List of Top 10 Best Yamaha Drums

Bestseller No. 1
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack - 22" Kick, Raven Black
  • Included Drums: 22x17 kick, 10x7 rack tom, 12x8 rack tom, 16x15 floor tom, 14x5.5 snare
  • Included Hardware: TH-945B 3-hole receiver with (2) YESS tom mounts, (3) floor tom legs
  • 100% birch drum shells with air seal system
  • 45-Degree bearing edges and Absolute-style lugs
  • No cymbals, stands, or kick pedal, or throne included
Bestseller No. 2
Yamaha Electronic Drum Set (DTX432K)
  • Stereo drum sounds sampled directly from acoustic drums and cymbals
  • Built-in interactive training modules to help improve rhythm and speed
  • Free iOS and Android apps "DTX402 touch" And "rec'n'share" Help users navigate the module, record songs and rehearse
  • 415 drum & percussion sounds, 10 drum kits, 10 songs, and 10 training functions
  • Designed for superior playability and fun practice
Bestseller No. 3
Yamaha DTX452K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit with 3-Zone Snare Pad, KP65 Kick Tower and Bass Pedal
  • Stereo drum sounds sampled directly from acoustic drums and cymnals
  • Built-in interactive training modules to help improve rhythm and speed
  • Free iOS and Android apps "DTX402 Touch" and "Rec'n'Share" help users navigate the module, record songs and rehearse
  • 415 drum & percussion sounds, 10 Drum Kits, 10 Songs, and 10 Training Functions
  • USB to Host port for transmits audio and MIDI information to a computer, phone or tablet
Bestseller No. 4
Yamaha EAD10 Electronic-Acoustic Drum Module with Stereo Microphone and Trigger
  • Just attach the EAD10 sensor to your bass drum and you've created a complete hybrid system with a kick trigger and a stereo microphone
  • 50 Preset/200 User Scenes that customize your drum sound and allow you to connect triggers and drum pads to augment your set up
  • Pick a song from your music library and the app’s tempo detection lets you add a click, change the tempo and select sections to repeat. It’s drum practice made fun.
  • You can shoot, mix, edit, and upload your original music videos directly from the free iOS app
  • Put your drums in the mix with Enhanced presence in a live settings and easily create different sounds and textures for a specific song or just a drum fill
Bestseller No. 5
Yamaha Electronic Drum Set (DTX6K-X)
  • 40 New Preset Kits, 200 User Kits and over 400 New Voices
  • Faithful reproduction of real sound and ambience recorded in a well-known studio
  • AMBIENCE, COMP, EFFECT knobs as KIT MODIFIER to create your own sound
  • XP80 Yamaha TCS head on snare provides a natural feel and rebound for versatile performance and expression with open and closed rim playability
  • PCY135 cymbal pad can be choked and muted. The ride cymbal is also equipped with positional sensing function for more dynamic playing
Bestseller No. 6
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 18x15 Bass Drum, Honey Amber
  • All-Birch shells
  • Die-cast bass drum claw hooks
  • Bass Drum leg stoppers to make setting easier
  • Country of Origin: China
Bestseller No. 7
Yamaha Single Bass Drum Pedal Chain-Drive with Case, FP-9C
  • Floating spring assembly stays vertical to maintain tension throughout stroke
  • Easy-access one touch tension adjustment with click stops and indicator
  • Spikes at the heel of the footboard prevent the back of the pedal from sliding
  • The tip of the footboard comes equipped with ball bearings, allowing even smoother performance.
  • Newly designed universal joints with ball bearings at all moving points
Bestseller No. 8
Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drums Monitoring System
  • 2.1-Channel stereo monitor system for dynamic and authentic sound
  • Simple satellite speakers can be mounted on common 1.5-Inch diameter racks
  • Cables included for easy setup
  • Easy volume adjustment
Bestseller No. 9
Yamaha HW-3 Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Aluminum Drum Hardware Package with Carrying Bag
  • Hardware package includes: 2 cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, snare stand and carrying case (individual protective sleeves included for each piece)
  • Durable, light and stable, with channel-track aluminum bracing
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • New micro-wing nut design
  • Only 17.2 lbs. total, including the bag
Bestseller No. 10
Yamaha DD75AD Portable Digital Drums Package with 2 Pedals, Drumsticks - Power Supply Included
  • Includes DD75, 2 pedals, drumsticks and PA150 power supply
  • The DD75 features eight touch-sensitive pads, 2 drum pedals and aux in for playing along with your favorite songs on your portable device
  • Includes 570 drum voices, 30 phrase voices, 75 preset drum kits, 10 user drum kits, 105 preset songs
  • The aux line input allows you to connect any music device with a headphone output, such as an Mp3 player, a computer, a mixer or even another instrument, and hear it through the internal speakers
  • MIDI connectivity allows the instrument to be connected to other MIDI devices, such as external tone Modules, sequencers/computers and portable devices

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best yamaha drums

Drum set is a collection of drums which are played together to create music. There are many types of drums available in the market today. Each type has its own unique sound and style. Some of these include acoustic drums electric drums percussion instruments and cymbals. In addition there are different styles of drum kits including rock jazz funk pop etc.

