features To Look For When Buying A Tumi Mens Wallet

The best way to ensure that you get the right men’s wallets is to take into account certain features which are important to you. There are many different types of men’s wallets available today, each designed to suit specific needs. Some are meant to be carried around while others are intended to stay put. In addition, there are those who wish to carry multiple cards and cash safely within reach. Here we discuss some of the most common features found in these products.1) Size – Men’s wallets come in varying sizes. While larger ones are ideal for carrying large amounts of money, smaller models are perfect for storing small essentials such as credit cards, business cards, etc. However, keep in mind that bigger does not always equal better. Smaller wallets are easier to handle and fit perfectly inside pockets. Therefore, size shouldn’t be the only factor considered when choosing a wallet. Instead, think about whether you intend to carry the item regularly or occasionally. Do you plan to travel frequently? Then go for a big wallet; however, if you rarely leave the house, then opt for a smaller version.2) Material – Most men’s wallets are constructed using leather. Leather has been proven to last longer than synthetic materials. Moreover, leather is easy to maintain and care for. Synthetic material tends to fade quickly and require frequent washing. As such, leather is generally preferred among users. However, if you prefer a product made of plastic, then you must remember that plastic wallets cannot withstand water. So, avoid placing your wallet in the rain!3) Design – Many men’s wallets include compartments for holding bills and coins. Others contain slots for inserting ID cards. Still, others allow you to store receipts and coupons. Keep in mind that design plays a major role in determining the functionality of a particular wallet.4) Durability – All wallets are prone to wear and tear. But, durability varies depending upon the type of material being used. Leather wallets are known to resist fading and cracking. Plastic wallets, on the other hand, are susceptible to scratching and tearing.5) Security – One of the main reasons why people invest in wallets is because they believe that they are secure. Unfortunately, security isn’t guaranteed. Thieves can break into homes and steal valuables. Thus, it is imperative that you select a wallet that offers adequate levels of security.6) Price – Finally, price is another consideration worth taking into account. Although quality comes first, affordability is equally important.7)

Tumi men’s wallets are designed to be durable and functional. There are many different styles available including leather, canvas, nylon, cotton, and denim. Each style has its own unique features and benefits. Here we discuss the main differences between each type of tumi men’s wallet.

Leather Wallets

The most popular material for making tumi men’s wallets is leather. Leather wallets are very sturdy and long lasting. They are easy to care for and maintain. However, leather wallets are quite heavy and bulky. Because of these characteristics, leather wallets are best suited for those who travel frequently.

Canvas Wallets

Another common choice for tumi men’s wallets is canvas. Canvas wallets are lightweight and flexible. They are ideal for frequent travelers because they fold flat into small packages. Unlike leather wallets, canvas wallets are inexpensive and affordable. Many companies sell canvas wallets online. Some brands include American Tourister, Samsonite, and Briggs & Riley.

Nylon Wallets

Nylon wallets are another option for tumi men’s wallets. Nylon wallets are light weight and extremely thin. They are perfect for business trips where you only carry a few cards and cash. Like canvas wallets, nylon wallets are cheap and convenient. Most nylon wallets are sold online. Brands include Travelpro, Samsonite, and Briggs & Riley.

Cotton Wallets

Cotton wallets are typically the cheapest option for tumi men’s wallets. Cotton wallets are generally thinner than leather and canvas options. They are also lighter weight and easier to pack away. Cotton wallets are good choices for short term traveling since they are compact and portable. Brands include American Tourister, Briggs & Riley, and Samsonite.

Denim Wallets

Finally, there is the classic denim wallet. Denim wallets are rugged and dependable. They are commonly found in military applications due to their durability. Denim wallets are excellent for everyday carrying around town. Brands include Levi Strauss, Wrangler, and Lee.

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