Types of Drums

There are three main types of drums – acoustic drums electronic drums and percussion instruments. Acoustic drums produce sounds using air vibrations caused by striking the drum head. Electronic drums generate sounds electronically. Percussion instruments are those that play beats using sticks or mallets.

Benefits of Using Drums

Using drums gives you a chance to express yourself musically. Playing drums requires practice and dedication. However once you get started you will be amazed at how quickly you learn. Besides being fun playing drums offers health benefits too. For example it improves coordination increases muscle strength and strengthens bones. Moreover it enhances concentration and memory skills.

How To Choose A Good Drum Kit

Choosing a good drum kit involves choosing the right combination of drums. First decide whether you want to go for an acoustic or electronic drum kit. Next select the number of drums you require. Then check the quality of each drum. Finally ensure that the drums fit into your budget.

Acoustic vs Electronic Drums

An acoustic drum set consists of a bass drum snare drum tom-toms and floor toms. An electronic drum set includes a kick drum hi-hat crash cymbal ride cymbal and cowbell.

The Number of Drums Required

To start learning how to play drums you only need two drums. One is the bass drum and the other is the snare drum. As you progress you can add additional drums to your kit.

Quality Check

Drummers who play drums professionally or perform regularly require high-quality instruments to achieve professional results. In fact many musicians believe that the sound produced by a good set of drums is essential to creating a successful performance. However there are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a set of drums. Here are five important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a set of drums.

1) Size Matters

First you must decide whether you want a small kit (a smaller number of drums) medium sized kit (more drums) or large kit (the most drums). Small kits are ideal for beginners while medium and large kits are best suited for intermediate and advanced players. For example a beginner drummer playing in a band needs only two to three drums; however a drummer performing solo or in a jazz ensemble requires a minimum of six to eight drums.

2) Materials Matter

Second you must determine which materials are appropriate for your particular style of music. Some styles of music call for metal drums while others favor plastic or wood. Metal drums produce a louder sound whereas plastic and wood drums provide a softer tone. Wood drums are typically preferred because they are lighter and easier to transport. Plastic drums are also lightweight and easy to store.

3) Durability Is Important

Third you must select a durable set of drums. Drummers who practice frequently need sturdy equipment that will withstand the rigors of daily use. Many manufacturers now sell drum sets that are designed specifically for heavy usage. For instance some drummers use their drums for hours each day while others use theirs for short periods of time. Regardless of your situation be sure to choose a set of drums that has been tested and proven to last.

4) Sound Is Essential

Fourth you must ensure that the drums you choose produce a loud enough sound. Most drummers agree that the volume of a drum set affects its overall sound. Therefore you must carefully evaluate the volume of the drums in your current setup.

Features To Look For When Buying A Yamaha Drums

The drums section of a music store is filled with different types of drums. Some are designed for beginners while others are meant for advanced players. There are many features that go into making a good quality drum set. Here are some of the most important ones to look for when purchasing a drumset.

Sound Quality

Drum sound quality is very important because it affects the overall performance of the instrument. The best way to determine whether a drum sounds right is to play it. However there are ways to tell if a drum has been manufactured correctly. One thing to look for is the finish of the shell. Shells that are finished properly will be shiny and glossy. Also check the thickness of the shells. Thicker shells produce louder tones. Another factor to consider is the type of heads being used. Heads that are too thin will create muffled tones. Finally look for the amount of tension applied to each head. Too little tension results in muffled tones while too much tension produces harsh notes.


Another important aspect of choosing a drum is its durability. Drummers who practice regularly require durable instruments. Durable drums last longer and provide consistent tone. In addition they are easier to maintain. Most manufacturers include warranty information on the packaging. Make sure you read the fine print carefully. Many warranties only cover parts and labor costs. Others cover both. Be sure to ask questions about the warranty before purchasing a drum.


Many musicians travel frequently. Therefore portability is another key consideration when selecting a drum. Portable drums are easy to transport and take along wherever you go. They are lightweight and compact. They are perfect for traveling musicians. However portable drums are generally smaller than traditional models. So if you plan on taking your drum with you everywhere you may want to invest in a large sized drum.


Finally price is always a major concern when shopping for a drum. While high-end drums are certainly worth the money they aren’t necessarily affordable. Fortunately there are several options available that fall within budget constraints.

Different Types of Yamaha Drums

Yamaha drums are known for being very versatile instruments. There are many different styles of drums available today ranging from acoustic to electronic. The following list includes the most common types of drums found in a typical drum kit.

Acoustic Drum Set – An acoustic drum set consists of two bass drums (kick) two rack tom drums (snare) and one floor tom drum (ride). Acoustic drums are typically played using sticks.

Electronic Drum Kit – Electronic kits consist of a variety of electronic drums including kick drums snare drums hi-hat cymbals crash cymbals ride cymbal cowbells and percussion sounds. Electronic drums are typically played using foot pedals.

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